All Dogs Go to Heaven

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  • Charlie: Name's Barkin, Charlie Barkin. And you are? Sasha: Not even remotely interested.

  • Killer: (after he realizes that Charlie is out of the pound, he enters Carface's office) It's him, Boss. I don't get it! Look, Mr. Carface, Boss, I know what you're thinking, but I don't know nothin' about this. We set him up for good! Carface: Killer. Killer: Uh-huh. Carface: I do not wish that I should share 50% of the business with my partner, Charlie. Killer: You want that I should go squeeze his head with the pliers?! Carface: Killer. Killer! Killer: Uh-huh. Carface: That is no way to treat an old friend. Friends must be handled in a friendly and business-like... way!

  • Itchy: (embraces Charlie after he's returned from Heaven) I'm so happy to see you, Charlie! Charlie: Shh! Itchy, shut up! Itchy: You don't know how much I missed ya! I said, "Boss...!"... Charlie: SHUT UP! You want the whole world to know I'm back?! You thought I was dead. So will Carface. That dirty rat killed me. Ah! He tried to kill me. But I'm gonna make him pay! Itchy: Oh, no, Boss. We don't wanna do that. Charlie: Yeah, we do! Listen, Itchy, I was always the brains of the outfit, wasn't I? Itchy: Yeah. Charlie: Well, when I left, he shoulda gone under! Itchy: That's it, Boss. We'll go under. Deep. Deep under. They'll never find us again. Charlie: No, I don't wanna go under. The operation grew. It got bigger. And bigger! And now he doesn't wanna share. Itchy: That's it, Boss. We could share a nice little place in the Himalayas. Charlie: I hate the Himalayas. Itchy: Wait a minute. They got gambling. They got races. Charlie: So what? Itchy: Well, they even got a town called Tibet. You know, "To Bet"? (laughs) Listen, Boss, we could nab us a few llamas, a couple of mountain goats, open a track of our own. Boss... Charlie: You know, he's got somethin' up his sleeve. Itchy: Yeah, a gun! Charlie: And when I find out what it is, I'm gonna ruin him! I'm gonna make him suffer. SLOW! He'll be beggin' for mercy! Itchy: Well, I'm beggin'. But I'm beggin' that we get outta here. Listen, Boss, Carface has got thugs, and they got muscles. Knives! and he's got a monster in his basement! Charlie: (after crushing a can) What? Itchy: And, Boss, THEY FEED IT!! Charlie: Monster? Itchy: Yeah! Monsters! I said "Monster"!! Charlie: Monster?! (thunder crashes; Charlie has an idea) Charlie: Hmmm... (laughs)!

  • Itchy: (whimpers) Charlie. Charlie! No. Eh... Hey, look out! Charlie, no! (he imagines that Carface is choking him by the neck) Itchy: NO!!! Charlie's voice: Itchy, it's okay. It's okay, little buddy. It's me, Charlie! (Itchy opens his eyes to see that is really is Charlie) Itchy: Oh! Charlie! Charlie, it's you! I-- I saw Carface, and he was chokin' me! He was grabbin' my neck, and then... Oh, hi, Charlie. Charlie: (laughs) Hi. (Itchy screams loudly) Charlie: SHH!!! Itchy: Charlie! I've been wrong! You're a ghost! Charlie: Itchy. (Itchy runs past Charlie and barks) Itchy: Get back! Get back! Don't hurt me! Here! Take my 9-piece ratchet set. (he throws his ratchets at Charlie but misses) Itchy: (throws his oil can at Charlie, but misses again) My oil can! Hey! Don't go 'way, widdout my Rolls-Royce Hood Ornament! HYAH! (he bangs Charlie on the head with said tool, but Charlie shakes it off) Charlie: I'm not a ghost! I'm not dead! Itchy: Please! I got a bad back. Uhh... Don't touch! (Charlie clutches Itchy's mouth) Charlie: Quiet! Itchy, I'm not a ghost. I'm not dead. Now, be quiet. I'm gonna take my hand away from your mouth, and you're gonna be quiet. Aren't ya? (Itchy nods nervously) Charlie: (chuckles and lets go of Itchy) That's my pal. (Itchy screams again) Charlie: WILL YOU SHUT UP?! Itchy! I'm alive! (extracts a flea) Lookit! Lookit! Do ghosts have fleas? Itchy: No. Ghosts don't have fleas. Charlie: Right. Itchy: Charlie? Charlie, it's really you. Oh, Charlie. But I saw the car... Charlie: I know. Itchy: And the river... Charlie: I know. Itchy: And your lifeless body... Flyin' through the air. Oh, Charlie. Charlie: Itchy, what can I say? (laughs) It wasn't my time.

