American Horror Story Is Headed to the Carnival for Season 4

By Tim Surette

Mar 17, 2014

After disappearing planes in Asia (it's The Ev3nt, guys!), the biggest mystery in the universe is where Season 4 of American Horror Story will be set. Well, rumors and peer pressure forced American Horror Story writer Douglas Petrie to confirm that the anthology series' fourth season will take place in a carnival. While addressing the topic on the Nerdist Writers Panel podcast in an episode that was recently posted onlinePetrie said, "It doesn't have a title, but that's the idea, very roughly, that's the idea." Awesome, that worked so well for Heroes Season 4! (Apologies if I just blew up your sarcasm detectors.)

Anyway, setting American Horror Story at a carnival is actually a great idea because nothing is funnier to me than people who are scared of clowns, and all those viewers affected by Coulrophobia will be exposed by the time the opening credits are over. It also allows for creepy carnival music, a sideshow full of freaks, and killer cotton candy. And if we're really, really lucky, Jessica Lange will play a bearded lady

I'd also like to commend user Brady120 for calling it way back in December and recommend checking out his theories on what a carnival-set season could entail, including some backstory on the most killer clown of all, John Wayne Gacy. 

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  • zsandmann Mar 25, 2014

    That picture! God I hate/love Killer Klowns from Outer Space

  • robertokuri Mar 20, 2014

    Aaah... this series is all about great potential, a good 6 episode run, stagnation for another 3 and fucking up until an unsitasfying thoughtlessly writen finale.

  • Oziez Mar 23, 2014

    yes sir... :P every season so far

  • lauren57 Mar 19, 2014

    I am thrilled by the carnival theme, I think it has fantastic potential. Although it could have been a bit scarier, I loved the lighter and funnier (but still dark and thematic) Coven. I think the carnival theme gives the creators room to keep it a little lighter like last season while still offering ample opportunities to keep American Horror Story, well, horrifying. And, oh man, I would be ecstatic to see Evan Peters terrorizing the carnival all decked out in creepy clown garb.

  • Svanehjerte Mar 18, 2014

    YES! I love dark carnival themes! :D

  • Taccado Mar 18, 2014

    Oooh...that's actually a great idea. A classic, but it should work. Now they have a reason to bring back Pepper from season two.
    I wonder who will play the contortionist. Or is that a circus thing?

  • yesughei Mar 18, 2014

    OH man, that is awesome. Forget about Heroes, I really, really hope that Murphy and Falchuk watched Carnivàle, because there is a lot of horror potential in that show. Hell, this could even be something lika a long-awaited remake. If you haven't watched Carnivàle yet, go do it now, because that show is truly amazing.

  • pierresund Mar 18, 2014

    oh Carnivàle..... AKA the saddest premature cancellation in the history of everything and its grandmother

  • mrjimmyjames Mar 18, 2014

    I would have rather had a season about Native Americans in New Mexico like rumored earlier.

  • mrjimmyjames Mar 18, 2014

    I'm now expecting the season to contain a hermaphradite character.

  • mrjimmyjames Mar 18, 2014

    And which one of Murphy's loyal players will portray that role?

  • ddstephens Mar 18, 2014

    I am like someone else don't make it about silly clowns or hokey stuff like that but be more like Carnivale with strange magic and supernatural things. Freaks always scare people and they need to really play that. I see Pepper in this season. I want to really be creeped out this season, since this is Langes last season I want her to go out with a bang. Looking forward to it. I am really hooked on this show.

  • JayAtkinson Mar 18, 2014

    After reading through his ideas and descriptive back-story, I suddenly wish Brady120 was on the writing staff of American Horror Story. His ideas would make for some awesome and thoroughly disturbing/terrifying television.

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