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    Pining for Lily Rabe

    By melkat16, Feb 17, 2013

    I loved the compassionate scene between Kit and Sis Jude! Needless to say, Jessica Lange is a born actor. The woman is brilliant.

    I wish Sister Mary had made more of an appearance in this episode. Lily Rabe is so great to watch.

    As for Evan Peters, I never liked him much but this episode has him growing on me now.

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    I Am Anne Frank (1)

    By TrueTvWatcher, Nov 09, 2012

    I Am Anne Frank (1) was a superb and very entertaining episode of American Horror Story Asylum. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of action, character development, plot progression, horrors, and intrigues. I liked the story lines and how they played out. It was nice to see more background through flash backs for a few characters. There was some action and suspense near the end and I am left wanting to know what happens next! I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless

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    Kit is innocent, right?

    By mych20, Nov 08, 2012

    So all this new info on Kit comes out and has him convinced that maybe he did kill all those girls. But if he did kill them then where did the chip in his neck come from? He has to be innocent, right?

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    Dr. Mengele Kevorkian

    By Devon39219, Nov 08, 2012

    Somehow I think the shrink has something up his sleeve.. found his 'treatment' kind of unsettling. I wonder what he's up to with Lana (and really, couldn't they give her a scrunchy or something, puking like that will all her hair in her face).

    Anyway, I liked Anne Frank, she kicked ass. Wonder if she's going to put a bullet in Shelly's head. The thing with Kit is, you will think he's innocent and boom, they hit you in the face with some information that shocks us. That's why i like AHS anyway.

    About the doc, he's obviously based on dr. Mengele, from showing interest in twins and girls.moreless

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    A clever title goes here!

    By Davy_Jones84, Nov 07, 2012

    so far this season is amazing i always love the asylum Horror style but i hope this aliens thingy don't go far

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