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    rayvon is american idol fix

    By clydeowens169, 3 days ago

    It no way rayvon should have beaten out Quentin and show is surely fixed it's a joke I'm done...

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    What a sham, get rid of the fan save!

    By 11101065, 3 days ago

    I think American Idol is awful this year. The fan save is rigged, it doesn't factor in the different time zones. It's simple, one man is on the bottom every week yet he wins during the fan save? Come on! Not everyone Twitter's either so how can that be a reflection of what Americans think. Also, get off Clark.. Each week you tell him to do something better or different and he does, yet you never tell Rayvon to stop sounding the same, terrible every week ... I've been a fan for years until I've watched this sham of a season and all the talent being voted off in favor of one time zone feelings...moreless

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    The show period is Bias

    By Dantae, Apr 30, 2015

    I use to enjoy watching this show but year after Year I see a contestant that from the beginning have been excellent get voted off because of their appearance or their way of life or beliefs and after this day wed 4/29/2015 my house will not be tuned in good day

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    Change the new way of doing show

    By adameakin7, Apr 30, 2015

    Hi my name is adam I live in Washington state. I like the way you use to do the results. I don't like the idol fan save cause the people on the west coast their votes don't count for the idol fan save so you are lying to America when you say that it Is live it aint live for us. Cause if it where true it would not end till 1 am on the east coast. Next year go back to how it was before and get ride of the idol fan savemoreless

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    The judges are nuts!

    By noralamar92, Apr 30, 2015

    I have been watching American Idol each year since Carrie Underwood won. Usually I don't get involved in voting much less post comments about the show. Tonight's critique on Clark Beckham by the judges tonight was shocking. For the first time I honestly think the show is rigged! All the remaining contestants are truly awesome, but Clark clearly has the best voice. His performances tonight were flawless and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way he performs. He does not put on more then is his style and I for one enjoy him performing overall. I'm getting tired of the judges nit-picking.moreless

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    P O fan

    By helenmitchum, Apr 30, 2015

    to whom it may concern I used to be a big fan of American Idol I just don't understand why is it so much prejudice on the show now you can actually see it all the blacks are gone the great singers you took off and then you guys like every Tuesday and Wednesdays you just lie lie lie and I hate all of you I think we need to get a new panel of judges JLo needs to get her line ass off and go back to trying to sing what she do bestI think the whole panels sucks we needs to stop the prejudice with the police and the judges on American Idoland everybody is not into country singing and the two contestant from 2 years ago they also suck too thank you for reading my comment please give me a remark back I would love to hear from you guysmoreless

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    i'm puzzled

    By aleciasbraids, Apr 30, 2015

    no offense to the contestant nick, but I am still puzzled as to why he is still in the running. I cannot believe that quite a few of my personal favorites have been voted off, whom I thought has been way better of performers and artist than he is, but for some odd reason he is still on here. I guess I wouldn't get to the hidden reason behind that one, so good luck to the others because I hope one of the others win.moreless

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    WHATS UP???

    By danieleflowers7, Apr 30, 2015

    hat is up with that silly painted on x on Jax,s face....

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    Keeps getting better

    By abigail19, Apr 29, 2015

    Honestly, I've thoroughly enjoyed this season. Harry, Kieth, and Jeniffer seem intent on giving criticism and advice that will actually help contestants, not just spark controversy among the viewers. The contestants have all been so talented, it's hard to root for just one. The thing that amazes me, however, is the kindness the contestants have shown each other. The way Rayvon offered a protective arm to everyone who was standing with him during the elimination rounds; the way Quentin bravely spoke his mind when things got intense. This season, it seems like everyone involved has a passion for what they're doing. To other fans, please don't assume the worst about Idol just because your favorite got dropped. Negative reception can ultimately affect the show, even as popular as it is. For now, I'm still having a blast!moreless

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    what in the singing world is wrong?

    By stancil17095, Apr 27, 2015

    i have watched every season. I am finished with the show. J Lo and her cleavage, singers who can't carry a tune, great singers eliminated. It seems the new theory on the show is if you can't sing we will try to make you a singer. If you are a great singer and perfomer we don't need you.

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