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    Listen very carefully. I shall say this only once!

    By frosty_ice, Jan 16, 2011

    That was the funniest line in the show, spoken by Michelle, leader of the French resistance. This was a comedy like none other, which demonstrtates that the British are masters when it comes to making us laugh. Set during World War II, 'Allo 'Allo! tells the story of René Artois, a French café owner in the village of Nouvion. The Germans have occupied the village and stolen all of its valuable artefacts. These include the first cuckoo clock ever made and a painting of The Fallen Madonna by Van Klomp (known to those who have seen it as The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies). The local commandant has decided to keep them for himself after the war and forces René to hide the painting in his café. Hitler also wants the painting, and sends Herr Otto Flick of the Gestapo to the town to find it. Flick, in turn, conspires to keep it. The paintings are duplicated by a forger, get mixed up and put in knackwurst sausages. One is sent to Hitler on an ammunition train, which gets blown up, one is hidden, and the other is eaten for dinner by Flick himself. This is just one of the many things that happen in that series. Among the most memorable characters are René, the owner of the café, Edith, his wife and possibly the worst singer in France at the time, Yvette and Mimi, the café waitresses who hated the Nazis, Michelle, the leader of the French resistance, Mousier Alfonse, the undertaker, Officer Crabtree, a British spy posing as a French police officer, who thought he knew how to speak French fluently but was actually pretty bad, the British airmen Fairfax and Carstairs, Herr Flick, the local Gestapo agent, among many others. The cast was very good, and even today they are all regarded as one of the greatest casts to ever been chosen for a sitcom. I give this one a 10 out of 10, for still making me laugh until this day.moreless

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    I still love watching this show!

    By ihavenotwin, Jan 16, 2011

    I still love watching this show! It has been a favourite of mine since the first time I saw a rerun of it when I was younger. It made me laugh every time and I was usually still laughing long after I had turned off the tv. The story lines were well written and even though you knew things would always go wrong when happened seemed to always be unexpected. Comedy at it's finest, the British seem to be able to do it better than any other country. The casting was perfect and the acting was superb. It really was one of a kind!moreless

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    The best show ever!

    By GiX_MiX, Aug 05, 2008

    Allo' Allo' is the funniest show that was ever broadcasted on TV. Extremely funny plot, witty dialogues and the perfect cast is what made it very successful. The occurence takes place during the World War II, in a little French town called Nouvignon. Every character speaks english, but with the different accents. The Germans and the French do not understand eachother, but we understand all of them. The main character, Rene, owns a little cafe. With the help of his wife Edith and two waitresses, he runs his buisness well, and every day something new and interesting happens there. The regular guests are mostly German officers that come to the cafe to relax and have a drink. Throughout the series, we meet many different, wonderful and very funny characters. This is a show worth watching over and over!moreless

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    This is some of the funniest comedy ever. Classic tv... :-)

    By nofeartina, Jun 03, 2008

    'Allo 'Allo plays out in occupied France during the 2nd worldwar. The caféowner René is wanted by everyone; by the french resistance, the german nazis, his wife, his waitresses and last but not least the German leutenant Gruber... :-D The series is very silly, but in a really good way. The dialogue is great, allthough it is all in english. When they speak french or german they do so in english with the appropriate accent... :-) hehe... René has his problems trying not to choose sides in the war, but ending up choosing all the sides. This is a funny, funny show, and I can absolutely recomend it to everybody!! :-Dmoreless

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    By Vathy, Feb 23, 2007

    "Allo, allo" is a true classic when it comes to TV shows. The humor is quite simple, a foreigner trying to adapt in the new country with a new language (which, of course, causes problems in the comunication). The characters are also classical, one is stupid, one is humble and so on... This might make you think "so, what is the special thing that makes it so good?". And, frankly I do not have an answer to that question. Perhaps it is the simplicity and originality, perhaps it's the actors geniality... I suggest you watch the show and tell me what you think! :)moreless

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    Great show! Real classic British humor!

    By spooky_marc, Dec 06, 2006

    When the French resistance takes over Café Rene, Rene's world get upside down!

