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    help cant watch this

    By tvDude105, May 22, 2013

    there is no show

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    Why did I wait until 2012 to get into Andromeda?????????

    By DEVO, Apr 05, 2012

    First of all let me just say that I am as about as big a fan of Science Fiction as it gets. I can be just as self absorbed, over opinionated, and as well deluded as the next person when it comes to waxing lyrical. But really, there is no need. Andromeda gets such a bad rap, that I too fell foul of taking on board all the negativity surrounding it and never gave it a look until 2012, STUPID me. This show is really one of a kind, as long as you don't have any pre-conceptions and go into with an open mind. I love the Roddenberry Universe, and no one is telling me that Deep Space 9 is not the best show in any universal dimension. But in the parallel Roddenberry universe where things aren't quite as serious and deep, then Andromeda rules.

    Mr. High Guard himself, Dylan Hunt, is no Sisko or Picard and definitely no Janeway. Although there is a bit of Tiberius about him, as Eddie Murphy would say "You gotta be a horny motherf***r to f***k a green bitch". Although he does lead an assortment of real cool ship mates in his quest to re-assemble the long dead commonwealth. It's all good but for me, Seamus Zelazny Harper played by Gordon Michael Woolvett, is an absolute Star. Also, Rommie would give Seven a good run for her money in the whole "resistance is futile" stakes. And without giving anything else away, the rest of the cast all fit in really well.

    It may not be as cerebral as the Trek stuff, but has just as much right to its existence. I am coming up to the end of season four, and although it may not get to me in the same way as the final season of DS9. I have a feeling that the end of season five is going to be like saying goodbye to an old friend. I came to Andromeda after finishing BSG. In much the same way I was late onto BSG due to some things I read about the remake, again, stupid me. BSG is up there with DS9 for me, and it was great getting into Andromeda as a tonic for all the heavy emotional journey, yet brilliance of BSG.

    Anyway, there I go doing the thing I said I would not, and mouthing off to the world like some film critic who thinks that his opinion is worth anything at all. Seriously though, Andromeda is really good fun. Just ignore all the negativity, ignore me and my opinion, and give it a chance, you will not be disappointed.moreless

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    I really wanted to like this show but just a few things stopped me the need for decent acting three dimensional charcters coherent plots and in sci fi decent effects as well.

    By tvobsessive, Jan 22, 2012

    Dylan Hunt: The Legendary Journey’s.

    I’m a big science fiction fan and will give every new show that comes along a try sometimes in the cases of Farscape and Battlestar Galactica, to name just two you discover that they’re just so good that you are immediately gripped and that you’ll buy the DVD box sets so you can watch every episode again and again even the episodes that aren’t that good. On the other hand, as in my case with Firefly i missed it on TV I saw it on DVD and it was worth taking the chance on a show i'd never seen before.

    However back to the subject of Andromeda the opposite end from the shows i just mentioned, this show is a nothing more than a complete joke and gives television science fiction and indeed science fiction in general a bad name it has been poorly written and acted since the first episode and should never have lasted five episodes let alone five seasons. I started watching and I wanted to like it I really did it should have been easy coming from the mind of Gene Roddenberry brought to life by Robert Hewitt Wolfe and starring Kevin Sorbo who may not be the greatest actor in the world but he was very good in Hercules, so I tried to like it, I honestly did I watched every episode of the first season then about half the episodes of season 2 which is where everything began to go seriously wrong. Season one to me was pointless and not particularly great in the way it was written but it was at the least watchable ass a sort of lazy time passing substandard way. But Season 2 undermined what little effort had gone into it so I sat continually hoping that it would improve and show the full potential it had hinted at but it never did and after Sky changed the time it was on I just decided it wasn’t worth my time or effort trying to keep up with. In my opinion it suffered from a case of too many cooks so it has had no sense of direction and any arcs it tried to create were immediately junked when someone new came in and they tried to imprint their own ideas. When Robert Hewitt Wolfe was at the helm it was poor but there were glimpses small ones only but glimpses anyhow that it could improve but then he was fired for seemingly trying to make a decent Sci-Fi show. From then on it was downhill becoming a messy flashy thing where effects were the best thing about it and most of them were rough and looked to computer animated giving an already unrealistic and stupid show one more reason for people to hate it while story and acting took a back seat with Kevin Sorbo basically rehashing Hercules and the rest of the cast standing in the background getting to spout the occasional line of meaningless dialogue, it’s no wonder Keith Hamilton Cobb left as soon as his contract expired he’d spent his last two years on the show reduced to standing in the background looking mean and having about two episodes showcasing his character now I’m not saying he’s a brilliant actor but he was good enough to bring Tyr Anazazi the Nieztechien warrior to life and make him an interesting character even if only he’d been allowed.

