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    Hello I'm A Artist/Inventor seeking help!

    By StChrisChesley, May 01, 2013

    I am living in a place that is a frade of change!,

    When I come up with ways to be of help I get it is not wanted!,

    So I keep trying!.

    Now I'm working out what I have been for years and seen a person become

    And over come!.

    Here lately I have been sending my Invention's to Co. and Ceo's who I thought may help!,

    get them off the grown!.

    Then I run into more brick walls and red tape!,

    Then there are some who just want me to just give it away!.


    Being that I'm on dissebletys It make's it harder to get the words out when trying to submet!

    What I need Is some one willing to take a chance and help me to over come!

    Cause I know just as they'll see some of the 60 or 70 Inventions I have will help a lot of people

    also take business to a new level!.

    Also will show people like myself that with time and work also the beliefe to go on some one dose ceir

    for willing!.

    See I have been told I will never get these off the grown and that has been my down fall I believe that with will there is away!

    I'm willing to give to get!,

    But what I have may not be anuff the shake a hand at!.

    I know know one works for free!,

    I just (need) a helping hand!.

    will to sell a 1/2 of 1 my invention's just get started!,

    I have sent 2 or 3 to funding programs but when i try to excplan I maybe say to much!,

    I'm barely living I get a small small gov check that soon as I pay the bills I have maybe 50 for the rest of the mounth!. some times when the bills are down 200 for the rest of the mounth!.

    I would love for some one in the Business to come out see what I have and see if I'm worth any investment!

    Please Any one willing E mail me @

    President Obama But try to believe that he just did not see my ideas!

    I'm trying just as other more werse off then me!.


    And with that

    I pray that one day I'll be able to put forth the happyness and joy I trying to become and helping others who feel there just a number and there life is worthless and who's out trying to do good things

    and getting lost in this system of whos the better I pray I pray That the lord heres my calling out to his glory and to his or her grace I pray he opens that some one who here's that feeling I pushing out

    I pray for that man who I tryed to give that 2 cent to and that last doller i had and went with out so they'll be able to pay that gas bill I pray for the needing and all the people who had to go with out I pray lord I pray Some one here's me Befor its to late!,

    Mae you all be blessed in God's name


    sinserly StChristopher E Chesley. may your show be amoreless

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    American Inventors

    By ShereeWalker, Nov 16, 2012

    When will this show air on TV again?

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    Hey, I wish I thought of that

    By gracielove, Nov 10, 2012

    Good show. What the hell happened to it?

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    medicine cabinet stop! On YouTube

    By ArmyVet59, Jul 23, 2012

    This show is great but for this old Army Vet. And my patent pending medicine cabinet stop it has been a long and costly road and even great ideas like mine will never make it unless someone out there believes it also it will only be in mine and a few home until the people go to YouTube and see how it belongs in your home also!

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    Neat inventions!

    By T_VFan, Apr 30, 2012

    I'm glad our world still appreciates inventors. They put their whole lifetime of work into creating something for the world to use. This show makes the difference for scientists and inventors and passionate dreamers out there. Good vibes come from this show as well as inventions!

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    By assasin61, Mar 07, 2008

    so basically this show is just like americas got talent and american idol. 3 judges judge someone whop comes up and tells them wat their in vention is. if it suks, they leave. if its good, u get money to make it even better for the next round. i think is funny what some of the people bring in expectin to go to the next round and the way some people reacty from gettin rejected can be hilarious at times too. its interesting to see objects that might be part of 2morrows technology and objects that are a joke to humanity.moreless

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    I watched american inventor for the 1st time on 7/19. This is the stupidest show on tv now. How can intellegent?? people vote for a tea maker & foil wrapper rather than the wallbanger or the deaf kid??

    By samtaylor47, Jul 20, 2007

    American is lazy enough without making easy to do things even easier. For heavens sake, a tea pot & a leftover wrapper!!The door jammer can save lives & the deaf kids invention can help lots of deaf people. That British guy said it would cost to much money to mass produce. Well how much does he think one Cop's life is worth?? I thought even George would have enough sence to vote for things to help us & not make us lazier. I will never watch this stupid show again & hope it goes off the air soon. Maybe they will put something on to help the needy people!!moreless

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    This show has some good potential for helping some lucky soul get their invention into the market.Although some of the ideas are way off the wall, it makes this show worth watching,LOVE TO SEE THE JUDGES TRY NOT TO LAUGH

    By JLB_JB, Jun 29, 2007

    Some of the ideas are from less than gifted people, but this show is much better than most of the programs the networks force us to endure. I really enjoy watching the judges try not to laugh directly at some of the contestants. While some of the ideas are very good, More often than not these people have not had their ideas screened by a respectable party before making fools of themselves on national t.v.I like this show however I think George Foreman has as big a heart as his biceps, (never wanting to hurt anyones feelings) when some of the folks clearly should not have even tried out for the show.moreless

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    Great more reality dribble produced by Simon Cowell, well this is perhaps the most boring, un-entertaining and poorly produced reality show ever created. Please change the channel.

    By DaVulture, Jun 28, 2007

    When I saw American Inventor last year, there was nothing really that stuck out to me. The show was pretty much like American Idol, a nasty Brit and of course the fun judges. Making you almost think does Simon Cowell have any creativity in creating a show or does he just want to create the same, "Best of America" competition with the of course the same "Old Nasty British Judge." The cheeky music along with the poor hosts only add to making this show completely unfunny or even exciting. To make matters worse the inventions aren't exciting and the show tries to milk every single "family moment." For example last season they had an episode where a kid was told his inventions were bad and the kid broke down in tears to his mother and one of the judges tried to comfort him. Yeah really great. The show if anything like other Cowell shows pretty much certifies that if you aren't the best at what your doing that you shouldn't try it. That's not the only message the show gives off, the show says if you work your butt off that your wasting your time because if you don't have natural talent it doesn't matter. Way to shatter dreams Simon, this is dull, un-entertaining and just totally out of place as a Reality program. Poorly done and even though I'm sick of American Idol that show at least has some more pizazz then this quirky reality show wannabe.moreless

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