    His wife, Edith, who is a great singer (yeah right), two sexy waitress Yvette and Maria and Madam Fanny (Edith's mother) are the residents of this café. The café is visited by French people, the French resistance and last but not least the Germans. Can Rene seperate all his troubles with the resistance, from the Germans, from his wife (he is cheating on her with his waitresses) and what about the Gestapo and the Communist Resistance... and can he stay out the arms of his most horrific German Luitenant Gruber?

    The war wasn't that funny as this!moreless

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    perfect comedy.

    By qrexranger9, Oct 28, 2006

    This show is divine. So many great characters with so many great things about them. Poor Rene trying to deal with everyone so he can have a quiet life with his waitresses. The British airmen hide in the strangest places. Michelle of the resistance has the strangest plans and says them only one. Crabtree is amazing because he gets away with his poor french, Helga excels in overdoing the shouting orders part. The leclerc brothers disguises, the interesting situations the characters get in, the fact that most things will go wrong, how Herr Flick of the gestapo is as much a stereotypical cold unfeeling secret service man as you can get. How they filmed this with a straight face I'll never know. This is the zenith of farce comedy.moreless

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    I liked Allo! Allo! I have been watching it since it first started in 1984. I like Rene Artois played by Gorden Kaye because she used to make me laugh.

    By matthew_trompf, Oct 09, 2006

    Meet René, the most wanted man in Occupied France: Women want his body. The Resistance wants his brain. And the Nazis want his sausage! In a small café in occupied France the harassed proprietor, René, is fighting his own war. With the German Army in residence at the bar, René is risking his neck to aid the Resistance by hiding two British airmen and a radio transmitter upstairs. As if this wasn't enough.

    For years the main characters have remained in the story. Others came and went sometimes for short periods and sometimes for many episodes. They helped to make the story more exciting.

    Some of the main characters were Lieutenant Hubert Gruber, Rene, Edith Melba, Yvette Carte-Blanche, Mimi, Michelle, Colonel Kurt, Captain Hans, General Erich and Private Helga.

    Each episode is a story on its own but it forms part of the whole story.moreless

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    Now Listen very closely, I will say this only once

    By mr_nyuckles, Aug 30, 2006

    What can I say about Allo Allo? Its a really cute British comedy about a few French and German people in occupied France. But I'm sure the synopsis would have told you that. First of all, you must know that there are two downed airmen who have been 'adopted' by the French Resistance. The FR want a small cafe owner by the name of Renee' to help them smuggle it out. He and his rag tag bunch of cafe workers, including his wife, the singer, (who sings very poorly) and two women who want to get with him no matter what. Yvett and Mimi. Also there is Leclare, who comes to the bar trying to help the FR, Michele, the FR leader drops by on occasion, and tells them basically the plot of the episode. Then there is also a British policeman, Crabtree, who has learned French, but since the show is in English, he speaks by confusing prononciations of words. The Germans, of course come next. The two Gestapo agents, Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen of which Flick is the brains and Von K is well... not the brains. Then the's Leftenant Greuber, the gay German leftenant, Colonel Von Strohm, who is always looking to bust the cafe in one way or another, and finally the Itallian war hero, Captain Alberto Bertorelli.moreless

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    Listen VERY carefully, I shall say this ONLY ONCE! Set in occupied France, the program tells the saga of Rene: cafe owner (sometimes), reluctant hero, and romantic fantasy of young women everywhere.

    By KRWoods1, Aug 25, 2006

    'Allo 'Allo is theater of the absurd, and in its absurdity lies its genius. The strength of the show is its bizzare and unrealistic plot twists and happenings. Perhaps the greatest part of the show is its continuity. One cannot simply pick up in the middle, as references to previous episodes are frequent. It is a saga, and a saga must be viewed from beginning to end in order to be understood and appreciated. Otherwise, one would be lost on references to "The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies" by Van Klump, the 320+ exploding Christmas Puddings, the Onion Sellers, and other such strance, yet delightfully original, occurances.

    Simply put, the show is refreshing, original, and just plain fun.moreless

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