Alien Nation (1989)

Alien Nation

Season 1, Ep 1, Aired 9/18/89
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  • Episode Description
  • George and Matt are partnered together and are assigned to investigate their first case together; a vagrant has died and has strange sores on his body. Matt receives a large box of information on the newcomers and slavery from his deceased partner, Tuggles. This information gets Matt and George looking in some strange places and re-evaluating Tuggles death. George and his family move into their new home and face the challenges of moving into an upscale neighborhood. Matt meets his new neighbor and they begin a difficult friendship.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Terri Treas

    Cathy Frankel

  • Eric Pierpoint

    Detective George Francisco

  • Jeff Doucette


  • Ron Fassler

    Captain Bryon Grazier

  • Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs

    Sergeant Dobbs

  • Fan Reviews (2)
  • This takes place after the events of the movie.

    By chrisbd1, Nov 15, 2005

  • it also has elmos picture down at the bottom. i like kids shows but i feel like i have to watch other films because im not a kid anymore, and sometimes my boyfriend watches them with me and we reminice.

    By pasiveagresive, Mar 21, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (9)

    • Matt: (After telling George off for paying his debt) You're a funny guy, George. George: Do you really think so? I've been trying to improve my sense of humor. Matt: No, no, no, no. What I meant was-- George: Humor is the hardest thing to translate though. I -- I did hear a new joke, though. Matt: (Clearing his throat) Oh, yeah? George: Yes, sir. A man came up to me and asked, "Which way is it to Carnegie Hall?" and I said, "practice." (Laughs) It's a funny joke. (Laughs again) Do you understand? Matt: Yeah, yeah, yeah. George: Practice Matt: It's close, George. It's real close. You know, it might be a smidge more effective if you said: "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" George: Oh? Matt: Trust me. Matt and George: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Matt: (Pats George on the shoulder) That's it. Keep workin' it. You'll be ready to take it on the road real soon.

    • Matt: Sorry, I called you a Slag. George: Sorry, about the manure line. Matt: Speaking of manure, where do you want to eat lunch? George: Beats the hell out of me….Actually there is this little place on the east side, I’ve been meaning to try. It serves a really nice rug tail sloth. Matt: Yeah…(Laughs)… That’s good George.

    • Matt: Well, Mr. Purist, you have the right to remain silent, you choose to give up the right everything you say…. George: (Interrupting) Anything, anything you say can.. Matt: Anything. Anything you..Thanks..say..

    • (Susan leaves the office at Emily’s school and enters the restroom and a black woman comes in a minute later) Woman: Can I talk to you a minute? I was just thinking what it used to be with three kinds of restrooms. Susan: Three? Woman: Men’s, Women’s and Colored Susan: Really. Woman: I lived to seen it, but things do change, they really do change, if you want them to badly enough. I remember this old black woman, Ms. Jane Pittman, she used to pass this particular water fountain everyday, a white folks fountain. You know what she did one day? She walked right up to it and took a drink. (Laughs) But lordly all hell broke loose, when she did, ‘a nigger took a drink out of a white fountain, a nigger done this, a nigger done that’. One became mayor of Los Angles; one became mayor of Atlanta, Atlanta; one ran for president and one will be president some day. But it is hard to take that first drink, it takes a lot of courage to be like Miss Jane. Susan: At least they weren’t afraid she would turn into an insect. Woman: Oh Honey, I can show you people today that still think that black people have rabbit blood and Jewish people have horns. But you don’t look like no cockroach to me. Take a drink.

    • Matt: (To George) You're from another damn galaxy and you're telling me how to play the ponies. (Chuckles as he walks away)

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    Notes (4)

    • There were 2 endings filmed for this episode; the one that aired and one where Matt did not solve the Tuggles murder.

    • The set for the police station and Matt’s apartment are old sets from the TV show Cagney and Lacey.

    • Kenneth Johnson narrates the opening sequence through out the entire series.

    • The make up budget on this episode was 400,000 and the total budget was 3.4 million.

    Trivia (7)

    • Tenctonese/Newcomers excessively blink when they have colds.

    • The slang names for the humans are “Terts” and for the Tenctonese are “Slags”.

    • Tenctonese Names: Cathy is Jelana Buck is Finiksa Albert is Linsamonteno

    • When Cathy and Matt are in the warehouse looking at the stolen body, the first line spoken by Matt Sikes is not delivered by Gary Graham but Kenneth Johnson, during the editing process.

    • Matt Sikes seems to be periodically limping throughout the pilot episode. This is because Gary Graham sprained his ankle the day before they began filming the pilot and they choose to ignore it and not write it into the show.

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    Allusions (1)

    • Named Newcomers in this Episode: Albert Einstein was a German theoretical physicist from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. He is known for his Physics and his Theory of Relativity. Amos ‘n’ Andy was a radio/TV show that began in the 1920’s and ran through the 1950’s. The show followed the adventures of Amos Jones and Andy Brown looking for a better life in the big city. Mort Dakota is a play on words for the state North Dakota.

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