Alvin & the Chipmunks

The Brunch Club

Season 6, Ep 3, Aired 10/1/88
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  • The Chipmunks and Chipettes are sent to detention. They go into court to figure out who could have knocked over the statue of Thomas Alva Edison.

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  • Not the greatest, but definatly a fantastic episode worthy of a \"top-three\" slot of greatest Chipmunk episodes.

    By cf79, May 07, 2006

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    • Simon: I am not boring! I have wild, untapped passions, burning and bubbling inside of me! Theodore: You ate the chili at lunch, too, huh?

    • Eleanor: (walks up to the judge's table) Brittany didn't do it, your honor. (the others stop and react) Eleanor: I was in the auditorium with her. Brittany: You watched me rehearsing? Eleanor: No. I was busy rehearsing, too. Only, at the other end of the auditorium. Brittany: But, Eleanor, all the other parts in the play are taken. Eleanor: I know. I'm trying out for the lead. Brittany: But... But I always do the lead in the school play. Everybody knows that. Eleanor: Well, maybe it's time to share the spotlight a little, Brittany. I'm going to try out this afternoon. Brittany: But why didn't you say something about this before? Eleanor: Because you never listen. You're, uh, uh, a glory hog, Brittany. Brittany: Oh. I'm sorry. (the eldest and youngest sisters hug) Brittany: I never knew I made you feel that way. Of course you should try out, Ellie. And may the best girl win. Alvin: Objection, your honor! She's hugging the witness! Theodore: (bangs gavel) Objection overruled! I allow hugging in my court.

    • (after Brittany's story) Alvin: Your honor, alone in the auditorium? I mean, come on! Where'd she get this story? Alibis-R-Us? She has no one who can back up her story, because she was out knocking over the statue! Simon: I knew she did it! Throw her to Miss Pinch! Jeanette: Come clean, Brittany. Admit it! Brittany: I didn't knock over the statue! Honest! I didn't! (cries) I throw myself on the mercy of the court! (she throws her body on the table, but Alvin, Simon, and Jeanette try to get her off; Brittany screams in agony) Alvin: Oh, Miss Pinch! We have the guilty one! Brittany: NO!! NO!! Alvin: Miss Pinch!

    Allusions (1)

    • The title of the episode is a play of the 1985 John Hughes teen comedy The Breakfast Club, where five students end up in Saturday detention.

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