Fools Rush In

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (7)

  • Lil: I'm on in less than half an hour. Be honest, do I look okay? Kimi: Uh, you're the new PA announcer, as in, no one's going to see you. Lil: Oh, yeah. So, do I look okay?

  • Kimi: News flash, Tommy. She's a girl!

  • Lil & Kimi: (Simultaneously) She obviously likes you!

  • Tommy: This isn't kickball we're showing you, it's soccer!

  • Tommy: Dil, this isn't a game! Okay, maybe it is a game...

  • Tommy: Either I'm facing a new friend... or certain death...

  • Tommy: I was sure he'd be here. Dil: Little to the north, T! (Hangs from the building, holding on for his life)

Notes (3)

  • Tommy's first big film is mentioned for the second time. ("When Fifth Graders Attack.")

  • This episode is similar to the Rugrats episode, "Cradle Attraction."

  • Susie is absent in this episode.

Trivia (4)

  • When Tommy asks his dad for tips on Younger and Older Brothers, he says: "... even though they steal your girlfriends... market your ideas without your permission..." Does this mean that Charlotte was Stu's girlfriend in high school?

  • When Francine is talking to Tommy on the bus, her hands are on her waist. If you look carefully, one of her hands is backwards.

  • After Angelica talks to her teacher in the lunchroom, we see her typing on her laptop right before the scene ends. Her fingers aren't visible because her camera is in the way, but it's quite apparent that she isn't typing on her computer because we see the entire thing by her side, and she seems to be typing on the table.

  • When Angelica takes the picture of Tommy getting hit with all those slime-filled balloons on the bus, the snap of the camera's shutter is heard about 2 seconds after all the balloons have popped. Yet when we see her posting the picture on her website, we can see one red balloon hovering above Tommy by almost a foot.

Allusions (1)

  • Episode Title: Fools Rush In Fools Rush In is a reference to the movie "Fools Rush In."