The Right Kind of Medicine

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  • 6.5

    Charlie's robbed the safe and got the money, but he's killed a cop and got a bullet wound in the leg. He needs the right kind of medicine.

    By orswel, Nov 17, 2011

    A routine tale, with a rather forced and unlikely denouement. The main point of interest is in seeing the young (25) Robert Redford in the leading role, and as a bad guy. Charlie's a louse, all right, and this is piled on so we won't feel sorry for him at the end. The notion that the police might cover up the extremely dangerous lapse of the elderly pharmacist just to get even with this cop killer is a disturbing one, but little is made of it. As the old pharmacist, Russell Collins, a series regular, is under-used; and quite how he could make such a deadly error isn't explored.moreless

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