American Dragon: Jake Long

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Quotes (522)

  • Grandpa: I've got a bad feeling Fu Dog: Agh, your telling me, thats what we get for eating at a place called Chuckys chippys chili wagon, Aghh, hold down the fort gramps, nature's calling 911 Arghhhhhhhh!!

  • Jake: (While brushing his tongue) Eh! All I can taste is toilet brush.

  • Grandpa: Well done, young dragon. But word to the wise: it is not good idea to flirt with mortal enemy. Trust Grandpa, he's been there.

  • Huntsman: I'll ask you one more time, old man. Where is the American Dragon? Jake: Right under your nose, dude! I'm like a booger that way, HA! Wait... that didn't come out right.

  • Grandpa: Young dragon, you must learn that "smackadaddy" does not come in a can.

  • Fu Dog: Oh, BLEH!!! Bleu cheese with a touch of sweat sock, it's the Huntsman! I'd know that foot stink anywhere!

  • Jake: (While cleaning the toilet with his toung) Uh! This is nasty! I think I'm gonna throw up!

  • Huntsman: ENOUGH! American Dragon prepare to become a pair of boots! (shoots net) Grandpa: Young one! Clean toilet bowl! Jake: (thinking) First clockwise then counterclockwise. Huntsman: WHAT?? How did he? (net falls on him) Jake: Hey it worked! Haha! Who the man now Huntsman or Huntspump? You want some, guess some more where that came from. Huntsgirl: IDIOOOOT! Grandpa: Young one! Sweep floor!

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Notes (474)

  • Jake is learning about his dragon powers in this episode.

  • Apparently Jake had problems maintaining his dragon form in the first few episodes.

  • Jake's sister Haley was named for Eminem's daughter Hailey.

  • It is shown that dragons are powerless against nets made from sphinx hair since it reverts them to human form and keeps them from changing back.

  • Jeff Bennett (Huntsman/Jake's Dad) and Mae Whitman (Rose/Huntsgirl) are reunited on this show. They also worked together on Cartoon Network's Johnny Bravo. (Jeff Bennett was Johnny Bravo and Mae Whitman was his neighbor, little Suzy.)

  • Magical Creatures: Gargoyles, Giants, Unicorns, Trolls, Centaurs, Mermaids, Leprechauns, and Pixies.

  • When Jake transforms there are some Chinese characters in the background and one of them is the Chinese character that means "dragon."

  • First aired on Family Channel on March 19th.

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Trivia (216)

  • Haley's middle name is Kay.

  • Jake won the battle against the Huntsman by farting him off the building into a billboard.

  • In the begining theme song we see Brad next to the door at the school but his hair is black instead of blond.

  • There is no way that Fu Dog would be able to fit in the toilet bowl and flush himself down the drain because he is too big.

  • When Grandpa turned into his dragon form, he was really long. But a bit later, he's about the same height as Jake.

  • When Huntsman and Huntsgirl disappear and Jake is half dragon and half kid (in his underwear), his legs turn red for a second.

  • Jake's Grandpa ties himself up when fighting Huntsgirl. But, when he gets hit with the net he is untied.

  • When Haley shows her music, you can see that there are a variation of notes (whole notes, half notes ect.). But none of the note heads are filled in, which is incorrect because half notes, three quarter notes and whole notes are the only notes that are not filled in.

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Allusions (156)

  • Grandpa Lao Shi: "Lao shi" means teacher in Mandarin Chinese.

  • Fu is an example of a Familar. A spirit that takes the form of an animal and act as guides and servants to a sorcerer.

  • Keone Young Keone Young, the voice of Lao Shi, Jake's grandfather and trainer in martial arts and dragon powers, also appeared on Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender as a Fire Bending master who coached the Avatar, Aang, for a while.

  • "Long" is the Chinese equivalent for "Dragon."

  • Grandpa: "Clockwise, then, counterclockwise" Jake's 'Old School Training' parallels Daniel's training in the 1984 movie The Karate Kid, where the student of an old karate master is taught the basics of the fighting style by painting fences and waxing cars. Even Grandpa's instructions to Jake about "Clockwise, then, counterclockwise." reflect Miyagi's famous saying "Wax on, wax off."

  • Fu Dog: "You kids and your sass!" John DiMaggio (Fu Dog) also plays Dr. Drakken on Kim Possible and in one episode, Dr. Drakken's lines to Kim were "You teenagers and your sass!"

  • The way that Jake produced bad breath looks the same way Danny Phantom uses his ghost sense, it also looks like an episode of Spongebob Squarepants where he and Patrick had bad breath

  • Danny Phantom: "Parental Bonding" This episode has many similarities to the second episode of Danny Phantom when Danny accidentally gives his date a pendant that transforms her (more ironically) into a dragon that crashes the dance. Like Jake, Danny also ends up dancing and having a good time with his quintessential romantic interest instead. Both were also the second episodes of their series.

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