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    Very Sad but a Strong Season Final (Part 1)

    By Bookwormrulz, Mar 26, 2011

    A very strong part one to the season final or should I say season final. A lot of twists and turns you do not expect.

    Does not seem like a very strong episode and that it would end the way it does which added to the drama and suspense of the episode. It comes together in the last ten, fifteen minutes and turns into a very strong episode in which allows for the very last episode.

    Very sad epsiode, especially where Tom dies - I cry every time I watch this episode on DVD. Tom was a brilliant addition to the show in my mind, pity that we did not see too muhc of him and that there was no next season with him in it!moreless

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    By ArvinRambaldi, Mar 26, 2011

    in cant belive, just incredible, perfect all the thinks all that I imagined was in this two hours series finale.

    Sloane back to the real sloane the bad gay the best actor in this show, marshall spectacular, Shark 10 points.

    The first episode, "Reprisal," starts with the APO team attempting to get definitive looks at the top members of Prophet Five. The team spreads out and obtains the photographic proof they need, to go along with the rest of the documentation they already have. The plan is to arrest all of the leaders, Sloane included, simultaneously. They don't want the members to be able to warn anyone else before the deed goes down.moreless

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  • 9.8

    Awesome episode and review has spoilers

    By GavinGibbons, Mar 26, 2011

    i've just watched both this episode and the next (the last) and WOW they managed to redeem themselves after season 4! The only thing i'd like to say so not to spoil it for those who haven't seen it is, i was shocked by how Tom died in the end- showed himself to be a true hero and saved everyone else :( at first i didn't think Tom was a good character but grew to like him when his past was revealed. the end was good but very upsetting when he then spoke with Rachel over the communications before the explosion AWESOME episode back to its best for the lastmoreless

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  • 9.9


    By cavanagh15, Mar 26, 2011

    Good start to the big two-hour series finale of Alias. It doesnt wrap up much of anything, which is good so long as the finale can excite us with some dazzling scenes and still have enough time to wrap up most of the main storylines.

    Loved the way this episode began, with all of the members of our team finding the remaining members that make up Prophet Five, so they can prepare to take them down. The kidnapping of Marshall and Rachel was exciting too, I was thinking that one of them might not make it all the way through the torture scenes. I loved the scene where Marshall gave his monolouge to Arvin, I thought it was the best part of the episode. Sark is always comical and this episode was no different - I think the writers made a great decision there to have Sark kidnap Rachel and Peyton Marshall.

    The scene between Thomas and Rachel wasnt all bad like I would have assumed. If you have read my reviews of the past couple of episodes you would know the hatred I have of those two having a scene together for a handful of on-screen minutes as the world of Alias ticks away. Thomas dying at the end was exactly the way I would have had it. He sacrificed himself because (in my opinion) after kissing Rachel he realized how much he wanted to be with his wife. After finding out the bullet was meant for him in the last episode he just seemed out of focus. I thought it was a good job by the writers to have him go out with a lot of honor and helping save everyone.

    I also loved the ending scene where Arvin was giving the voiceover, I think Alias should have done more of that throughout the years.moreless

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    the excitement never ceases

    By sfviewer, Feb 16, 2007

    Sloane kidnaps Rachel and Marshall to find the exact location of the Rambaldi secret site. This is the final episode for Baltazar Getty, this episode is exciting, it's classic ALIAS. The introduction is full of action, different agents go at different locations around the world to get a visual verification of the 12 people running prophet 5. Throughout the episode, the cloak and dagger keeps us on our toes. Sloane's real personality is perhaps very obvious by this time, he is bad to the bone, twisted in every way. It ends with a cliffhanger, it's an awesome episode, I can't wait for the next one.moreless

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  • 9.3

    alls well in vaugn heaven he's back!SAKS is so sexy i love him better with the british accent,i wonder when irina will show up.

    By stephshady, Nov 01, 2006

    it was an adrenalin high the way everything is happening. i never knew marshal had any back bone, it was cool seeing his wife again. i love the wya she took charge of the situation, a good thing they both work in the ssame field, i like the way she didnt freak out when she heard marshall was still with the CIA, it was sweet. Sloan was at his best as usual, when is peyton gonna really die, am just glad anna is finally dead for real this time, whao it was becoming creepy the way she keeps popping up. the only sad note was tom dying i would have love for him and rachel to explore the romance budding but i guess he had go home to his wife.moreless

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    Overall this was a very well crafted episode and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It went by fast and it reminded me of the old \'Alias\' days.