  • You Can't Keep a Good Dog Down Charlie: Oh, you can't keep a good dog down. Itchy: No, sir! Charlie: No, you can't keep a good dog down. I seen pain and hurt. Itchy: That's right! Charlie: I've eaten dirt! Itchy: That's true! Charlie: It's hard to buy, but even I've been jilted by a skirt. Itchy: He lies! Charlie: But look how I'm still around. Itchy: Ha-ha! Charlie: Cause you can't keep a good dog down! Itchy: You can't keep a good dog down. Charlie: No, you can't! Itchy: No! No! No! You can't keep a good dog down. Dog: Preach it, brother! Charlie: I've been bought and sold. Itchy: He's been warm and cold. Dog: Me, too! Charlie: But 10 to 1, I'll still be runnin' rackets when I'm old! Itchy: Not in some cage in the city pound. Both: Cause you can't keep a good dog, can't keep a good... I say, you can't keep a good dog down! Itchy: In him's the luck of the Irish. Charlie: Ze pride of the German! Itchy: Even... Ha-ha! ...A bit of Siam! Charlie: Siam? You've seen the calm of the English. Itchy: The charrrrrrm of the Spanish! Charlie: The pedigree certainly ain't what I am! So call me a mixed-up pup. Itchy: You're a mixed-up pup! Charlie: But the only way this pup knows is UP! Itchy: Okay, boys! Come on! Come and get him! Get his legs. Lift him up. Come on! Get you're hands in! (he and Charlie get lifted up) Itchy: UP! UP! UP! C'mon! All: No, you can't keep a good dog dow-ow-ow-ow-own. You can't keep a good dog dow-ow-ow-ow-own! Itchy: He's been fat and thin. Charlie: I've been out, been in. Itchy: He tried a life of virtue... Charlie: But prefer a life of sin. Both: So tonight, man, we own this town! Charlie: I've known hunger. I've known thirst. Lived the best and seen the worst. But the only way I know to finish is to finish first! Charlie and Itchy: So watch out when you hear this sound! (all dogs howl) Charlie and Itchy: Cause you can't keep a good dog... No, you can't keep a good dog... Say, you can't keep a good dog down! (all dogs join together) All: You can't... keep a good... dog... DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Itchy: You're in love with the girl. Y-y-you've gone soft. You care about her. Charlie: Look, I don't care about the girl! I tell her things now and then. I pretend to be her best friend, but it's baloney! Itchy: I thought I was your best friend. Charlie: You are my best friend! With her, it's just business. It's always been business. I'm usin' the girl. And when we're done with 'er, we'll dump 'er in an orphanage! Is that okay with you?! Itchy: Sure, boss. Anything you say.

  • Flo: (about Anne-Marie) She's burning up with fever, Charlie. She could have pneumonia. Charlie: Think she needs a vet? Flo: Charlie, she's a little girl. She needs a doctor. Charlie: Doctor. Right. Doctor. I don't know any doctors, but I'll find one.

  • Itchy: (to the horse) Hey, listen. Try that again, you, and you are g-lue!

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Notes (57)

  • Charlie's "Girlfriend" Flo and the King Gator only appear in this movie.

  • The new Heaven setting is introduced. It's a lot more "Clouds and buildings"-type traditional than the "Abstract type" from the first movie.

  • This movie introduces the "Modern Day San Francisco" setting that the series will take place in.

  • Sasha first appears in this movie.

  • Killer does not appear at all in this movie, even though he is in the series and in the first movie.

  • Itchy & Killer's voice are the only carry-overs to later. Dom Deluise has played Itchy in both movies and the series and Charles Nelson Reilly has played Killer in the first movie and in the series (Killer was not in the second movie). Other than those two, the cast for the first movie is completely different than in the later one/series.

