Favorite Character Each Season and Why?

By americanwoman

Oct 20, 2013

My favorites were Tate in season one because it was his sensitivity and emotion that made him such a dangerous killer (spoiler alert!). He somehow managed to both scare me and want to hug his sad puppy dog face. In season 2, my favorite character was Lana because she was an effective heroine. She did what had to be done to survive and she had this impenetrable coldness, like there was a part of her that even those closest to her couldn't touch that really intrigued me as a viewer.
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  • justmejosie Feb 03, 2014

    I've loved Lily Rabe's characters each season especially Misty Day. But apart from that: season 1-Constance. Thank you AHS for putting Jessica Lange on our TV screens!
    season 2- Hard to pick for this season but I'd probably go with Sister Jude purely for the magic that was 'The Name Game'
    season 3- Misty, Misty, Misty with Myrtle Snow coming second.

  • Americanhorrorstorywoohoo Feb 01, 2014

    Season 1. Vivian Harmon. I love Connie Britton's acting and I found Vivian a very likable and sympathetic character. She was strong and good and i always felt sorry for her; she was raped, had a cheating husband and a bratty little daughter oh and she had a give birth to a devil child. She was literally the only character that won me over 100% in Murder House. I loved the episode where she thought she was going crazy and shot Ben, she is such a tough woman and I admired her courage.

    Season 2. Sister Jude. I adored this character. She was so tragic and sad. At first she seems cold and harsh (although i always loved her) but over time she becomes the one i was really rooting for. She had some great lines and the loved "the name game" performance. I love her backstory and how she tried to find her purpose in life and be a good person after a dramatic lifestyle for so many years. I also really liked Lana as well but I liked Jude a little bit more.

    Season 3. Cordelia Foxx. I can relate to her easily and sympathised with her a lot. I hated the way the other characters treated her like crap. She was so modest and sweet and the only one not desperate to be The Supreme. She was loyal to the coven and so darn brave, I mean she literally pulled her own eyes out for the sake of the coven. When Cordelia was finally named the supreme I was totally delighted. She got her sight back and looked so beautiful. She was a wonderful leader and teacher to the young girls.

  • lauren57 Jan 30, 2014

    Season 1: Tate
    There was something so compelling and intriguing about him. No matter what things I learned about him (and he did some truly horrible, inexcusable things,) I always felt sympathy for him. I think I always just thought of Tate as a ghost as a different person than the living Tate.

    Season 2: Sister Jude
    Obviously Jessica Lange is amazing. Sort of like Tate, she was clearly flawed, but I still managed to root for her. I felt like Jude had a good heart, which was more than could be said for most characters that season.

    Season 3: Misty
    I was simply obsessed with watching her. Every moment she had on screen was captivating. From her swamp roots to her Stevie Nicks habit, she was just so darn cool. Honorable mention goes to the cutest couple, Zoe and Kyle. They were both so sweet and innocent at heart.

  • erhabori Nov 08, 2013

    Season 1 definitely goes to Tate, he was just so compelling and empathetic while also being psychotic. I didn't really have a favorite in season 2, but I guess I would lean towards Kyle for his kindness. Season 3...how could I possibly choose? There are so many fantastic characters this season, although I have to say Marie Laveau is killing it.

  • leaftheweed Oct 24, 2013

    I identify strongly with Tate and Kyle. I've even written Season 1.5 just so I didn't have to let go of Tate so soon. I've written one about Kyle too though after Episode 3 I'm feeling a bit molested. I guess that's what I get for identifying with characters in this show. Heh.

  • CaitlinRice Oct 21, 2013

    First season I'd have to probably go with Tate for the reasons you and the other commenters have already said. The fact that I can go from hating him one second to just wanting to hug him the next makes him an incredibly intriguing character. He was just so messed up.

    Season two it's a toss up between Mary Eunice and Lana. I just really cannot decide which I prefer. They were both so awesome

  • ionee24 Oct 21, 2013

    I liked Violet better than Tate in season 1 (she was in the middle of the family drama and couldn't catch a break), Kit was my favorite character in season 2 and the Supreme witch so far in season 3.

  • KateSullivan Oct 21, 2013

    I lean toward Tate too, just because he was so dangerous but then did and expressed so many other things (and seriously, Constance was his mother was anyone surprised). I mean, he tried his best to save Violet and he did love her. But he might have also been the devil himself.

    I loved Lana and Kit almost equally in the second season.

    Not sure just yet with the third, Nan is getting there, but Fiona is a lot of fun.

  • Ian281099 Oct 20, 2013

    First season - Constance ('cause Jessica Lange duh)
    second season- Lily Rabe's carachter ( cause devil possed nun)
    third season- Fiona ( same as 1)

  • leaftheweed Oct 24, 2013

    I love Jessica Lange. Beautiful and talented. It's a shame she wants to retire but I can't blame her. There is a time to rest on one's laurels. Go out in style and all.