    By Tim_Bronx, Jun 24, 2006

    I\'ve lived with secrets all my life...and I\'m done.\"

    The opening monologue by Sydney was touching but also sad as it fully made me realize how much of an out our characters want from the spy business and that the series really is ending. I was rewatching some earlier seasons the other day and now seeing season five I can see how much Sydney really has grown from her earlier spy days as has this series. Back in season one it was all about the missions, betrayals, double crosses, insane stunts. While all those things remain, \'Alias\' now more is about our characters and the relationships and how much they\'ve grown and changed since the series first started. While I really didn\'t like the aspect of Sydney becoming pregnant it really is a nice way to end the series and show everything going full circle. Isabelle has now given Sydney a reason to want to settle down now. The writers really have done a good job at showing how much the character’s wants and dreams have changed. Years ago, all Sydney wanted was to be a spy and serve her country. Now she just wants to be a mom. While a little bit disheartening, it’s still very refreshing to see that character development. Sydney couldn\'t stay that reckless kick-ass spy forever.

    Just like the saying the enemy of your enemy is your friend; Prophet 5 has now been destroyed by Sloane, Sark and Peyton. This is fine by me as I never got into Prophet 5 that much. They remained faceless for most of the season and I think they were intended as a longer arc villain, but when the series got canceled the writers didn\'t have much to do with them. Sloane, Sark and Peyton are the villains that we really have gotten to know and having them destroy Prophet 5 leaves the next hour for us to watch characters that we actually care about battle it out.

    Tom\'s death was actually surprisingly moving, although I suspect it would have had a greater effect on us if we actually had gotten to know him better. This probably was another result of the series cancellation, as Tom and Rachel were probably created to last a longer time.

    Overall this was a very well crafted episode and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It went by fast and it reminded me of the old \'Alias\' days. We are getting closer and closer to Rimbaldi\'s endgame and I can\'t wait to find out what that 16th century prophet was up to all along.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Marshall: \"You\'re tasking me? What you think you\'re still my boss?\" I loved that Marshall finally got to tell Sloane off. Marshall was very strong during the torture sequence and it showed how much he\'s grown since he was last tortured in season two.

    - It was nice seeing Carrie back again. I loved that it was Marshall\'s wife who took over technical support at A.P.O. With parents like his Mitchell\'s going to be a very smart child.

    - Watching Sydney take the photos of her targets as she bungy jumped off the building was a classic \'Alias\' moment.

    - Sydney got a final \'Alias\' in this episode. First in the leopard spot dress and then in the waitress uniform as Debbie\'s \"fill\".

    - I found it hard to believe Vaughn would be roaming around in broad daylight with Prophet 5 still after him. I guess he doesn\'t have to worry about that anymore though.

    - Marshall: \"Trust me you don\'t want to see me without a shirt. It\'s not a pretty sight.\"

    - Sydney got to go to \'Sydney\' in this episode.

    - Tom: “Son of a **** why do I always get the assignments that involve hypothermia.”

    Jack: “Because you’re always late to briefings.”

    - Sloane: \"There\'s no shying away from fate.\"

    Sydney: \"I don\'t believe in fate.\"

    - The episode ended with one final cliffhanger as Sydney sinks below the ice. Knowing \'Alias\' a cliffhanger was bound to happen.

    Final Rating: 4 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx

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  • 5.0

    Read my review below.

    By Heartwing7, May 27, 2006

    To have insulted viewers with the flimsy ending that occurred in the second half of the Alias finale was pathetic! I felt as if I were viewing another Lord of the Rings episode instead of a spy drama. I really enjoyed the first hour but feel that in the second hour, the previous five years were ignored. It seemed as if the writers suddenly realized that they only had 15 minutes of air time left and scrambled to put together a hodge-podge-piece-of-crap ending. They should be FORCED to go back to the drawing board a do a re-write. We can view it next week and pretend that this week didn\'t happen.

    P.S. I HATE that JACK DIED!!!!!!

    P.S.S. I HATE that JACK DIED!!!!!moreless

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    After 5 UNBELIEVEABLE years, Sidney finally ends where it all began and most importantly, faces her arch nemeses, Sloane. Thank You Sidney for one HELLVA ride!

    By zedtaker, May 26, 2006

    After 5 UNBELIEVEABLE years, Sidney finally ends where it all began and most importantly, faces her arch nemeses, Sloane. Thank You Sidney for one HELLVA ride!

    After 5 UNBELIEVEABLE years, Sidney finally ends where it all began and most importantly, faces her arch nemeses, Sloane. Thank You Sidney for one HELLVA ride!

    After 5 UNBELIEVEABLE years, Sidney finally ends where it all began and most importantly, faces her arch nemeses, Sloane. Thank You Sidney for one HELLVA ride!

    After 5 UNBELIEVEABLE years, Sidney finally ends where it all began and most importantly, faces her arch nemeses, Sloane. Thank You Sidney for one HELLVA ride!

    P.S. sorry, guys this isn't a review, I had to write 100 words so I kept repeating myself, Please read the finale review in the next episode.


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