What Would Jesus Do?

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    Another great episode!

    By brunabear, Aug 08, 2006

    I really liked this episode of Alice, I Think. Alice joins a "High On Life" club just because she thinks the boy who's president of the club is cute. The club is going to sign a virginity pledge and Alice goes along with that. She doesn't even give it a second thought, really... or not much of one, but she doesn't really seem to take it seriously either. It's her parents' reactions to that that was quite funny; her mother is appalled that Alice would even consider this while her father is all for it and wants her to sign a Pledge for life! Seeing Alice interact with other teenagers in a somewhat normal way was interesting too, and shows that she can fit in, even if the group that she's fitting in with is a little out on the fringes as well.

    Overall, this was a funny episode, and I recommend that everyone watch it for a good laugh.moreless

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