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  • "Rock around the clock!" - Dick Clark

  • "Buddy Holly & the Crickets, America's, how should I put it, I haven't formulated it in my own mind,What I'm trying to say is a person who writes songs, performs them, and has a lot to do with the music industry, and he's a very young man and a successful one at that, a Coral recording artist whom you met last Saturday singing "Heartbeat," ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Buddy Holly." - Dick Clark


  • "Don't Pull Your Love" is a great song!

  • "Give me a long shot of this. THIS is little Foster Sylvers?!" After many appearances on AB,during the 70's, this 1985 appearance was the Sylvers first in a long time. When Dick Clark asked lead singer Pat whatever happened to little Foster Sylvers, his reaction upon seeing the grown-up Foster was classic.

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  • This marks the national debut of American Bandstand on ABC-TV. It began as a local, Philadelphia series on WFIL-TV (later WPVI-TV) on October 13, 1952 on WFIL-TV (later WPVI-TV) in Philadelphia, PA.

  • This is Season 1 of "AMERICAN BANDSTAND" on abc-TV Monday-Friday at 3:00-4:30pm ET.

  • First ever Buddy Holly & the Crickets television appearance! Sadly, no copies of this appearance are known to survive. People who saw this show remember the group appearing without their instruments. The Crickets stood on stage lip synching to the record. This led people to believe that they were a vocal group. For many years, people thought Jerry and Joe were singing on The Crickets record releases!

  • The group appeared on this show as "the Crickets" (no "Buddy Holly" in the name) which is the way they were credited on all of the 1957-58 Brunswick record releases. By singing lead on the Crickets' "That'll Be The Day", Buddy was in violation of his 1956 Decca contract. He was trying to hide this fact so he remained unbilled during 1957. They were also called "The Crickets" on the 1957 Ed Sullivan show. This matter was settled with Decca (and Cedarwood publishing) on January 7, 1958 where they got the rights to "Think It Over". On the 28-Dec-57 Arthur Murray Show the group was finally introduced as Buddy Holly and The Crickets.

  • "That'll Be The Day" was still rising on the charts when they made this appearence. On August 22, 1957 Buddy was notified that "That'll Be The Day" had reached 1/2 million in sales. The record peaked at number 1 on September 23, 1957. (It would go on to sell 2 million copies).

  • The Song is recorded for this appearance and won't be charted until February 3, 1958 at No. 23.

  • A second American Bandstand episode aired on this date. (October 7, 1957 marked the beginning of AB's 13-week prime-time run, Mondays 7:30pm - 8:00pm.)

  • First of two American Bandstand appearances by the Five Satins. Group at this time is led by Bill Baker while original lead Fred Parris is in the army. Group breaks up within a year and is reformed by Parris upon his discharge in 1958. Baker goes on to perform with the Chestnuts and then embarks on a solo career. Parris and company make one more appearance on AB in 1962-episode 1270.

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  • 'JelsaPalao' submitted the following:
    Hi... My name is Jelsa Palao now...I used to be Terri Dean and I'm the one who sang Adonis on the Dick Clark's American Bandstand back in 1959. Yes, I'm still alive and singing!! I live in Los Angeles now. I became friends with Frankie Avalon and Fabian through American Bandstand. We did some performing together. Frank & I recorded together and Fabian & I both worked Lake Tahoe opposite each other. Nice guys, both of them. This particular episode of American Bandstand can't be found in the archives. I've been trying to locate it. I've also been trying to get a copy of "Adonis"...when my father died, I lost all my old recordings. Can't find "Your Heart's not Made of Wood" either. I'll keep looking!

  • There was probably a guest host on this day. According to newspaper reports, Dick Clark was in Washington appearing before the House committee investigating payola charges.

  • Next Week (Nov. 19, 1966):
    American Bandstand was pre-empted for NCAA Football (a Pre-Game show, followed by Notre Dame vs. Michigan State). A second football game (USC Trojans vs. UCLA Bruins) began around 4:00pm Eastern.

  • Herb stuck his foot through the light on one of the round stages so they had to retake and have them stand in front of the stages.

  • This episode aired a week after Kathy Garver's 24th birthday. (We have not been able to verify this, but a fan of Kathy Garver claims that this episode included Dick Clark and the AB regulars wishing Garver a Happy Birthday, complete with cake.)

  • This is the appearance where Jeffrey Daniels of Shalamar pulled out an umbrella, held it behind him, and did the "Moonwalk" around the dance floor during their performance of the song "Second Time Around." Everyone believes Michael Jackson invented the Moonwalk, but he actually didn't start performing it until 1984.

  • At the end of this show, Dick Clark announces next week's guests as Hall & Oates. Hall & Oates were the guests on the previous week's show (16-Oct-82).

  • What 1998 album and title track by Taylor Dayne was release by Universal Music Group Distribution?


    Naked Without You

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