American Juniors

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  • Gladys Knight hosted the episode in place of Ryan Seacrest, who was away in Vienna working on his radio show.

  • There were two guest judges on this episode because Gladys Knight was not available.

  • This episode was delayed a week because the show was to be pre-empted on July 15 for Major League Baseball's all-star game and Fox did not want to have an entire week without an episode.

  • This was the only week of the finals in which Chantel Kohl did not make the top two.

  • The show received a jeer from TV Guide for this episode. They felt that Lucy and Chantel were asked to perform songs with lyrics that were not appropriate for someone of their age to sing.

  • Simon Cowell appeared via satellite from London and introduced clips from the auditions for the third season of American Idol.

  • Taylor, Tori, Chauncey and Lucy were used as backup singers for each performance to give the audience the chance to see what each singer might look like in the context of the group.

  • The winners of American Juniors produced a CD that was sold nation-wide.

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  • Ratings: 11.7, 18-49 4.8/15.

  • During the song, the first 4 girls (taylor, tori, jordan and dani) had to do a dance step.. tori was slow on it.

  • When Chauncy is performing, it shows his family. On the bottom, it says Jordan's Family instead of Chauncey's Family.