Moonlight Becomes You

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Quotes (4)

  • Geryon: (trying to bribe Dylan to get him to take Trance away from Ione) Are you sure we can't work out a deal? We could have such a good time spending that money.
    Dylan: Sure, but would we have to spend it together? (he hands back her bribe) Don't forget your charity.

  • Trance: There are answers here. You were right, letting go is something I had to do. It's good advice.
    Dylan: Yeah, but I also said that I'd always be by your side, remember? So I'll just hang out here while you find your answers, and then we'll head back to Andromeda.
    Trance: (a bit sadly) I don't think I'm coming back with you. (she takes his hands) I think that maybe you are going to have to let go, this time.
    Dylan: Even if I should, I don't know if I can.

  • Rhade: (still freaked about Beka being the Nietzschean Alpha Mother) After you, Oh Great One.
    Beka: Knock that off!
    Rhade: What am I supposed to call you?!

  • Celestial digressions make great first impressions. I drown in your halo. You orbit my soul. Lyrics from, "Solar Flares Through My Heart", CY 2891.

Notes (2)

  • Meredith McGeachie (Geryon) previously played Maia in the episode "The Fair Unknown".

  • International Airdates: -This episode aired in Canada on May 5, 2005 on Mystery. -This episode aired in the UK on August 24, 2005 on Sci-Fi. -This episode aired in the Australia on September 23, 2006 on Fox 8.