Under the Night (1)

Season 1, Ep 1, Aired 10/2/00
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  • Episode Description
  • It's the start of the war between the Systems Commonwealth and the Nietzschean fleets. Captain Dylan Hunt and his ship the Andromeda Ascendant try to flee the first Nietzschean attack to warn the Commonwealth. In his attempt to escape, the Andromeda and Captain Hunt are caught in the event horizon of a black hole and frozen in time for 300 years.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Kevin Sorbo

    Captain Dylan Hunt

  • Robert Biagi

  • John Tench


  • Lisa Ryder

    Beka Valentine

  • Peter Bray

  • Fan Reviews (9)
  • Is "Under the Night" a great launch for Andromeda? No. But it gets the job donend in the end it gets its hooks in. It's entertaining, and I'm interested. Not bad for a pilot.

    By damofozz, Jun 24, 2006

  • The pilot of the show, much awaited from certain factors of the trekkie family, early news and reviews had been leaked and was promising.

    By captainbritain, Apr 02, 2008

  • Review

    By CTUBauer24, Feb 10, 2008

  • Cpt.Dylan Hunt and the Andromeda Ascendant get stuck in time freeze from black hole during a Nietzschean ambush.300 years later salvage ship frees them,world Hunt once new is gone.He must rebuild the systems commonwealth,but first he must defend his ship.

    By Deo13, Aug 29, 2007

  • A great pilot episode

    By Nick9781, Apr 14, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (16)

    • Harper: (making an adjustment to the engines) Okay, if this works, in about ten seconds you're gonna have one big burst of power.
      Beka: And if it doesn't?
      Harper: Well then, I hope Rev Bem has some major pull upstairs.

    • Dylan: This is Captain Dylan Hunt, commander of the Systems Commonwealth Starship Andromeda Ascendant. I've been told the Commonwealth has fallen. Maybe that's true. But there's still one place where the Commonwealth endures, and that's on this ship. MY ship. I understand you intend to loot the Andromeda and sell what's left over. I promise you, that is not gonna happen. You have fifteen minutes to restore the Andromeda's control capabilities and withdraw to your own vessel, or I will retake my ship by force. Hunt out.

    • Rev: You'll be fine. Keep your eyes open. Use your head.
      Harper: Or whatever it is you think with.
      Rev: Trance - your helmet?
      Trance: Oh, right.

    • Harper: I AM A GOD! Whooo!

    • Rev: I'm going to build a hospital on Kingfisher.
      Harper: Kingfisher? Isn't that the world where you were, uh...
      Rev: ...BORN. Yes. My people did some terrible things on Kingfisher. If I can do anything to help to alleviate the suffering that they caused... that I caused... it will be well worth it. In a way, I'll be trying to buy absolution. Which makes me just as selfish as any of you.

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    Notes (4)

    • Elizabeth Thai, the actress who plays Refractions of Dawn insisted on doing her own stunts during the fight scene on the command deck. The gel-pack that was used to simulate the Than blood was extremely hot, and burned her thighs when it was detonated.

    • International Airdates: -This episode aired in Canada on October 7, 2000 on Global. -This episode aired in the UK on October 9, 2000 on Sky One. -This episode aired in Australia on August 3, 2002 on Fox 8.

    • Kevin Sorbo (Dylan Hunt), Lisa Ryder (Beka Valentine), Lexa Doig (Rommie), Gordon Michael Michael Woolvett (Harper), Laura Bertram (Trance) and Steve Bacic (Gaheris) are the only actors to appear in both this episode and the finale, "The Heart of the Journey (2)."

    • The fight between Dylan and Rhade was voted #9 in the Top Ten Scenes at the official site.

    Trivia (4)

    • Goof: During the fight between Dylan and Rhade, Dylan shoots Rhade in mid-air. Rhade can clearly be seen to be shot in the stomach. When Dylan rolls the body over to say a last few words to his former friend, the scorch marks show he was shot in the chest.

    • Dylan states the The Systems Commonwealth consisted of over a million member worlds, in three galaxies. The three galaxies were the Milky Way, Andromeda, and the Triangulum.

    • It was established later in the series that the Andromeda was frozen in time for approximately 303 years, from CY 9784 to CY 10087.

    • By the Earth calender, the years in which the series takes place are 5161-5164.

    Allusions (14)

    • When Harper is asked what would happen if his method for getting extra power will not work, he answers "then I hope Rev Bem has a major pull up there". Bem begins chanting a strange prayer: ''Yisgadal... ve'Yiskadash... Shmey Raba." These words are in Aramaic, and mean "May His name be celebrated and sanctified". It is the first verse of the Jewish Kaddish prayer, recited in an Ashkenazi accent.

    • Genesis II: In 1973, the TV-movie pilot Genesis II was created by Gene Roddenberry, though his plans for syndication were canceled in favor of the syndicated Planet of the Apes series. In Genesis II, people in a post-apocalyptic future discover the body of a man named Dylan Hunt in an excavated NASA building who has been in suspended animation for 150 years, and who tries to help mankind rebuild society.

    • Star Trek: In one scene, Harper talks on the intercom. Before he says anything, he whistles. The whistle is the same sound as the intercom on the Enterprise on the show Star Trek.

    • Harper: I'm telling ya. The guy is huge. He's like...some kind of Greek God or something.

      This is a reference to Kevin Sorbo's previous series

    • Rhade: You have sown the wind. You shall reap the whirlwind. Biblical quote from the book of Hosea: "For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind..." Hosea 8:7

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