Alvin & the Chipmunks

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Quotes (153)

  • Theodore: Hi, Mr. T. Could we talk to you a minute?
    Mr. T: What is it?!
    (Theodore jumps and tries to run away, but Alvin stops him)
    Alvin: We, uh, need your help, Mr. T. Y'see, these bullies have been stealing things from little kids. And then, they stole Dave's gold watch!
    Theodore: And without your help, we'll never get it back!
    Mr. T: I hate bullies!
    (he pounds on his table so hard, that his fries end up in Theodore's hands)
    Mr. T: You can't eat those fries.
    Theodore: (frightened) Gee, Mr. T, I thought...
    Mr. T: (holds up a bottle of ketchup) ...Without ketchup!
    Theodore: Thanks!

  • (the Chipmunks enter a room that they think is vacant and shut the door) Theodore: Alvin, is that you? (3 girls scream) Alvin: What are you doing in here?! Brittany: What are you doing in here?! This is our room! Simon: This is the Chipmunks' room! Jeanette: Precisely! Theodore: Well, we have a concert here tomorrow night. Eleanor: So do we. Our first American concert. Alvin: Oh, yeah?! We'll see what the manager says about that!

  • (Eleanor eats what she thinks is actual fruit) Theodore: I eat when I'm nervous, too. Eleanor: Who says I'm nervous? Theodore: You're eating the plastic fruit. (Eleanor looks at what she ate, and blushes in embarrassment)

  • (Luke grabs the ferris wheel operator while the Chipmunks and Harry are riding on it) Luke: Why don't you take a little break? I'll take over here. Operator: Uh, sure, Luke. Sure! (Luke drops him) Luke: Enjoy the ride, Harry. (he pulls the lever, thus causing the wheel to go into hyperspeed) Harry: (looks down) Uh-oh! Luke! Alvin: We seem to be spinning faster than normal. Simon: The increased velocity could cause us to... (all Chipmunks fly off) Alvin, Simon, and Theodore: FLY OFF!!!

  • Luke: I want that money ya owe me tomorrow, Harry! Harry: Uh, uh, uh, come on, Luke! You know Harry's not gonna skip ya. Luke: No more excuses, or I'll hafta get mean! Tomorrow, Harry!

  • Chipmunks: (in their singing telegram to the guard) It's Mr. Winters' birthday, and we're here to sing
    a happy-birthday wish to the rock and roll king.
    So let us by before our feet get tired.
    'Cause if we don't get in, guess who gets fired!

  • Julie: (sees Theodore on the table) A rodent! (screams) Theodore: A rodent?! (screams) Julie: David, get these flea-infested creatures outta this house at ONCE! David: Julie, I can't do that! Julie: Either they go, or I do! Alvin: But, lady! (he slips and falls on a spoon, flinging a tomato onto Julie) Julie: That does it! (she heads out the door)

  • (the Chipmunks and David are having breakfast) Simon: What's that? David: Scrambled eggs and toast. Theodore: Is it good? David: Yes. Alvin, Simon, and Theodore: Wanna trade? David: No, I don't wanna trade. You guys are supposed to like nuts and berries.

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Notes (129)

  • Key Song: "The C-Team", a song exclusive to the show.

  • This episode introduces Alvin, Simon, Theodore, and David Seville.

  • Mr. T had his own Saturday morning show on NBC (which followed Alvin). Both Mr. T & the Chipmunks were produced by Ruby-Spears Enterprises.

  • Key Song: "We Got the Beat", originally performed by the Go-Go's.

  • This episode introduces the Chipettes, Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor, to the Chipmunk franchise.

  • Key Song: "Workin' Day and Night", originally performed by Michael Jackson.

  • First appearance of "Uncle" Harry, a con-artist chipmunk who claims to be the Chipmunks' uncle.

  • Key Songs: "Never Eat a Chipmunk Diet" and "Witch Doctor".

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Trivia (17)

  • A book version of this episode was made.

  • When the Chipmunks sing the National Anthem, they sing "Through the perilous night" instead of "Through the perilous FIGHT", for reasons unexplained.

  • When Jeanette says "There. Finished.", when she finishes her valentine for Simon, her mouth does not open.

  • Title Pun: Lights, Camera, Action!

  • Jeanette is shown to have balance problems while on roller skates in this episode only.

  • Brittany is shown to be part of the cheerleading squad.

  • Final appearance of Harry.

  • The Chipettes' treehouse will not appear again until Season 6's "Dreamlighting".

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Allusions (46)

  • The title of the episode is a play on Mr. T's NBC series The A-Team.

  • The grandparents lived at South Spoon ranch parody of South Fork on Dallas.

  • The title of the episode is a play of the 1953 film From Here To Eternity.

  • The title for this episode could be an allusion to the horror film Urban Legand.

  • The title of the episode is a play of the 1980 film Urban Cowboy.

  • The title is a spoof of the 1957 film, 'The Incredible Shrinking Man' and the 1981 film 'The Incredible Shrinking Woman'.

  • The title of the episode of a play of the 1955 film The Trouble With Harry.

  • Title - 'The Swiss Family Chipmunks' Is an allusion to the novel 'The Swiss Family Robinson' by Johann David Wyss.

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