Another Mister Sloane

Season 4, Ep 16, Aired 4/20/05
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  • Episode Description
  • Sydney and Vaughn tell Jack about Sloane's alleged involvement in Vaughn's search for his father and Irina's contract on Sydney's life. After cornering Sloane, they both conclude that someone is framing him. The APO team set a trap to catch the fake A. Sloane, but they fail. Once they realize what "Arvin Clone" is after, Sloane suggests to step down, temporarily. However, Sydney reluctantly convinces him to stay on the case, since he may the only person able to anticipate "Arvin Clone"'s next move. But Nadia fears that this pursuit may revive her father's past obsession – Rambaldi.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Greg Grunberg

    Eric Weiss

  • Kevin Weisman

    Marshall J. Flinkman

  • Jennifer Garner

    Sydney Anne Bristow

  • Carl Lumbly

    Marcus R. Dixon

  • Ron Rifkin

    Arvin Sloane

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    By cavanagh15, Aug 18, 2007

  • A Slone and His Clone.

    By maxpower03, Dec 27, 2005

  • Another Mister Sloane

    By eilidh_agent47, Jun 18, 2005

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (6)

    • Jack: (holding a gun to Sloane’s temple for answers) One good reason why I shouldn’t do to you, what I did to my wife?

    • Sydney: I need to speak with you. I saw him at the hotel. It was only for a moment, but I know now what Roberts was talking about. The man, the imposter-everything about him Sloane. His clothes, his posture, the way he looked at me-it’s the way you look at me. Sloane: And how is that, Sydney? Sydney: Let’s just say it’s equally disturbing.

    • Sloane: Are you saying, you want me to go back to Rambaldi?
      Sydney: God help us...yes.

    • Dixon: And we relocate you to some place safe.
      Roberts: Some place safe.. Like Mars?

    • Sydney: He makes an exchange, we track the coil back to Arvin Clone.... Sorry that's how we've been calling him. Weiss: Yeah, also Marvin Sloane, Rolling Sloanes...

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    Notes (1)

    • This episode averaged 8.36 million viewers.

    Trivia (5)

    • Goof: The cutting of the elevator cable shouldn't have worked as all elevators have emergency brakes fitted for in case the main cable is ever severed. It should have come to a halt a few floors down.

    • Number 47: One of the patches Sydney needs to make in order for Marshall to tie into the hotel security system is patch #47.

    • Goof: When the black background which displays the cities names in the show comes up, it reads Santiago. Now there are at least 3 mayor cities named Santiago: Santiago de Chile (Chile), Santiago de Compostela (Spain) and Santiago de Cuba (Cuba). The Santiago we see is supposedly in Chile, since the vehicle plates we see from the black van are from Chile. However, when they show Santiago as a vegetation covered hill side with houses that's incorrect, for Santiago is located on a plain at the center of a valley, and has only one mayor hill landmark, Cerro San Cristobal, the rest of it is crawling with buildings and commerce.

    • Why would Carter "wreck" Dr. Sinclair's hands if she was supposed to assemble something for them? She managed to do it, of course, but it seems like a large risk, especially since she has other body parts (legs, most prominently) to choose from.

    • Goof: When Sydney is in the elevator, she cocks her gun, and the bell rings. However, she was going to the Basement, yet the backdrop behind her is still above ground.

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