Alvin & the Chipmunks

May the Best Chipmunk Win

Season 1, Ep 25, Aired 12/10/83
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  • The Chipettes move to the Chipmunks school and Alvin and Brittany run against each other for School President. Both will stop at nothing to win, but when the polls are revealed they discover that Jeanette has the deciding vote.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Nancy Cartwright

    Additional Voices

  • Tress MacNeille

    Additional Voices

  • Frank Welker

    Additional Voices

  • Dody Goodman

    Miss Beatrice Miller (1986-1990)

  • Ross Bagdasarian, Jr.

    Alvin / Simon / David Seville

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    • Alvin: (serves Jeanette her lunch tray) Hungry on Election Day? Sure you are. Ya like avocados? How about some potato salad and some orange juice? It's on me! Brittany: Jeanette! (she walks up to her sister) Brittany: Don't ruin your appetite... on this slop! Why don't we dine together? Just sister to sister. (she and Jeanette take a seat) Brittany: Sparkling apple juice? (Eleanor pours a glass of said beverage for Jeanette) Jeanette: I don't know what to do. Alvin: (zips up to her) Beautiful music for a beautiful person. (Simon and Theodore play romantic music on their violins) Jeanette: I think the best thing for me to do is not vote. Brittany: Over my dead body!

    • (after Brittany's sad song, Eleanor, who had heard a knock on the door, opens the door) Eleanor: It's Alvin! And he's brought the whole school! Brittany: (still crying) What does he want? (Alvin walks up to her) Alvin: Hi, Brittany. I thought we could celebrate together: My victory party, and the Chipettes' welcoming party. Brittany: Welcoming party?! (wipes away her tears, all better now) Well, okay.

    • Eleanor: (enters with the latest poll results) Hey, Madame President! Brittany: What are you talking about? Eleanor: (shows Brittany the results) You and Alvin are tied for president! And guess who has the deciding vote. Jeanette! (Jeanette thinks) Jeanette: Gee. I wonder who to vote for? Brittany: What?! (she walks up to her little sister and kneels down before her) Brittany: (sweetly) Jeanette, sweetheart. You know that dress of mine you've always liked? It's yours.

    • (Brittany receives a delivery of flowers) Brittany: Oh, how lovely! They must be for me! Jeanette: (reads the card) The card says: "Jeanette". Brittany: They obviously mispelled my name. Read me the card. Jeanette: (reads card) "Dear, Dear Jeanette, Hope you are feeling well on Election Day. Signed: Your dearest friend and buddy, Alvin." How sweet! Brittany: (furiously whacks her sister with the bouquet to a chair) Sweet, my butt! He's up to something!

    • (after the Chipettes' campaign rally is a sweet success, much to Alvin's dismay) Brittany: Alvin! I took your advice about thinking big! Alvin: I didn't mean this big! Brittany: I can't wait to meet my opponent. Simon: That can be arranged. Alvin: (holds out his hand) Pleased to meet you. (shocked, Brittany jumps and gasps) Brittany: You?! I didn't know! Alvin: Now, don't let that stop you. Go for it! (to Simon) Poor kid. She doesn't have a chance!

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    Notes (1)

    • Key Songs: "It's My Party", originally performed by Lesley Gore, and "Celebration", originally performed by Kool and the Gang.

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