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    What can you say about a new artist on American Bandstand. Its a shot but there is no telling if they will click or not?

    Richard T Bear wqas one of those that should have been a Star! Sunshine Hotel was such a strong R&B dance track.

    By misshuganabear, Apr 18, 2009

    SUNSHINE HOTEL (just walk on in) is a great dance groove... Its still being sampled overseas. Sunshine Hotel was such a strong R&B dance track . Having said that He was a white boy too.. The guy could slap those ivories and sing like a tornado. the bass never lets up and the horns hit in all the right spots..... The background singers are ok but this has all the earmarks of a record that really should have been a clasic. I have worn out my 12" and ive sent for another. When I need a boost this track has never let me down. i wish this guy would come back and make a few more.......moreless

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