News Briefs: Sean Hayes Joins The Millers, Wes Bentley Joins AHS: Freak Show

By Tim Surette

Jul 09, 2014


... American Horror Story: Freak Show has added Wes Bentley (American BeautyThe Hunger Games) to its cast. Bentley will appear in the two-episode Halloween outing of the Ryan Murphy series, playing someone from Kathy Bates' character's past who is out for revenge. The fourth season of the horror series will be set in the 1950s at a freak show. [TV Line]

... Sean Hayes' love affair with NBC is coming to an end. The man behind Sean Saves the World and Hollywood Game Night is joining the cast of CBS's The Millers as a series regular. Hayes will play Kip Withers, the new best friend of Margo Martindale's Carol. Look for him in the Season 2 premiere on October 30. [TV Line]


... After dome-inating the summer last year, the rule of CBS's almighty Dome might be coming to an end. Following a Season 2 premiere that was a bit disappointing, last night's episode tied a series low in the adult demo with 7.7 million viewers tuning in (down from the 9.4 million who watched the premiere) and a 1.7 rating in the 18-49 crowd (down big from the premiere's 2.2). What, did viewers not think that a caterpillar infestation was going to be AWESOME? [Variety

... CBS is tinkering with its Sunday schedule, swapping Unforgettable and new drama Reckless. Beginning July 13, Unforgettable gets the promotion to 9pm, while the disappointing Reckless moves to 10pm when most of CBS's audience is asleep. [TV Line]

... NatGeo has renewed Wicked Tuna, a docuseries about fisherman in the North Atlantic, for a fourth season following the series' performance as the highest-rated show in NatGeo's history during its third season. Congrats, you tuna murderers! The network has also put a premiere date on the spin-off Wicked Tuna North vs. South: August 17 at 10pm. [Deadline]

... Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn is doing pretty well for herself these days. In addition to the highly anticipated Gone Girl film coming out soon, one of Flynn's other novels—Sharp Objects—is being adapted for television. In the book, a reporter returns home to cover the murders of two young girls. No network is attached yet. [THR]

... Charlaine Harris already has a pocket full of cash thanks to her Sookie Stackhouse books being adapted into True Blood, but now she's reaching for some of that Hallmark cheddar. Harris's Aurora Teagarden series will be adapted by Hallmark for a series of made-for-TV movies, with Full House's Candace Cameron set to star as Aurora. In the books, Aurora Teagarden is a librarian and crime fan who solves mysteries. [THR]

...The Sharknado fad will not die! It's just barely breathing. Two more pieces of Sharknado "transmedia" merchandising are coming your way, in the form of the humorous book How to Survive a Sharknado and Other Unnatural Disasters and the video game Sharknado: The Video Game. The book will include tips on how to "wield a chainsaw like a boss" and recipes for surviving other animal-related meteorological events. The video game will be one of those infinite runner-type games (like Temple Run) for the iPad, iPhone, and other tablets and phones. The book is out now, the game will be released soon, and Sharknado 2: The Second One debuts July 30! [Syfy via press release]

... Discovery Fit & Health is being rebranded into Discovery Life, a channel that will focus on people in extraordinary situations and the relationships they have. The press release doesn't give too many examples of the new programming angle, but one show that it does highlight is a series in development called Ripped Kids, which is about teens who bulk up by weightlifting. The switchover will take place on January 15, 2015. [Discovery via press release]


... Following recent firings (Sherri Shepherd, Jenny McCarthy) and retirings (Barbara Walters) from The View, Rosie O'Donnell might be returning to the ABC chat show. The folks at The View know this because there's a plastic cup of water on a desk that's vibrating and causing ripples. [TMZ]

... Masters of Sex has tapped (teehee) Marin Ireland to join its second season in a recurring capacity. Ireland, who you may remember as the white-girl terrorist from Homeland's second season, will play one half of a couple who's trying to conceive a child. [Deadline]

... Orange Is the New Black's Laverne Cox will guest-star on Bravo's Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce, the network's first original scripted program. Cox, who plays transgender inmate Sophia on the Netflix series, will play an LGBT activist in the comedy starring Lisa Edelstein as a self-help author who recently separated from her husband at the age of 40. The series will premiere later this year. [Bravo via press release]


... Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost's Juliet, Revolution's Rachel) has been added to the cast of Once Upon a Time. Who will she play? Daisy Duck? Goofy? That orb from Tron? Click the link to find out!

... Sons of Anarchy continues to fill its cast with weirdos. Following the casting of Marilyn Manson, Hole frontwoman Courtney Love is now part of the show

... Lily reviewed The Bachelorette's special hometown dates episode, in which the producers also revealed to Andi and the remaining contestants that former contestant Eric Hill had died after leaving the show. Yikes! 

... Need some photo recaps in your life? Here's Price on Teen Wolf, and me on Under the Dome

... Kaitlin has your preview of CBS's next big summer hit, the Halle Berry-starrer Extant

... Cory took a look at this year's Emmy ballots ahead of this Thursday's nominations announcement and predicted the drama nominees.

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  • lauren57 Jul 20, 2014

    I was so excited to hear about Wes Bentley. He's a great actor and I can definitely see him shining on a show like AHS. In fact, thinking back, his character Ricky from American Beauty had a melancholy, slightly creepy attitude that brings Tate Langdon to mind. Whatever part he gets, I can't wait to see what he does with it!

  • mrjimmyjames Jul 09, 2014

    Wes Bentley is good casting. Can't use the same exact cast everytime. Always need to throw some new people in.

  • morganbrodeur Jul 09, 2014

    has anyone heard anything about Undateable being cancelled or renewed?

  • numberonecubsfa Jul 09, 2014

    "... Following recent firings (Sherri Shepherd, Jenny McCarthy) and retirings (Barbara Walters) from The View, Rosie O'Donnell might be returning to the ABC chat show. The folks at The View know this because there's a plastic cup of water on a desk that's vibrating and causing ripples."

    Because you know what is always classy, Tim? Making fat jokes about someone.

  • JT_Kirk Jul 09, 2014

    Sean Hayes is going to play lead female character's sassy gay friend, how much lazier can The Millers get???

    I hope Syfy gets sued by someone hurting themselves with a chainsaw over this Sharknado garbage.

  • Svanehjerte Jul 09, 2014

    Well I hope Under the Dome wraps things up this season or I fear they will cancel it. I hope not.

  • ludoTV Jul 09, 2014

    Wes Bentley is awesomely creepy so yay for AHS! On totally the other hand, Sean Hayes was incredibly annoying in his own show and before that in Smash.

  • Writerpatrick Jul 09, 2014

    It seems CBS is realizing that Under the Dome really should have been only a single season show. Appearently it doesn't have enough sharks.

  • sofaspud2 Jul 09, 2014

    Thanks for the warning regarding Hayes; that has caused my personal bubble regarding "Millers" to pop.

  • aeaed Jul 09, 2014

    I accidentally read "Sean Hayes joins AHS: Freak Show" and just thought... what? Really?
    Much relieved that it is actually Wes Bentley! Reading whole sentences helps.

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