American Gladiators

Semifinal Round 1 - Jordan vs. Anderson / Venturi vs. Silich

Season 1, Ep 23, Aired 3/1/90
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  • Episode Description
  • In this semifinal round, Male contenders JC Love Jordan vs. Lucian Anderson & Female contenders Bridget Venturi vs. Cheryl Ann Silich

  • Cast & Crew
  • Bridget Venturi


  • Cheryl Ann Silich


  • JC Love Jordan


  • Lucian Anderson


  • Dan Clark

    Nitro [1989-92]

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (3)

    • (After Zap shuts out the contenders in Breakthrough) Nitro: Hey, she came through. I knew she would. I never doubter her for a second. Everyone says "The bigger you head, the smaller your heart is." That is not true 'cause I love everybody out there and I especially love this Gladiator here. She did a great job. (Nitro kisses Zap's cheek)

    • (After defeating Cheryl Ann Silich in her round of the Assault) Todd: Gold. It was one of those deals where not quite 24 karat 'cause you didn't get them both but 18. Gold: I know. Todd: You got one. Gold: I'll settle for one. Todd: You've been working on it now. Haven't you? You're shooting a lot better. Gold: Yeah I have. Yeah, I've been working it. A lot of it's mental.

    • (After getting a draw against Lucian Anderson) Mike: Titan. I assume that you thought heard the whistle blow. Is that why the action stopped? Titan: All my gladiator fans were rooting for me. They had it going. (Crowd applauds and cheers) And I thought I heard a whistle. That's the only reason why I stopped.

    Notes (12)

    • Bridget Venturi & Lucian Anderson advance to the Final round.

    • Cheryl Ann Silich & JC Love Jordan each receive $2500 for being the Semifinalist runner ups.

    • Bridget Venturi scored 63 points Cheryl Ann Silich scored 59 points JC Love Jordan scored 47 points Lucian Anderson scored 80 points

    • Although Laser aka Jim Starr is shown in the opening credits, he did not appear in this episode.

    • Cheryl Ann Silich and JC Love Jordan competed with each other in their Quartfinal Round. Cheryl defeated Christine Lakatos 84 to 19 and JC defeated Eric Sutton 65 to 59.

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    Trivia (8)

    • The Eliminator Open lane Titan hit vs JC Love Jordan Nitro hit vs Lucian Anderson Gemini no hit Gold no hit Open lane Bridget Venturi Blaze hit vs Cheryl Ann Silich Zap no hit

    • Human Cannonball Stats Gladiator w-l Nitro 2-0 Titan 2-0 Gemini 1-1 JC Love Jordan 3 pts Lucian Anderson 0 pts Lace 0-2 Blaze 1-1 Zap 0-2 Bridget Venturi 6 pts Cheryl Ann Silich 10 pts

    • Conquer Ring Stats Gladiator w-l Nitro 1-1 JC Love Jordan 0 pts Lucian Anderson 5 pts Blaze 1-1 Bridget Venturi 0 pts Cheryl Ann Silich 5 pts

    • Breakthrough Stats Gladiator w-l Gemini 2-0 JC Love Jordan 0 pts Lucian Anderson 0 pts Zap 2-0 Bridget Venturi 0 pts Cheryl Ann Silich 0 pts

    • Assault Stats Gladiator w-l-d Gemini 0-2-0 JC Love Jordan 7 pts Lucian Anderson 7 pts Gold 1-1-0 Bridget Venturi 7 pts Cheryl Ann Silich 0 pts

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