    The characterisations were paper-thin and with the exception of Dylan Hunt and Harper badly acted not that I think Gordon Michael Woolvet is exactly a great actor either but he could do the comedy stuff he was given and deliver it well even if it was hardly ever as funny as the writers wanted it to be, but now I see him as a poor imitation of Firefly’s Wash even though Harper came first a statement that on the face of it makes as much sense as the average episode, Lisa Ryder as Beka on the other hand was especially bad wearing the same expressionless face for whatever her character was meant to be feeling, she is a bad actress and here’s hoping she never darkens the door of either Stargate show and especially not Battlestar Galactica. But the worst acted and most annoyingly pointless character was Laura Bertram as Trance Gemini from the start she was annoying where she was meant to be cute and friendly irritating where she was supposed to be mysterious and the viewers were supposed to care what her secrets were, a lethal combination of a bad actress and dozens of mediocre to just down right bad writers meant she just made the character come across as smug making you want to throw something at the screen when she was on and yell at Dylan to toss her out of an airlock. Ditto for hopes never to see her ruining SG or BSG

    As for Dylan Hunt he was the ultimate moronic cardboard hero never wrong always did the right thing and was sanctimonious from the outset. I’d tuned in every now and then during seasons 3, 4 and 5 to see if things had gotten better to discover they hadn’t they’d gotten worse and now Dylan had become even more indestructible and annoyingly smug and superior and now didn’t let any other character get even the most simple thing to do he just hogged the screen time solving every tedious problem that faced him by beating up the bad guys or shooting them with that stupid laser stick of his no doubt as a result of Sorbo becoming an executive producer. As for Bacic and the other blonde who cares what her name is not as bad as bottle blonde No.1 Ryder but not hard to tell she’s ex Baywatch they came in and were just as average as I’d come to expect from this show. As for the final episodes The Heart of the Journey Part’s 1 & 2 the first part seemed like it might at least take the series out with some kind of a bang with Harper and Rhade looking like they’d left the crew for good then a tense and even unexpected ending to part 1 with the destruction of Earth but it was ruined in part 2 yes Earth was destroyed but it had never seemed like it mattered to much during the run so blowing it up had little impact and the ending was lame and not even a good ending if it had just been a season finale but this was the last ever episode and what do we get everyone looking like they’re about to die the Andromeda against over two thousand ships and it survives then they fly into the square thing and everything is alright and everyone survives man what a complete and utter cop out I mean it’s the final episode what would have been wrong with killing off at least one of the crew I mean if I had have had the bad luck to have had anything to do with this shambles I would have at least taken the opportunity to knock off the supremely annoying Trance but no she gets to live. At the top I called this Dylan Hunt the Legendary Journey’s in reference obviously to Hercules Sorbo’s last show, but that is insulting at least Hercules was entertaining even when the acting did sometimes leave a lot to be desired and the stories were just silly this show was just a complete waste of time and how on earth this lasted longer than Farscape or Firefly I will never understand and think about it this pile of garbage lasted as long as and for as many episodes as Angel and even Babylon 5 for crying out loud it just makes no sense to me. As for the quotes that appeared at the start of each episode and the episode titles what were they all about, I assume they were supposed to bring some deep meaningful insight to the story but they never did they were just more meaningless words. Then there’s they opening credit speech voiced with the exception of season 2 by Sorbo as Capt Hunt as each season passed they became ever more ridiculous, they had neither the meaning nor the simplicity of the Space the final frontier speeches of the original Star Trek or the ST: TNG.

