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  • Professor: Sydney. Time's up. Sydney: Okay, then. (still writing) I'll... just... finish... my little... essay. Thank you.

  • Will: Danny's working late, right? Sydney: I'm taking him dinner at the hospital. Will: We can go to a late one. Come on, it's only playing till Thursday. Sydney: We're getting married.

  • Danny: Remember our first date? The bowling alley? The loud guy? Sydney: Oh, God...

  • Sydney: So, I'm pretty sure I got a "D". Danny: You didn't get a "D". Sydney: I think I got a "D". I think I got like, a sixty-four, maybe. Danny: You've never gotten a "D". Sydney: I've gotten a "D"!

  • Suit and Glasses: Who do you work for, you pretty little girl?

  • Danny: Sir, I love your daughter and I want to marry her. That's why I'm calling. Jack: First of all, Danny, the truth is this is just a courtesy call. Like when you say to your neighbor, "We're having a loud party on Saturday night if that's all right with you," what you really mean is, "We're having a loud party on Saturday night." Danny: Mr. Bristow. Jack: Sydney doesn't give a damn what my opinion is. What interests me is that you do. Danny: It's just a custom to call the father. That's all this is. Jack: Well then, I'll tell you what. I may become your father-in-law, that's just fine. But I will not be used as part of a charming little anecdote you tell your friends at cocktail parties so they can see what a quaint, old-fashioned guy Danny really is. Are we clear? Danny: Yes, sir. Jack: Good. Then welcome to the family.

  • Dixon: Oh god, I hate this! Sydney: I know, if only brother Rama Salaam were still teaching in Tampa. Dixon: No, not my case work. It's these new headsets, keep pinching my ear. Sydney: Oh, give it to me. Any word from Declan? Dixon: Not since Tehran. I keep telling myself he's just fine. He's done this before, disappear for days like this. What's going on with you? Sydney: What? Nothing. Dixon: You've got, like, a glow. Sydney: I don't have a glow. Dixon: Yeah, look at that! Sydney: Come on, Sloane's waiting. There's no glow. Dixon: Is she glowing? SD-6 Agent: Big time. Dixon: You hear that?

  • Sydney: I thought you sold airplane parts! Jack: I don't sell airplane parts. I never sold airplane parts.

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  • Award Winnings: 2002 American Choreography Award for Outstanding Achievement in Fight Choreography (John Medlen). 2002 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Art Direction for a Single Camera Series and Outstanding Cinematography for a Single Camera Series. Award Nominations: 2002 Eddie Award for Best Edited One-Hour Series for Television (Stan Salfas and Quincy Z. Gunderson). 2002 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Costumes for a Series (Linda Serijan and Anne Hartley. 2002 Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series (J.J. Abrams). 2002 Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Award for Best Contemporary Makeup - Television (For a Single Episode of a Regular Series - Sitcom, Drama or Daytime) (Angela Nogaro, Diana Brown and Gilbert A. Mosko).

  • Series creator J.J. Abrams and Jennifer Garner provide DVD commentary for this episode.

  • Series creator J.J. Abrams has remarked that he did not consider Vaughn as a love interest for Sydney until he began writing their scene at the CIA for the end of the pilot episode. This explains Michael Vaughn's noticeable increase in importance after this episode, where he becomes a pivotal character instead of just that guy at the end of the pilot who Syd will meet with every week.

  • Music from episode includes: "You're A God" by Vertical Horizon "Goin' Our Way" by Gus "Never Grow Old" by The Cranberries "Under The Gun" by Supreme Beings of Leisure "Trouble" by Cat Stevens "Here Comes The Flood" by Peter Gabriel "Sofisticated" by Stereo MC's "No Man's Woman" by Sinead O'Connor "Give You Back" by Vertical Horizon

  • Professor Mizzy is named after Vic Mizzy, the composer of the original The Addams Family theme. Mizzy used to live on J.J. Abrams' street when he was growing up.

  • Greg Grunberg's character is named "Eric Weiss". Erik Weisz is the birth name of Harry Houdini.

  • LOOK HARD: During the opening credits, the Rambaldi symbol is flashed over the "Alias" logo for exactly one frame. This happens while Victor Garber's name is onscreen. Also, the images moving behind the logo are home movies of creator J. J. Abrams children during a 4th of July celebration.

  • Amy Tippen (Will's sister) is actually played by Jennifer Garner's stunt double, Nancy, with a red wig.

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  • When Sydney is taking her lie detector test, the display on the technician's computer screen loops back to the start at one point, revealing that it's actually a pre-recorded sequence.

  • After Sydney confronts Sloan about the death of her fiance, she is made to do a lie detector test. At this point, her heart rate would be high, as she is feeling angry over the death of the person she loved, so doing a lie detector test would prove pointless.

  • Number 47: Marshall expresses a desire to improve a camera design so that it has 47 exposures.

  • Sydney has been working for SD-6 for 7 years.

  • When Vaughn meets Sydney in this episode, it is the day when his father's watch stops working.

  • Goof: Errors in geography: A dinner takes place supposedly in Taiwan. However, the attendees speak Cantonese, not Mandarin, indicating Hong Kong instead of Taiwan.

  • Goof: Syd leaves her cell phone on the ground in the parking garage as a decoy, but when she fights the agent it disappears from the ground. Immediately following the fight she picks it up again and jumps into the car.

  • Sydney is stopped by a man dubbed "Suit and Glasses". She tells him that she needed to go to the bathroom because her boss 'Ron' would fire her if she was caught drinking. Her SD-6 boss is named Arvin Sloane, and the actor is Ron Rifkin.

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  • Will: Her favorite movie of all time. Are you ready for this? Pretty Woman! Pretty Woman is a 1990 romantic comedy film. The film centers around the title character, down-on-her-luck prostitute Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) who is hired by a wealthy businessman and corporate raider, Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) to be his escort for several business functions, and their developing relationship.

  • Vaughn: I mean, it's like Tolstoy long. Leo Tolstoy was a 19th century Russian author whose famous works include the lengthy War and Peace and Anna Karenina.

  • Sydney: Did you get the Dave Matthews tickets? Dave Matthews is the vocalist/guitarist of the Dave Matthews Band, an American jam band formed in 1991.

  • Visual: Sydney with bright red hair. This is an homage to the German film Run Lola, Run, of which J.J. Abrams has confessed to be fan.

  • Vaughn: This is not about cutting of an arm of the monster. It's about killing the monster. In the epic narrative poem Beowulf the title character does battle with a monster, Grendel, but only succeeds in tearing off, or cutting off (depending on the translation) the monster's arm.

  • Marshall: ... you'll probably want to dress nice, you know, dress to thrill. A play on Dressed to Kill, the title of four movies, one of which is an adaptation of a Arthur Conan Doyle's story and the more recent one was directed by Brian De Palma in 1980.

  • Vaughn: When you first walked into my office with that stupid Bozo hair, I thought you were crazy.
    Bozo the Clown is the most famous clown character in the United States. Created in 1946 he is widely recognizable for his oversized red hair.

  • Title: Doppelgänger
    A Doppelgänger is a double of a person that projects his or her impending death. The theme of the "doppelgänger" has appeared in several media forms such as Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray," and in Star Trek. The title of this episode refers to the "doubles" Kelvin and Schiller.

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