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    things has changed

    By rayzm, Nov 10, 2014

    its old format of judging sucks..

    to gain audience they must reformat the show

    and pick a great panel of judges

    honestly when simon cowel leaves. it sucks

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    Ho Lee Fock

    By big_jon, Oct 28, 2014

    Dis show suks.

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    Danny Gokey's New Album!

    By TinyDinorawr, Jun 19, 2014

    Former American Idol contestant Danny Gokey is back with a brand new album!!! "Hope In Front of Me" will be out June 23rd! The single "Hope in Front of Me" is available on iTunes now! I'm so excited, I've always loved Danny's voice!! Follow him on Twitter @DannyGokey and /DannyGokeyOfficial for more info!

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    FIRE Ryan Seacrest

    By hemkk48, Jun 17, 2014

    Ryan thinks the show is about him.

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    Oh my....

    By jolinefehr, May 23, 2014

    I don't know what to even say. I was so disappointed with season right from the auditions. I was never the biggest fan of this show, but hubby always watched it and there has been some amazing talent over the years. However, this season was abysmal. I had to start leaving the room when my hubby started watching it because of how dreadful it was. Seriously, when Caleb sang, it was like listening to a really bad Meatloaf song. When Jena sang, I felt like my ears were bleeding. I didn't mind Alex, but he was possibly the best of the final 3 (to me though, his voice was not Idol worthy). The entire show was a joke. They were looking for unique? Unique won't sell if their voices are crap. The show has had the worst ratings in its entire history, and instead of trying to shake things up, they renew the contracts for all the judges. I actually thought the show was going to get cancelled but instead, Fox in their infinite wisdom, decided to renew the entire thing, with the judges ridiculous salaries (and really, the worst judges this show has seen), and try to find the next unique talent. Hubby agrees with me and has already deleted it from the PVR. We are now into the Voice.moreless

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    By louriacadajamandez, May 22, 2014

    These two wasn't supposed to be on the final.. Jessica was supposed to be in the final Emannuel frm florida and Alex/ where is Caleb come from? Gena didn't win because caleb was singing rock hot songs.. I believe it was pure racism that caleb won over Gena. That's my point.

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    Idol sucks to a new low

    By geneburkhart1, May 22, 2014

    Idol was the worst season every, instead of finding the best talent, they tried to load it with people they thought should be a Idol for a political statement. So they ended up with a bunch of mediocre singers who got voted off by the fans, then they ended up with 3 Karaoke singers. They had how many thousand audition and the top 3 they got was need to go back looking for talent instead of a political statement trying to manipulate who they want to be politcally to 13 it up voice ended up with 3 singers all very good.moreless

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    American Scam IS More like It!

    By Jc3073, May 22, 2014

    Total crap! I am seriously SHOCKED at the judges behaviors. This show was apparently about the judges and not the contestants. The cameras should've been on the singers . There should have NOT been whispering and talking while they were performing. Instead, they should've listened to them sing. You never even saw the judges on Star Search! Some contestants, they treated like gold and others like total garbage. This is so disappointing. Tweet it out and let them know, @AmericanIdol #worstseasonever This year was bloody awful....moreless

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    No Talent to Begin With...

    By whitneybowen92, May 22, 2014

    This season of American Idol was a joke. Am I the ONLY one who thought none of these kids could really sing? They weren't horrible but all of them still needed practice. And the judges? Well J. Lo can't sing anyway and the other two I've never heard of. I'm guessing since the judges have no talent themselves, that's how all these kids got a chance cause if it was me no one would've made it through. And randy?! Come on! You know none of those kids deserved to make it. As far as Caleb winning well that was just a joke this season should've never made it to the network.moreless

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    No MoreJ-low

    By dhervin, May 21, 2014

    Sorry for dredging up old wounds but one of the most egregious acts I have seen committed by a judge on Idol was when J-lo got out of her judging chair and hugged Jena on stage, What inexcusable behavior for a judge. Ryan eluded to her disgusting behavior last night but not in a critical way. She has always been a poor contributor of relevant constructive criticism. She need s to been in the peanut gallery, not a judge. The producers have lost their way and cannot get back on track.moreless

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