  • This movie seems to have a "darker" approach than the cheery-style of the later movie/series. Darker as in darker plot, since it's centered mainly around greed, death, and revenge. Also, there's a few words that Charlie says in that movie that wouldn't be considered "for all ages". Namely, "damn" (when he's dead) and "bimbo" (when he's telling Anne-Marie the story of Robin Hood)

  • This movie takes place in 1939 New Orleans around Mardi Gras. The 2nd movie and the series all take place in "modern day" (1996-1998 basically) San Francisco.

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Trivia (28)

  • GOOF: Annabelle claims that the awards most of the dogs received allow them to go back. But in the first movie, she said that no one was allowed to go back. (Reply: It's possible that she meant that no one is allowed to back via their life watches. The awards seen here seem to be a completely different scenario.)

  • In certain scenes of the movie, Annabelle appears in two forms. One is her dog form in heavenly clothing. The other is a more humanoid body with a larger heavenly dress.

  • Goof: A human-like figure is seen blowing and putting back Gabriel's Horn. But only their arms and hands are seen.

  • GOOF: If Charlie liked Flo from the first movie so much, how come he never mentions her in the second movie/tv series? Also, wouldn't she have died in the time between 1939 and 1996?

  • GOOF: How did Itchy live from back in the 1930's when he was an adult already, until 1996? He would've died long before that, considering that dogs age faster than humans.

  • Many questions are unanswered: What is Killer doing in San Francisco? Why is Itchy on Earth? Didn't he choose to stay in Heaven? Since when does Sasha own a Cafe'? Why is Carface on Earth? He sold his soul to Red and was dragged into Hell with him. Why aren't Charlie and Sasha living with David like they did in the second movie?

  • Nitpick: Where did Killer come from? He was in the first movie, but not in the second, and now he just reappears as Carface's sidekick after over 50 years of seperation? But, no matter what the reason, Killer is one of the only two voice actor carry-overs from the original ADGTH movie. He is voiced by Charles Nelson Reilly in any movie/episode Killer appears in.

  • The video for this has two mistakes on it. They call Anabelle "Arabelle" on the back of it. Also, Charlie's ears are reversed. His bite notch is on the opposite ear!

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Allusions (58)

  • None: Burt R. Barkin/Loni A. Bowzer
    Though it's very hard to notice, in Anabelle's book of judgement you see a picture of Charlie's parents. His Mother is named "Loni A. Bowzer". That is a reference to the actress, Loni Anderson (Loni A.), who played Flo in this movie. Charlie's Father is named "Burt R. Barkin". That is a reference to the actor, Burt Reynolds (Burt R.), who played Charlie himself in this movie. Coincidentally, Charlie's Father's first name is Charlie's middle name, making his full name "Charles Burt Barkin", though he abbreviates it to B.

  • Itchy: (about Carface) I think he's spotted us, Charlie! You gotta knock his block off! Charlie: That would be a little difficult right now, thanks to the flying nun! This is a reference to the sixties sitcom The Flying Nun.

  • Charlie: See ya later, Lancenator! This a reference to the song "See Ya Later Alligator", by the band Bill Haley and The Comets.

  • Otto: Very interesting... This is a reference to the late comedian Arte Johnson, a regular on the seventies sketch show Rowan & Martin's Laugh In. Arte's most well-known sketch portrayed him as a german soldier, whose catchphrase was "Very interesting...", followed by either a comic observation or misinterpretation, or simply "but stupid!"

  • News Reporter: "...Number Ten, Burt Reynolds' hair piece!"
    When Charlie goes out alone, upset because he thought everybody liked Lance more than him, he stops by a store with TVs in the window. The News reporter says that one of the top ten things Lance could save would be "Burt Reynolds' hair piece".

    Burt Reynolds did the voice of Charlie Barkin in the first All Dogs Go To Heaven movie. In fact, that's what Charlie's middle name is based on. The B. is for Burt.

  • The episode title is a reference to the play Cyrano De Bergerac.

  • Charlie: Not a problem, li'l lady! Charlie says this line in the style of the late actor, John Wayne.

  • The episode title is a parody of the TV series Mission Impossible.

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