Another Singing Hopeful Is Sent Home

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Trivia (9)

  • Erika sang "I Believe in You and Me" by The Four Tops for her swan song.

  • Lana Del Rey performed "Video Games" and Haley Reinhart performed "Free".¬†Haley Reinhart is the 200th special guest performer on American Idol. This represents all Non-American Idol current contestants (but previous Idols are included) who perform on stage as a special singing performance, either with current Idols, other artists or on their own (the Idols who performed for Simon's farewell in Season 9 are also included even though it was done as a group). Videos of people singing is not included in the list.

  • Season 10 contestant Casey Abrams and actor David Mazouz were in the audience tonight.

  • The Ford Music Video was "You Found Me" by Kelly Clarkson. The Idols play Hide-and-Seek, and the Idols have very interesting hiding abilities.

    *This is the first time ever that a Ford Music Video is a song of a former Idol Contestant.

  • The Group Number was "The Longest Time" by Billy Joel.

  • Joe Perry (Aerosmith guitarist) came out and sang (along with everyone else) Happy Birthday to Steven Tyler.

  • Ryan did not mention the number of votes.

  • Voted Off: Erika Van Pelt

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