Andy Barker, P.I.

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Quotes (23)

  • Andy: You know that feeling that I get when I hit the equal sign on the calculator and the number on the calculator is the same number that's on the worksheet? It felt like that honey.

  • Simon: (To Andy about Wally having seen 'Chinatown') See. This man came to America in the wheel well of a jumbo jet and he's seen it.

  • Archives clerk: Sir I get four sometimes five calls a day. I can't keep track of every single one.

  • Lew: You got your boy in hot water. Let's see if you got the 'Mike and Ike's' to get him out.

  • Andy: Ah, cheese and crackers!

  • Ruth: You're an accountant Andy Barker! You go where the numbers lead you!

  • Russian Thug: He's crazy! He's throwing his babies!

  • Wendy: You find the mistress, you'll find the murderer!

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Notes (5)

  • This episode was included on the Emmy Awards 'For Your Consideration' DVD for this season.

  • This episode was included on the Emmy Awards 'For Your Consideration' DVD for this season.

  • Music -"Take My Breath Away" by Berlin -"Me and Mrs. Jones" by Billy Paul

  • The Double Meat Palace was a fast food restaurant on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where Jane Espenson worked as a writer. This episode which was co-written by Espenson mentions a business called Double Meat Enterprises.

  • The background music is "The Flower Duet" from the opera Lakmé by Léo Delibes.

Trivia (22)

  • The address of Duffy Plumbing Supply is 201 North Broadhurst Avenue Los Angeles California

  • The address of Long Beach Star is 1275 Mobray Blvd Long Beach California and the phone number is 555-0199

  • Andy's licence plate is 4PCI095

  • In Wally's restaurant there is sign that says, MSG NO! USA YES! on the wall and painted on the window outside.

  • The movie posters in the windows of Video Riot include 8 Mile, E.T., Curious George, Doom, Dawn of the Dead, Dr. Giggles, Schindler's List, Bride of Chucky, and Backdraft

  • Andy's home address is listed on his house as 5231

  • Music: Eye of the Tiger by Survivor.

  • The church he goes into is NOT a Russian Orthodox church. Russian Orthodox churches have onion domes on top. There is a Serbian orthodox church in Fair Oaks, but this appears to be some other Christian church. Also the cross the priest was wearing was not a Russian Orthodox cross. The Russian Orthodox cross has 4 lines not the basic two of regular Christian crosses.

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Allusions (6)

  • The title of this episode, Fairway, My Lovely, is a reference to the Raymond Chandler novel Farewell, My Lovely.

  • When Simon rescues Lou from the chicken he shoos it into the warehouse and closes the doors which say Slaughter Room 5 alluding to The the 1969 book Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut.

  • Three Days of the Chicken is similar to Sydney Pollack's Three Days of the Condor(1975).

  • Dial M for Laptop is similar to Alfred Hitchcock's Dial M for Murder(1954).

  • The Big No Sleep is similar to Howard Hawks's The Big Sleep(1946).

  • The Lady Varnishes is similar to Alfred Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes(1938).