The Sorcerer's Apprentice

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    Is the Great Sadini really the Devil, as young Hugo believes? And how does his faithless wife escape being cut in half?

    By orswel, Dec 01, 2010

    Robert Bloch, the original author of "Psycho", had a fascination with the seedy end of American showbiz, and this dark tale of small-timers in a travelling carny show is very typical of him, right down to its predictably gruesome end. (The ending was far too gruesome for the US networks in 1961 - it was banned back then.) Typical of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", in turn, is the idea that unnecessary incivility can have shocking consequences - as scheming Jezebel Diana Dors finds out when she tries to manipulate the strange young man who adores her into killing her husband. Her comeuppance was too strong for the censor-ridden sixties, but it's worth noting that Ms. Dors suffered the same horrid fate in the 1967 horror film "Berserk!"moreless

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