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Basic Black

Season 1, Ep 9, Aired 10/13/01
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  • Episode Description
  • Logan and a couple of fellow students ask for Sierra's help in forming an African-American history club. She readily agrees and throws herself into the job, as usual. One of her ideas is for a fund-raising concert. But when Alecia, Niki and Castelli find out that others got an e-mail inviting them to a meeting about the benefit while none of them received one, they wonder if Sierra excluded them because they are white. Meanwhile, when the girls miss the meeting, Sierra wonders if the girls have no interest in her new venture because it's aimed at black students. A series of misunderstandings follows, which culminates with Alecia being turned down when she volunteers to sing at the benefit. But both Sierra and the other three girls feel uncomfortable talking about the subject to each other. Finally Castelli insists they have a serious talk with Sierra. They do, and all the problems and misunderstandings are finally put out in the open and resolved. Also, Castelli hates the bridesmaid's dress she's having to wear to a wedding, and she doesn't know how to walk in the high heels she's expected to wear, either. Niki thinks that this is the kind of problem she was meant to solve, so she provides Cris with a pair of "training heels."moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Crystal Grant

    Sierra Jennings

  • Alecia Elliott

    Alecia Alcott

  • Marieh Delfino

    Niki Merrick

  • Alicia Lagano

    Cristina (Cris) Castelli

  • Al Sonja L. Rice

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (3)

    • Niki: Castelli, that color (for bridesmaid's outfit) doesn't belong on anything but an Easter egg.

    • Sierra: That would be like ignoring the fact that Castelli's Italian, or that Alecia's from the South, or that Niki is a... Niki: Watch it!

    • Sierra: So why was this different? Because it was a black thing? Alecia: I think the term is African-American, Sierra.

    Notes (2)

    • Featured Music: A Different Girl by Izzy Nervous by Dre Shoulda Coulda by Gemtrix City Life by Gus

    • Alecia Elliot performs "Rescue Me," a big hit (#4 on the charts) for singer Fontella Bass in 1965.

    Trivia (1)

    • When Alecia and the band are playing live at the episode's end, horns can be heard in the mix, but they are nowhere to be seen.

    Allusions (3)

    • Niki: I think somebody better call Oprah, because she's gonna wanna do a show about us! Oprah is of course the talk show host Oprah Winfrey, who has had probably the most successful daytime talk show in television history, gaining her millions of devoted, loyal fans. Her syndicated The Oprah Winfrey Show became known simply as Oprah in the 1990's.

    • Sierra: And the message is from Sierra Jennings with the NAACP. Formed in 1909, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is the most prestigious and powerful organization in the U.S. devoted to gaining and preserving the civil rights of African-Americans.

    • Alecia: Where are we all from, Pleasantville? Alecia is referring to the 1998 movie Pleasantville which featured a 1950s TV sitcom where life was always perfect, people were always happy and well-mannered, and there was never any controversy or unpleasantness.

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