California, Here We Are (2)

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    After Mike and Gloria have a heated argument in the middle of the night, Gloria reveals the truth to Edith who in turn tells Archie. Archie is furious at Mike saying it is his fault that the marriage has failed. However, Archie's blame is misplaced.

    By meathead704, Aug 22, 2011

    Rob Reiner and Sally Struthers' final appearance on All in the Family (They would appear together once more on Archie Bunker's Place.) is no doubt their best. Both of them give probably their best performances on the series. There's no doubt they are clearly deserving of the Emmy Awards they won for the show. What makes this episode work so well is it's twist that Gloria has been unfaithful. The viewer thinks they were stunned when they learned Mike and Gloria's marriage is ending. Just when they thought they heard it all, another shocking revelation surfaces. Definitely a classic episode.moreless

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    While spending in California Archie and Edith learns the truth about Michael and Gloria.

    By yuki_megami, Apr 16, 2007

    Finally arriving to California taking the tour around the apartment.Archie and Edith doesn't know the truth about Michael and Gloria.The real truth is that Michael and Gloria are divorced.But they are pretending to be together for Archie and Edith.But sooner or later Archie and Edith finds out the truth.Archie for once in an surprise sides with Michael.Than bitter arguement was made.

    This was the last time we see Gloria and Michael.

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