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  • (After holding a shut out in Breakthrough & ConqueR) Mike: Tower, Thunder & Nitro. I guess you have every reason to be proud and smiling. Now, granted these guys aren't as good as they once were. There's no question about that. But you did, Thunderm shut out in Breakthrough, shut out 3 of the best running backs in pro football history. Thunder: I'll tell you what. I don't care what kind of shape you think they're in, brother. They're in some kind of shape because they were just as quick as can be. Tower: They came after us with everything they got and we did everything we could to stop them. Nitro: Mike. You never lose the respect and the honor. We gave them that much but we showed then whose home it was, I think.

  • Mike: Gemini, I'm looking at the faces of determination down there. You guys are keyed up for this thing, aren't you. Gemini: There's no question about it. Anytime you go up against players of the NFL calibur. You know, they're strong competitors, so we're going to raise the intensity level up to another notch and well be ready for each and everyone one of them.

  • Laser: I'll meet ya up at the top.

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  • At the beginning of the episode the Pro Football contenders come face to face with the American Gladiators. Jack Ham vs. Gemini Charles White vs. Thunder Jim Kiick vs. Tower Greg Pruitt vs. Nitro Cliff Branch vs. Laser

  • Events not competed in this Preliminary Round were Powerball, the Wall, the Maze and Swingshot.

  • Charles White is crowned the first Pro Football Challenge of Champions champion.

  • Charles White won $10,000 Greg Pruitt won $7,500 Phil Villapiano won $5,000 Jim Kiick won $5,000 Cliff Branch won $2,500 Jack Ham won $2,500

  • Charles White scored 10 pts Greg Pruitt scored 13 pts Phil Villapiano scored 8 pts Jim Kiick scored 10 pts Cliff Branch scored 7 pts Jack Ham scored 2 pts

  • This is Gold's last appearance in this season half. Lace and Turbo did not appear in this episode.

  • Zap detains Greg Pruitt for 7 seconds after he falls off the handbike.

  • Greg Pruitt has a 1 1/2 second head start over Charles White.

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Trivia (7)

  • Eliminator Stats Handbike - Gold & Zap Tower - Diamond & Ice

  • The Joust Stats Gladiator w-l Nitro 2-0 Phil Villapiano 0 pts Charles White 0 pts Gemini 2-0 Jim Kiick 0 pts Greg Pruitt 0 pts

  • Conquer Ring Stats Gladiator w-l Nitro 2-0 Charles White 0 pts Greg Pruitt 0 pts Tower 2-0 Phil Villapiano 0 pts Jim Kiick 0 pts

  • Break Through Stats Gladiator w-l Thunder 3-0 Phil Villapiano 0 pts Jim Kiick o pts Greg Pruitt 0 pts Tower 1-0 Charles White 0 pts

  • Hang Tough Stats Gladiator w-l Laser 2-0-0 Phil Villapiano 0 pts Charles White 0 pts Tower 2-0-0 Jim Kiick 0 pts Greg Pruitt 0 pts

  • The Assault Stats Gladiator w-l-d Zap 1-0-0 Greg Pruitt 1 pt Diamond 1-0-0 Jack Ham 2 pts Gold 1-0-0 Cliff Branch 5 pts Blaze 0-0-1 Jim Kiick 6 pts Ice 0-0-1 Charles White 6 pts Tower 1-0-0 Phil Villapiano 2 pts

  • Atlasphere Stats Gemini - no shut out Charles White 4 pts Tower - no shut out Phil Villapiano 6 pts Nitro - no shut out Jim Kiick 4 pts Laser - no shut out Cliff Branch 2 pts Thunder - shut out Jack Ham 0 pts Gemini - no shut out Greg Pruitt 12 pts