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    Better Than Family Guy

    By domspar, Yesterday

    American Dad is better than Family Guy, but it's not perfect. A great watch, but amazing.

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    Does anybody know???

    By daweave04, Nov 19, 2015

    Why is the episode listing for season 11 messed up. It has 2 episodes 1, 3 episodes 2, it is missing episode 4. It has 3 first time viewings on 9/14, these 3 episodes listed are really 2 episodes, one of them combines the two, and the descriptions are not all right, and so on. If anybody, particularly from the show, can set this straight, that would be great.

    To not happy below, I really feel for you and your condition but I do not think the networks or the show is going to agree to your wish, instead they would probably tell you that as soon as you see those kinds of lights or video, to look away and not watch it. I am not trying to be mean, I have had friends with epilepsy and their lives were miserable. I wish you the best of luck.moreless

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    family guy is better

    By benderisgreat, Oct 04, 2015

    reasons why family guy is better:

    1. has cutaways unlike shitmerican poop

    2. has funnier plots like peter having sex with children

    3. brian is so freaky roger is so stupid and probably sucks on speedy gonzales' dad's dick becase he has problems

    so watch family guy not this it is an unamerican show and i hope the writers get sued

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    not happy

    By rachaelljones3, Apr 03, 2015

    I need someone in charge to send me a message! The new commercial you have out almost threw me into a seizure! The one where Roger is flipping the lights on and off saying drama! I have a disorder called epilepsy and flashing lights, strobe lights and many other things can send me into one! I just came out of the hospital after being in there for several days because I broke my back in six different places because of a seizure, I do not want to end up in a wheelchair because you decided it wasn't necessary to put a warning on that commercial and show before it's plays. If I do not receive an email from someone then I'll just have to take farther action. Thank you.

    Rachael Jones

    My email ismoreless

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    poor writing

    By jlblack1, Feb 18, 2015

    The episode were transfat gets banned and the vending machine at the cia is stocked with celery doesn't make sence the law was a state law the cia building is federal land thus that wouldn't happen.

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    By Rictorto, Feb 17, 2015

    It's been 2.5 months since a new episode of American Dad, and they only aired 6 episodes to begin with. Are the new seasons only 16 episodes now?

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    Seth's only good show now.

    By teeheevee, Nov 16, 2014

    Let me start off with saying that this show is way better then Family guy. But I can't just say that without some valid reasoning right? Well, American dad!, on the humor part, relies on satires, rather than on Family guy's cut away gags ( now don't get me wrong, Family guy used to be really good, but it got to crude and just plain unfunny in my opinion ). Also, while Family guy nowadays relies more on is crude, overused, and plain unfunny humor. American dad! does have funny humor. Not to mention its unique and lovable cast:

    Stan Smith: a heavily conservative CIA agent, husband and father, who often clashes with his family because of his point of views and attitudes. Can be quick-witted, and will stop at nothing to ''keep America pure''

    Francine Smith: Basically the trophy wife of the family. She is usually at the house, but there are occasions where she is willing to do something different, sometimes with the help of Roger.

    Roger Smith: Undoubtly the funniest character on the show. Roger is a zany alien who is most of the time drunk, takes reckless decisions, and acts like a mentor to Steve. He has made countless alter egos, who bring him in trouble at times, but also bring great humor to the show.

    Steve Smith: The youngest son of Francine and Stan. He is the nerdy and wimpy kid of the show. He tries to come over as confident to his peers, though he (possibly?) suffers from low esteem. However, he is very loyal to his friends and family, and will help them with anything, even if he will get hurt in the process. He's also very smart and wise.

    Hayley Smith: Stan and Francine's eldest daughter. She is ultra liberal, and usually spends her time either smoking weed, protesting against things or helping the homeless. But don't let her nice side fool you, cause she has a temper and knows how to stand up for herself.

    Klaus Heissler: A german skier who switched brains with a goldfish, and is now in a goldfish's body. He is found in either his fishbowl, or he is dragging around in a dish with water. He is usually treated like a outcast. Also, Klaus usually has dark behaviour, and plans witty evil schemes on those who do things to him unexpectly.

    So yeah, that's the basic outline of the characters. If you thought the characters sounded great, the plots are just as great! The plotlines are very enjoyable to watch, and each episode has new humor or other ideas added in. One episode had Stan buying a hot tub, to relieve all his stress, amd Not to mention the awesome voices and designs the characters have, even the background/minor characters!

    All in all, this is a hilarious show with much uniqueness added in its characters, humor, plots and art. A show that handles satire humor excellent.



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    At least This Show Did Not Tank After Family Guy Did In Season 10-11-12

    By NatT96, Sep 05, 2014

    Family Guy's recent episodes contain flat jokes and burned out comedy.

    American Dad! recent episodes are pure comedy.

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    Seth MacFarlane colpisce ancora!

    By gabrielefacchini7, Aug 07, 2014

    American Dad la mia seconda serie televisiva preferita dopo I Griffin e The Simpsons che mi ha saputo coinvolgere dall'inizio alla fine!

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    Quite enjoyed early on

    By anastasia1243, Jun 18, 2014

    Many ep (05-14)

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