Season 4, Ep 10, Aired 1/29/03
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  • Episode Description
  • Cordelia has a vision, which reveals that the Beast once knew Angelus. Since Angel has no memory of this, the gang realizes that there is only one thing to do. They must find a way to bring forth Angelus.

  • Cast & Crew
  • David Boreanaz


  • David Fury

  • James A. Contner

  • Steven S. DeKnight

  • Vladimir Kulich

    The Beast

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  • Red herrings galore

    By joxerlives, Jan 21, 2012

  • I guess Angel didn't want Cordelia after all!

    By band_babe14, Dec 04, 2007

  • Angel still and forever will be in love with Buffy.

    By NitroSpy, Sep 19, 2007

  • Awakening

    By TrueTvWatcher, Dec 19, 2010

  • Angel's perfect world

    By TwistedConverse, Aug 07, 2008

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (19)

    • Gunn: Pretty much the only victory that we can claim is that we're not dead yet.

    • Beast: The boy joins the father in death. Connor: No! In kicking your stony ass!

    • Gunn: (about the shaman) Either he has a big mole on his butt or...

    • Cordelia: Angel, you don't have to do this. Angel: (lying strapped down, locked in the cage) Now she tells me.

    • Lorne: Is there any part of this guy that doesn't have writing all over it? Scratch that - I don't want to know.

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    Notes (2)

    • Andy Hallett (Lorne) is credited as "Special Guest Star Andy Hallett."

    • In Angel's fantasy, Angel and Connor fight side by side to destroy The Beast. In the series finale, Angel and Connor will fight side by side to destroy Hamilton so at least one part of his fantasy came true.

    Trivia (3)

    • As we saw in "Eternity" (1x17) Angel reverted to Angelus after taking a mood altering drug. If it were that simple why don't they just tie him down and drug him instead of going through all the trouble of bringing in a dark mystic?

    • After Wesley gets his hand run through at the wall with the Hebrew writing Cordelia rips off part of her shirt to bandage it. When she and Angel are in the small cave retrieving the sword, there is no rip in her shirt.

    • In this episode, Angel says: "You have no idea what Angelus is, Wesley. All you know is what you've read in books. You've never had the pleasure of his company and you're not going to. " However in "Eternity" (1x17), when Angel temporarily became Angelus through the use of a mood-elevating drug, Wesley was there to deal with it.

    Allusions (2)

    • Lorne: All I could Kolchak was a rumor of bad mojo rising down in the warehouse district. A reference to the show Kolchak: The Night Stalker - a one-season ABC TV show from 1974 (with movie prequels in 1972 and 1973) about a reporter, Carl Kolchak, who investigates the supernatural.

    • Angel: Wood. Why did it have to be wood?
      After Angel sets off the Indiana Jones-inspired booby trap he says "Wood. Why did it have to be wood?" which is a take on Indiana Jones's famous line "Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?" from the 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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