Ally McBeal

The Last Virgin

Season 4, Ep 5, Aired 11/20/00
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  • Episode Description
  • Kimmie comes to Cage & Fish looking to hire Ally. She's suing her old firm for wrongful termination. They fired her for being too puritan, and the opposite lawyer is Larry. Now Ally and Larry have to face each other in court. Meanwhile, Ally is nervous about her first kiss with Larry and seeks for advice with Ling, who demonstrate on John how a good kiss should go. This makes Richard insecure of himself, and Nelle tells him to find a theme song for himself.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Calista Flockhart

    Ally McBeal

  • Greg Germann

    Richard Fish

  • Lisa Nicole Carson

    Renée Raddick

  • Jane Krakowski

    Elaine Vassal

  • Vonda Shepard


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    • Larry: You think I'm just gonna sit back and wait for you to get with the program? You might be afraid of all this Ally, but I'm... I'm not. Ally: Larry, you've only seen the tip of the neurotic ice berg. I'm demented. Larry: What else? Ally: Self-absorbed. Larry: What else? Ally: Vain. Larry: What else? Ally: Beautiful. That's a good thing. Larry: What else? Ally: Maybe incapable of letting myself be loved. Larry: That we need to work on, then. Ally: Do you have any idea what you're getting yourself into? I'm afraid to trust it. Larry: Then we need to work on that too.

    • Renée: What's wrong? Ally: Billy told me once that I was incapable of ever being happy. Was he right? Renée: He also said it's only a headache. Don't be believing what Billy said.

    • Ally: I was disappointed that you didn't kiss me last night. Okay? There, I said it. Larry: I did kiss you. Ally: On the forehead. You can't even catch anything from that.

    • John: She gets emotional. I'd go after her. Larry: I don't do that. John: No, I suppose if you did it'd make it harder to live life alone.

    • Ally: I'll see you tomorrow, right? Larry: You'll see me tomorrow. Ally: And the day after that? Larry: And the day after that.

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    Notes (2)

    • Featured Music: "Everybody Loves a Lover" performed by Vonda Shepard "Going the Distance" by Conti "Cupid/I've Loved You For a Long Time" performed by Vonda Shepard and Lisa Nicole Carson "Isn't it Romantic?" performed by Vonda Shepard "I Gotcha" by Joe Tex "Love Machine" by The Miracles "It's not Unusual" by Tom Jones "Try to Remember" performed by Vonda Shepard "For Once in My Life" performed by Vonda Shepard

    • Director Bill D'elia, First Assistant Director Allen G. Di Gioia, Second Assistant Directors Nancy P. Townsend, Unit Production Manager Jack Philbrick, Alicia Lewis and Jodie Thomas were nominated for a Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Comedy Series for 2000.

    Allusions (1)

    • Episode Title: "The Last Virgin" This is a reference to a 1982 teen movie titled "The Last American Virgin."

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