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    Best Disney Channel Animated Series Ever

    By EllaGomez1, Apr 22, 2015

    I love this show. I remembered watching it when it first premired. The series is about a 13 year old Chinese American named Jake Long who is the American Dragon. His job is to keep the magical creatures to not get exposed in the streets of New York. It's Danny Phantom meets mythology.

    This series is good. The writing was good in season 1, but got stronger by season 2. There is romance, action, drama, comedy, adventure, magic, and coming of age. The jokes are humorous and they actually make me laugh. The series has a strong continuity and mythology. The animation is great, but I always prefer season 1's. As for the characters, they all have a role. Jake is a skateboard fan with a fiery personality. He becomes a stronger character later in the series. His best friends are Trixie and Spud who knows Jake's secret and helps with his missions. Trixie is a sassy and vivacious Spud is very easygoing and quirky. Jake's love interest Rose has two sides: the sweet and popular girl at school who is hiding a dark secret. Fu Dog, a taking dog who is Jake's guardian who helps him with his missions. Gramps is Jake's grandpa who trains him to become a better dragon. As the series goes on, they introduce to more interesting characters such as the Oracle Twins, Chang, Professor Rotwood, and Nigel. The voice acting is great. The actors really get into their characters. The theme song is very catchy and the music fits the series mood well.

    American Dragon: Jake Long is one of the most underrated animated series on Disney Channel and the best one too.


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    Don't like it...

    By sophieclaridge5, Apr 01, 2015

    I'm disapointed with this show. I watched some episodes after I used to watch it as a kid, and it just dosen't work for me. It's too unrealistic for me. I can't get my mind wrapped around the idea of a kid whos full dragon but looks like a kid??? I like the idea of the Dragon power thing, but really, the main character, is STUPID and he's not even funny . Honestly, at least Danny Phantom half ghost idea kinda made sense. I thought that a refresh could hook me like Danny Phantom did, but it did'nt. Sorry guys, it reminded me of danny phantom, but did'nt live up to my expectations.moreless

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    An interesting concept and far better than most Disney Channel shows today

    By Gryphon-Guide, Sep 26, 2014

    Back in the day when Disney Channel was good, this was an interesting fantasy/action/super hero/comedy show that really got several people engaged in the concept of magical creatures and beings living along side with people in modern times. Not always perfect such as characters (who need and do go through some development) and some plot points but overall pretty well done. The animation style changes drastically from season 1 to season 2 (I read it was because someone in charge at the time had passed away. That death of an important production person could have been enough to cancel the show. It has a good balance and mix of seriousness and silliness of bad guys and bad situations. Clearly not just for kids, teens and adults can enjoy this too. It does have dark moments like it has action and humor. Way better than those over rated teen sitcoms that have airing lately. Those stupid teen sitcoms should be canceled and this show renewed. Totally worth watching or at least checking out.moreless

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    This show is alright

    By ReviewGuy, Jan 11, 2014

    the characters are terrible. Jake is a living pop-culture reference constantly rapping. while talking and using annoying slang. Trixie is probably the WORST black stereotype in the world. Spud is an idiot. Rose is only alive for the sole purpose of being a love interest. Haley is annoying and every other character is annoying. The one thing I hate the most is the fact that they had to make Jake half white because they believe that you only a true American if you are a white kid. They also try to make him act like a white stereotype and urbanize his character for no reason at all other than to look cool.

    Season two also sucked

    This show is bad, but definitely not the worstmoreless

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    Jake Long:American Dragon

    By jennyignatyuk, Jan 08, 2014

    I wish they keep on making this movie.

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    Dragon Slayers

    By ahmadalinawaz7, Nov 14, 2013

    I loved this show so much and i wish they would make more episodes of it

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    By reeganmartin7, Oct 29, 2013


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    Its original but common scense doe`nt ring true here

    By Raven77, Sep 02, 2013

    The show was a Disney original but I kind of wondered how they got away with some things. There were moments when something abnormal happened in front of the humans yet the magical world failed to get exposed. Also, the character changes between seasons 1 and 2 kind of made a hiccup in visuals for the 1st few episodes. The show also gets really wierd when 10000`s of ordinary people in New York live with magical creatures yet they rarey seem to realize whats going on behind thier back at times. I`m more of a realist and this idealist show just was`nt for me.moreless

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    Season 1 best show ever season 2 killed the series (for me)

    By elishamundy, Aug 29, 2013

    American Dragon came out when I was seven and I loved it. Recently I have watched again and I love it. But when I was little I never experienced season 2. The totally changed the design for the worse. I took one look at Jake's hair and that sorry, noodle with wings, excuse for a dragon and I just about died. The original series is great and their reasons for changing it are stupid (seriously research it if you don't believe me). I could watch the first season over and over though. American Dragon could use a third season but revert the design back to the style of the first season. (And it wouldn't hurt to redo the second season too but that has a lower chance than them making a third season) I rate it 9.5 because of the second season design :(moreless

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    The Best disney show ever ever :))

    By chawatponruje, Jun 07, 2013

    Disney Channel has cancelled American Dragon Jake Long after its second season.

    This petition is for all the fans of the show who sincerely want the show to return for a third season. There are thousands of fans worldwide that have been devastated by the news. To the Disney Channel Executives who come across this petition, please take our sincere and heartfelt requests for a third season to mind. Now I'm 16 years old, but I still watch American Dragon JL. I hope the 3nd would coming soon:)) (Great support from Thailand)moreless

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