    I can’t ever imagine this is the show Gene Roddenberry wanted made from his original ideas but it was and will forever be linked with his name and that is a shame. Finally I read here on a reviewer, who said in their piece that this show was from the start darker than Farscape that person is seriously, seriously wrong and makes me wonder if had you ever actually seen it cos from where I sat the two are not even in the same league, when Farscape was dark characters were tortured or killed or sacrificed themselves like Zhaan or Crais, on Andromeda bad guys said horrible things to them and laughed before getting soundly thrashed by Captain Indestructible, darker than Farscape my ass. I hate this show I hate the design of the ship it’s big and ugly I hated the shallow one dimensional characters it is in my opinion a show that wouldn't even hold the attention of a 5 year old that anyone could enjoy it mystifies me that anyone could regard it as good well written well acted or in anyway anything other than worthless trash is astounding. As a fan of Sci Fi I hate this show so much. I really, really hate this show.moreless

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    An interesting concept poorly executed?

    By Blademaestor, Apr 18, 2011

    This show was conceptualised by the late Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, it was initially supposed to be the Federation that had fallen into collapse, not "The Commonwealth" and could have been a very interesting series if it had been taken in this direction.

    However, it was decided to be made into a completely new universe with the commonwealth replacing the federation and Kevin "Hercules" Sorbo cast as the captain. The moment you saw that name you realised it would be more action and less thinking and to me that more or less killed the series.

    It had the potential to be so much more, a new generation of Star Trek with amazingly deep and well rounded characters like in The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager!

    Instead we were first treated to a mildly entertaining action fest with one dimensional characters trying to rebuild the commonwealth (by beating up aliens it would seem) and fight off the magog and their ultimate weapon but eventually it just degenerated into something even more mindless at which point I stopped watching.

    It makes me sad to see that a concept with so much potential just turned into this.moreless

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    Hercules: The legendary journeys - In Space!

    By FragLimiT41, Apr 18, 2011

    Kevin Sorbo does it again. He start the main character in a decent show that is best watched with not too high expectations but tends to send some surprising moments your way. The story is easily summarized: Dylan Hunt, captain of a large warship is frozen in time for about 300 years and wakes up to see everything he stood for, loved and cared about has gone down the drain. He then tries to reform the universe to his commonwealth. With his allround talent and shiny-knight-in-armor good-doing and a talking space ship (Knight Rider lives again!) he's travelling the galaxy in search for support of his dream on resurrecting the commonwealth.

    I mostly watch the show for the supporting characters, I have had enought of Kevin Sorbo already on that Hercules show.

    Edit: Shows has jumed the shark in the 3rd season already. Seems like Majel Roddenberry is easily able to screw up her husband's ideas.

    Edit2: The show is dead and gone. Nothing good is happening after the 2nd season. I swear no never again watch another series starring Kevin Sorbo and/or being made by Roddenberry's widow. Ever.

    Overall rating:

    Season 1&2: 8.5

    Season 3: 6.7

    Season 4: 5.3

    Sesaon 5: 4.2moreless

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    Star Trek TOS perfected

    By DJStahl1, Feb 25, 2011

    Majel Barrett Roddenberry took a project from her late husband's desk and turned it into "Andromeda," with the help of Robert Hewitt Wolfe, who later developed "The Dresden Files" TV series. The plot, backstory, and tech resolve many of the holes that the original Star Trek series was known for. On "Andromeda" there are no quasi-scientific phasers, just railguns and missiles; no force fields, just super-hard hulls. And no transporter. In one "Andromeda" episode the ship's AI (artificial intelligence) says sarcastically, about a crew member imprisoned on another ship: I could just dematerialize him and make him reappear here, if such things actually existed. And the backstory explains why the captain puts himself personally in harm's way so often -- something the captain of a large warship rarely does.

    But the star of the show is the actress playing the title character. Lexa Doig plays both the warship's AI, seen as a hologram, and an android imbued with a version of that AI, called a "ship's avatar."

    Why do so many say the show was great for the first three seasons (and then...)? One main reason was that Lexa Doig got married and pregnant with the first of two children about then. Her role was much reduced -- some appearances as the the AI, but not as the athletic, kung-fu kicking avatar, naturally.

    Perhaps the only gain for her fans is that she may use her married name when she continues acting. "Doig" is about the rockiest name for an actress since "Zellweger," and as inappropriate in its way as "Bullock."

