Another Idol Finalist Is Eliminated

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Notes (1)

  • Although not officially revealed on the show, the reason why there was no double elimination this week, despite the Save being used last week, was because Jermaine was disqualified during Top 12 week, and then someone was eliminated, making it a double elimination week already. This is the first time there is not a double elimination after the Save.

Trivia (11)

  • After being eliminated Colton sang "Everything" by Lifehouse.

  • Kris Allen performed "Visions of Love" and LMFAO performed "Sorry For Party Rocking".

  • The Group Number was "Dancing in the Street" by Martha and The Vandellas.

  • The Ford Music Video was "Stars" by Switchfoot. The contestants go star gazing and see themselves as the different constellations. Skylar was Aquarius, Joshua was Sagittarius, Elise was Libra, Jessica was Gemini, Colton was Aries and Hollie was Leo. *Skylar in real life is an Aquarius (Jan. 20th-Feb. 18th, and she was born Feb. 1st), but none of the other contestants played the roles of their actual signs.

  • Tonight's Twitter hashtags were: #telljimmy, #KrisAllenonidol and #PartyRockingonIdol.

  • LMFAO was muted a number of times during their performance, due to the use of language.

  • At the beginning of the Group Number, the camera was showing the ground.

  • Season 5 Winner Taylor Hicks and his fellow Season 5 contestant Elliot Yamin were in the audience tonight.

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