American Dad!

Francine's Flashback

Season 1, Ep 4, Aired 5/15/05
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  • Episode Description
  • When Stan forgets his anniversary, he arranges to have 20 hours of Francine's memory erased, but the CIA temp on duty accidentally erases 20 years. Francine, having reverted to her wild child days, moves into her old apartment with Hayley as a roommate, and ends up going to a festival with Hayley's boyfriend. Meanwhile, Steve asks a good-looking girl out, but needs his wingman, Roger, to "jump on a grenade" for him and date her ugly cousin.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Wendy Schaal


  • Scott Grimes


  • Dee Bradley Baker


  • Seth MacFarlane


  • Rachael MacFarlane


  • Fan Reviews (15)
  • Stan forgot his and Francine's anniversary when he was busy with his CIA co-workers

    By fsaenz0125, Dec 26, 2011

  • Another perfect episode.

    By jmbsonic555, Oct 13, 2011

  • great

    By futuramarama, Jun 10, 2011

  • this was a good ep

    By cube2k8, May 11, 2010

  • Tied for my favorite episode.

    By ctm723, Apr 25, 2009

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (30)

    • (About Steve guilting him into staying on the date with Jewel instead of being bored and alone in the attic) Roger: (wearing stereotypical red, yellow, and green hat with attached dreadlocks) Steve, Jamaican me crazy!

    • Roger: Ah! Is there a bee on me? Does it look Africanized!?!?

    • (Looking at picture of Francine) Stan: Ah, this picture was taken on our honeymoon. It's the only photo of Francine where you can't see Vag... Ah, Vag, the little island boy who served as our tour guide.

    • Hayley: God, Mom, were you ever cool? Francine: Oh, yeah, Hayley. Well, I pity the fool who thinks I'm uncool! Get it? I was making a Dr. T reference!

    • (Steve on the phone) Steve: Please, Pete, Lindsay won't go out with me unless I find a date for her friend. She's not that bad-looking, and besides, you're blind. Come on, you went to the Winter Ball with that guy. Yes, it was a guy! Hello?

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    Notes (14)

    • The series Season 1 DVD has several scenes and different takes of scenes that never made it to the final cut, including: An alternate scene after Hayley reads Francine's note on the refrigerator and exclaims, "My mother stole my boyfriend!" and Stan exclaims, "Your boyfriend stole my wife!" Originally, the scene cut to an old woman with a beer bong and several frat boys standing around her as she says, "You know, these guys just asked me to have sex with them and I just might do it!" The final cut version replaces this with Stan suggesting that he and Hayley date each other as revenge for Jeff running off with Francine, then concludes with, "Wait a minute. Daddy didn't think that through". A scene where an unnamed girl with piercings at Burning Man flirts with Klaus and thinks Klaus's fish body is a hallucination. A scene after Hayley and Jeff make out where Stan encounters a strange man in a butterfly costume who tells him what he's seen. Stan then rips the man's wings off and the man curls into a fetal position, whimpering as two men in cat costumes bat him around.

    • This episode is where the airing and production seasons differ. This was episode five originally, but aired as the fourth.

    • Channel 7 (AU) airdate: January 5th, 2006.

    • This is Partick Stewart's first episode as Bullock.

    • BBC TWO (UK) airdate: November 12, 2005.

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    Trivia (9)

    • The painting hanging in Francine and Hayley's apartment is very similar to the painting of Steve looking like a woman in a later episode, Fartbreak Hotel.

    • We learn that Francine was 20 in 1985, meaning that she was born in 1965 and that in the cartoon she is around 40 years old.

    • Look Hard: While in Francine's old apartment, you can briefly see an AC/DC poster on the wall.

    • Right in the beginning, when Stan and Francine were talking in the bedroom, they're just standing there when the audio skips and their positions move slightly.

    • If the raccoon Stan was chasing crossed the river and there was no bridge, it should've came out dripping wet, which it didn't.

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    Allusions (15)

    • Dave Chappelle: Freakout Tent When Stan is with Francine, he takes her into a tent belonging to black comedian Dave Chappelle. It's called "Dave Chappelle's Freakout Tent."

    • Kenny Loggins: Raccoon The raccoon dances to a song by Kenny Loggins entitled "I'm Alright".

    • Stan: Remember the deal, Whitney. First you sing, then you get your precious cocaine. In this scene, Stan is making fun of Whitney Houston's "fake" crack addiction, which was posted in all the tabloids in the late '90s.

    • Toshi: (About Jewel) Godzilla! Godzilla is a Japanese movie about a giant lizard who attempts to destroy the city, and eventually, the world. Nowadays, the term "Godzilla" is often used to describe someone who is extremely ugly, and more often than not, it's usually a Japanese person saying it.

    • AC/DC: Poster The poster that's on the wall in Francine's old apartment is an AC/DC poster. AC/DC is a heavy metal band from the '70s / '80s.

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