Angel (1960)

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Quotes (4)

  • (John is trying to convince Angel that the government won't punish her over the election having to be done again) Angel: They do not do anything to people who waste government money? John: Well, yes. They re-elect them.

  • Angel: I have some good news! Suzie: Wonderful! Angel: Johnny's mother is coming for a visit. Suzie: No kidding! What's the good news?

  • (John has just informed Angel of the life insurance policy taken out on him by his boss) John: I should think you'd be happy to have a husband who's worth a quarter of a million dollars. Angel: I am not happy one bit at all! I much prefer to have a husband like you were! Worthless!

  • Angel: George, is Suzie home? George: Yeah, I think so. She sometimes drops in there between sales.

Notes (1)

  • Don Keefer is credited but does not appear.