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    dog killer california

    By jamesbenchimol10, Aug 24, 2014

    where can i find an episode, in 2000 or 2001, about a dog killed in california email me

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  • 9.5

    Every Person in the world should have to watch it.

    By gracielove, Nov 10, 2012

    Great show. Great idea. Can't believe it got canceled. That is bull that FOX just can't pay to keep it on.

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    By MarthaBeatrzL, Sep 13, 2012


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  • 8.0

    Affirmative and Informative

    By T_VFan, Apr 22, 2012

    The host is a good public speaker. Also, this is one of those shows that keeps me on my toes because IT IS REAL. There are criminals that exist and it's to keep us citizens safer. There is a lot of action and emotion in these episodes. I would recommend it for anyone who is interested in criminal justice.

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  • 9.9

    This info needs to be past onto John Walsh if at all possible.This very disturbing video that involves an 18 year old male luring a 14 year old girl to a hotel.

    By RadTazz, Jun 01, 2010

    Gradually talking her into sex and eventually ends up beating her to death,but first smothering her by placing a pillow over her face while he finishes his sex act with her.

    The movie link is at and the title of the movie is called Amateur Porn Star Killer (2007),there are a total of 4 links for this video. The disturbing images in the middle and the end are so real that makes me believe this is the real deal.You may have to view each movie listed on each page,but it is there.It was said he wasn't caught yet so I hope some one finds him.moreless

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    Pro active justice that really works!

    By jawsthecabbie, Feb 21, 2009

    When AMW first went on the air, I had my doubts. I suspected that George Orwell's 1984 was beginning to become a reality, and they'd be profiling people for parking tickets before too much time had passed. But I quickly became at big fan. Especially after running a hack for over ten years. There are human monsters out there, God knows, I've dealt with a few of them at times, people that scared me green while I was driving them around late at night. John Walsh took a hideous personal tragedy and turned it around to the absolute benefit of us all with his show. Over a thousand genuinely evil SOBs are off the street because of AMW. Everyone profiled on that show deserved their 15 minutes of shame. I admire and respect John Walsh's support and attention to the victims of some truly obscene acts of criminal violence. How many of us are willing to put their money were their mouths are as John Walsh does every week?moreless

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    In the age of utterly crappy reality TV shows, something was created in 1988. That is America's Most Wanted, one of the best shows on television today, and I thank god it exists.

    By Jigglypuff_Nut, Sep 30, 2007

    For years, crappy reality TV shows have creeped their way onto the major TV networks, shows that are utterly idiotic, put money and beauty in front, in the compitions, instead of actual talent.

    1988 brought something called America's Most Wanted, basicially the show profiles unsolved cases and fugitives that need to be brought in, so that people get justice and no one else gets hurt.

    This show has got more than 950 captures under it's belt, in less than 20 years, and has given justice to victims and families who can't speak for themselves. It is so sad, how this TV show is completely underrated, how so many posters at this site, call Saturday Nights crap for watching TV, when this is on.

    The whole AMW Safety Center is a nice touch, that makes the show all the more interesting and decent, but the capturing of these scum, giving justice after long painful years, is why this show rocks.

    Anyone who calls Saturday nights crap for watching TV is an idiot, espicially if your an American.moreless

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    informative show...

    By Fwirrel, Sep 04, 2007

    America's Most Wanted basically shows the profiles of criminals that are at large and ask the public to keep an eye out for them. They've caught a bunch of criminals through the audiences and it's just amazing. This show really does help make America safer and it's amazing that it's still going on. The show is interesting, but I don't watch it regularly. I love what is accomplished through the show and I want it to continue. The profiles are interesting, though frightening. The host is pretty good and he seems very earnest, which is nice. Overall, good informative show that is interesting to watch at the same time.moreless

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  • 8.3

    This show has been the institution on Fox for about 20 years.

    By hamyslick, Mar 05, 2007

    This is a prime example of the good that comes out of television and the regualarity of good people standing up. Week after week you hear of stories that are brutal and that shock you, but there's nothin gyou can do about it. This show has gone from giving you info to helping you inform the poice if you see them or to even how to take them down. John Walsh is a very decent host and he gets better along with the show and is just as important as the show itself, he's the symbol and this show should have no trouble keeping its core fan base happy for years to come.moreless

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