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  • (Judges' comments to Christopher Aaron) Randy: Chris man, you did your thing man... you're just cool, cool Chris. Paula: ...a voice of an angel... and it's been lovely to hear. Simon: I don't think you've shone in this competition (dramatic pause) until now. I thought it was fantastic.

  • (Judges' comments to Kelli Glover) Randy: You did a really good job tonight. Paula: ...You've just been consistently wonderful every step of the way. Simon: ...That was a karaoke sound alike performance and you are capable of better than that.

  • (Judges' comments to Justinn Waddell)
    Randy: It's a very interesting outfit to sing that song in. Paula: Overall you gave a good performance but I've seen better performances out of you. Simon: ...There are a lot better singers in this competition.

  • (Judges' comments to Ryan Starr)
    Randy: I wouldn't know what to do with you singing songs like that in the competition. I was totally thrown off. Paula: ...What an interesting song to choose. Your personality really came out... Simon: It's difficult. I kinda know where Randy's coming from... it was very cabaret.

  • (Judges' comments to Brad Estrin)
    Randy: Brad, Brad, Brad! Dude, I didn't like that... Paula: I felt you were a little disconnected from the song. Simon: Do you know what comes to mind during that performance? You on a local Chilean Variety Show...

  • (Judges' comments to Natalie Burge)
    Randy: ...I thought it was strong overall. Paula: I felt your nervousness a little bit, but you're still an awesome performer. Simon: I wouldn't know what to do with you as a recording artist based on that.

  • (Judges' comments to Rodesia Eaves)
    Randy: I loved it man. Paula: It started out a little shaky... but you got right into the groove of it... Simon: Oh dear, I hated your audition... I thought it was terrible, sorry.

  • (Judges' comments to Adriel Herrera)
    Randy: I think it's the best I've seen you. I thought it was good. Paula:...I thought you did a really good job. You look great; you sounded awesome. Simon:Based on that performance you've proved to me and the others you are a star.

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Notes (1460)

  • The show was official entitled American Idol: The Search for A Superstar, but even in the first episode the hosts, judges and even all the signs referred to it as just American Idol, which is now the official name

  • The first season of this successful show was not aired in Latin America.

  • This special series debut is 90 minutes in length.

  • In her audition Ryan Starr went by Tiffany Montgomery. Starting with this episode her name changes. According to Simon Cowell's memoir "I Don't Mean to be Rude", she was "cripplingly shy" at the audition, but "Paula [Abdul] saw some potential for stardom in her, and decided to mentor her." As a result, he claims, Montgomery became overly confident, changing her name to "Ryan Starr". Ryan is her middle name and Starr because she felt like a star. Also Nikki is shown in this episode to have the last name Ozment, but for the rest of the series her last name is McKibbin, with no explanation as to why.

  • There is no mention as to which studio the contestants sing at during this stage of the competition.

  • This episode aired on Paula Abdul's birthday. It is the only time in the series that an episode takes place on one of the judge's birthdays.

  • Tamika Bush comes back to weigh in on some of the performances tonight. She auditioned and was rejected. She is most known for her yelling and cursing at the judges after she was denied moving on to the next round.

  • This is the first time that two singers sing the same song during the Semi finals, and is something that does not happen often.

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Trivia (1913)

  • Even though only 100 were suppose to make it to "Hollywood Week" they let through 121

  • The seven audition cities for season one in order were: Los Angeles (with 31 moving on to Hollywood round), Seattle (10 people moving on), Chicago (23 people moving on),New York City (25 people moving on),Atlanta (15 people moving on), Dallas (11 people moving on) and Miami (6 people moving on).

  • Hollywood week started with 121 contestants. After the Line Performance 65 moved on to the next round. After the Group Performance 45 contestants moved to the next round. After the Individual Performance 30 contestants moved on.┬áThe Top 15 were first announced, the judges then select 15 more out of the remaining 30. The 30 were split into two groups and the judges then go to each group to announce the chosen group.

  • "Hollywood Week" takes place at the Pasadena Civic Center

  • Song choices for the night.... Tamyra Gray: And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going- Jennifer Holliday Jim Verraros: When I Fall in Love- Nat King Cole Adriel Herrera: I'll Be- Edwin McCain Rodesia Eaves: Daydream Believer- The Monkees Natalie Burge: Crazy- Patsy Cline Brad Estrin: Just Once- James Ingram Ryan Starr: Frim Fram Sauce- Diana Krall Justinn Waddell: When a Man Loves a Woman- Marvin Gaye Kelli Glover: I Will Always Love You- Whitney Houston Christopher Aaron: Still in Love- Brian McKnight

  • Tamyra Gray (22) Norcross, GA Jim Verraros (19) Circle Crystal Lake, IL Adriel Herrera (18) Odessa, TX Rodesia Eaves (21) Columbia, SC Natalie Burge (17) Morton, IL Brad Estrin (24) Valley Village, CA Ryan Starr (19) Sunland, CA Justinn Waddell (20) Dayton, NJ Kelli Glover (19) Cranford, NJ Christopher Aaron (23) Duluta, GA

  • The three people to make it into the top ten were: Tamyra Gray , Ryan Starr and Jim Verraros

  • Judges predictions to win the show: All 3 picked Tamyra to win 1st. Their votes were split between Chris and Ariel for the 2nd and 3rd spots.

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Allusions (77)

  • Simon: ...That was a karaoke sound alike performance and you are capable of better than that. Karaoke is a Japanese word meaning "empty orchestra". It is a form of entertainment where you have the music and background vocals and you sing the lead vocal in the style of the original artist

  • Randy: ...that was definitely Miami karaoke to me. Karaoke is a Japanese word meaning "empty orchestra". It is a form of entertainment where you have the music and background vocals and you sing the lead vocal in the style of the original artist.

  • Paula: When it ain't broke don't fix it. This is an idiom that you say when it is a mistake to improve something that works.

  • Simon: Straight from Star Trek to Saturday Night Fever... Star Trek was a popular TV show in the 1960's about a crew who set out to explore new worlds and life. It also had movies and other popular TV spin-offs. Saturday Night Fever is a movie from 1977 starring John Travolta who enters a dancing contest. The movie is best known for the disco dancing and the soundtrack of Bee Gee songs.

  • Tameka: ...A.J. you are a pale Backstreet Boy reject! The Backstreet Boys are one of the highest selling boy band groups on record selling over 71 million albums. They gained popularity in the late 1990's.

  • Simon: I can't help but think cabaret when you perform. Cabaret is a form of entertainment that emphasizes skits, songs, magic, comedy, and dance and is often performed in a restaurant or bar where the audience is seated around tables.

  • Title: The Bad, The Even Worse and The Ugly The title is a reference to the 1967 movie The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly starring Clint Eastwood.

  • The title of this episode could be an allusion to the fact that Corey was "bad" by hiding that he had a record/a pending charge against him.

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