    The other cause for the apparent change in quality was the departure of Wolfe due to "creative differences," or some such. However, this isn't that clear. What I much liked about the series was its exploration of different species, particularly villains. A human subspecies called "Nietzscheans" -- think of Ricardo Montalban's "Khan" from "The Wrath of Khan," multiplied into billions. A ravenous race embodying the worst attributes of any villain imaginable, called the Magog. Humanity itself ranking only second or third in capabilities in this federation -- called the "commonwealth." A species called Vedrans are acknowledged by all as superior.

    And the warships are beautiful. And their names are fresh and thoughtful.

    I'd rate the middle part of "Babylon 5" -- after Boxleitner's arrival -- ahead of Andromeda. B5 achieved a gritty, naturalistic tone. The current "Battlestar Galactica" takes that too far for my taste, into gruesomeness and nihilism. For me, "Firefly" and "Serenity" got it almost precisely right.

    Both B5 and Andromeda for me slackened at the end when they got all cosmic and mystical. Of course, that's the same problem many had with "2001." Seems a vulnerability of sci-fi.

    I'd thought Andromeda moved from first-rate space-opera to mysticism after Wolfe left. But Wolfe published a script online that shows he was fully on-board with the mystical stuff.

    An earlier poster asked for comparisons with "Farscape." I only tried the first episode of "Farscape" on fancast. The video broke up, and I wasn't motivated to try later. Some similarities, perhaps. Castaway spaceman, going back to "Planet of the Apes" and well before.

    But Andromeda's castaway is himself not of Earth. And he brings along his ferocious warship, and his AI. Makes all the difference. And the aliens aren't Muppets. Different flavor, different shows. "Farscape" looked like it had a sort of sword-and-sorcery quest type theme. "Andromeda" is far more Roddenberryesque.

    Enjoy Andromeda for its excellent parts.moreless

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    Andromeda gave me the first impression of a show trying too hard to be cute and having an aire of silliness. Once I finally watched several episodes in order and grasped the story arc, instead of silliness I found accessability and a fun show to watch.

    By ElvesBrew, Feb 08, 2011

    I have to admit thinking that Andromeda was a bit weak after watching a few episodes in that first season. I don't know what exactly turned me off the show back then. Maybe it was the purple Trance and her tail or Rev's philosophical quotes but in any event I didn't give it much of a chance while the show was still being filmed. During the 2007 writers strike I was starved for something interesting and started watching the show on DVD. Maybe not having to wait a week for each episode made all the difference but now I find the show very entertaining and in the space of 8 months I have gone through 4 seasons or 88 episodes. I am now starting the 5th season and I find myself disappointed, knowing that the series ends here. Andromeda, a series I originally found a bit silly, has captured my interest because of a cast thats greatness lies in thier ability to make the audience feel as though they are part of the gamg. The series isn't perfect and has it's share of problems, but it's core cast have always been able to create that sense of family that draws the audience in and wanting more. It's just too bad that there can't always be more.


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    Andromeda was special

    By Acerimmerbaby, Dec 19, 2010

    There is something spiritual about Andromeda. It took me on a journey that allowed me to belive in the greatness of people and that perhaps we are not alone but just ignorant to what's out there. At the end of the fourth season, i found myself quiet sad and could relate to dillians sadness. He worked so hard to re-create the commenwealth, it was kind of sad for me to see him stuck on some god aweful place, where becka was greedy and trance was not herself. What happened to the friendship they all had. The fourth season was my last season, that was the end of the show for me. The 5th season was simply a bonus but the story arc was frustrating sometimes. It was nice at the end to see dillian reach his goal but i wanted more, even if it was just another episode to see what they they would set in montion with this new found peace.moreless

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    I love this show...

    By guarddog8149, May 22, 2009

    The great thing about Andromeda was that instead of being extreamly serious and scientificly correct it was quite lax. I love shows that star people from other shows that can make fun of the shows they had stared in, and were quick to make jokes about the show they were currently in. The first 3 seasons were great, and I enjoyed the return of Steve Bacic as Telemechus Rhade in season four. Season five was alright, though it could be kind of confusing in a few episodes. Everything ended fairly well which made up for the strangeness of the last season. All in all a very good show that I would recommend to any Sci-Fi fan.moreless

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