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    In BtVS "Amends", Buffy tells Angel that "Strong is fighting! It's hard, and it's painful, and it's every

    By tarafan2, Aug 07, 2013

    Unknowingly she gave him, that night, what would be the mission statement of his entire spin-off show. Having watched AtS through to its end a couple of times now, despite the fact that it's just a TV show it's given me a lot to think about, and one of the most relevant things to my life that it's given me personally is how I look at people. As Buffy herself said: "The hardest thing in this world is to live in If you make it to the age of 20 a decent human being, I'd consider you a survivor.

    "I Will Remember You" is an episode of great importance and deep dramatic resonance that begs to be perfect and, well, very well could've been. Its focus is on the Buffy and Angel relationship, and visiting the 'life in your early twenties' metaphor again we see another staple experience: dealing with your ex. Oh, and what a pain it is. As recently as "The Bachelor Party" Doyle told Angel about his breakup with his young wife, and how perfectly it paralleled his situation; things go wrong and you're young like that, you don't just say 'Hey, thanks for the blender, I wish you well'. You fight - You tear each other apart until one of you can't take

    This episode falls under the category of AtS' mission statement of sacrificing constantly for the sake of good, the endlessness of which is brought out into the open in the character's minds in the immeasurable "Epiphany". As his life will always be, Angel has to live without Buffy, and live alone, every single day. In this episode he will have to suffer through having the pain of losing her re-ignited again, and is once again going to have to take a long look into the sun, accept what he's giving up and then let it go forever.

    After Angel's appearance in Sunnydale, and Buffy's rather humorous discovery of the fact, she shows up in . seeking answers. The two go through the motions, with their epic drama at a full crescendo, and it's here that the episode takes a wrong turn. There's a lot done right, but what really keeps this episode from being perfect, and what I'll go into first, is the Mohra demon.

    It just so happens that there is a type of demon whose blood burns out any demonic essence in other beings, and it also happens that Angel gets some of this blood into a cut on his hand when he decides to fight it own his own away from Buffy, perfectly setting them into place for a dramatic reunion. It's far too convenient for my liking, and much like "Eternity" or BtVS "Enemies" carelessly tosses around something that has, in the past, been made a huge deal of and rightly so.

    My other problem is Angel's foolishly out of character behaviour in his confrontation of the Mohra demon; perhaps he did again become Liam. There's nothing in his personality to suggest he would suddenly forget the limitations of his strength and speed as a human, and knowing a demon's strength, certainly wouldn't be so foolish as to believe he could take it down on sheer force of will. This was done purely to force the confrontation with the demon, and while necessary, it's a shame they couldn't have done it more logically.

    As for what is done right: everything else. This episode has the deepest, most heartfelt drama that the Whedonverse had seen up to this point since BtVS "Becoming, Part II". David Boreanaz, who had become an exceptionally better actor since that time, is at the top of his game here as is Sarah Michelle Gellar, and they light up the screen in both their happiest and most tragic moments. The next-to-final scene where Angel confesses his deal with the Oracles is nothing short of masterfully played.

    Development brought about by the events herein is also done well and is important to Angel's character, even more so than the choice he faced in "In the Dark". Buffy's edited memory of her visit allows her some ability to move past Angel and continue further with Riley back in Sunnydale. Angel's memory of the grand day out leaves him with further and more deeply important conviction on what he's really fighting for: souls, humanity and love. That he's uncertain of his purpose as a human makes him only that much more committed to the mission when the day is erased.

    His selfless commitment to Buffy is still present as always; he worries more about burdening her with his mortal weakness than he does about his inability to fight. This is clear when he's willing to fight the Mohra, but not willing to include Buffy. But what matters more than anything is the realization and acceptance of the horrible truth that, once again, they can't be together. The comparison of tea and crackers to sex and peanut butter also reminds us why they need to stay away physically as well.

    Angel's mission and Buffy's duty are too great a sacrifice to make, and Cordelia serves up a damn good point when she tells Buffy "you can't have everythingyou can't have Angel, and save the world!" After facing the Mohra and nearly dying to the tune of putting his true love in danger, Angel realizes this too. This leads to the heartbreaking and flawless scene where the two count down the time to Buffy forgetting everything. This is one of the bold few scenes in the entire series that waters my eyes every time; few others, no matter how emotional, can match.

    This episode is also important in how it puts a final sense of closure on Buffy and Angel's relationship. Sure, the reasons for the split were listed and explained in BtVS "The Prom" and "Graduation Day, Part II", but there was no real sense of resolution, just Angel walking off into the mist. Still having felt it his right to sneak around Buffy for her better 'interests,' it was clear that Angel believed there was still an obligation for him to fulfill, despite his leaving Buffy; the 'rules' of the breakup weren't clear enough. And, for Angel to carry on in his mission and Buffy to move on with Riley and her life, this episode had to happen.

    And happen it did. The whole of the story here is about sacrifice, but take away the supernatural elements and it's still every bit as powerful. It resonates because of what Angel has to experience and suffer through, and the sympathy he merits borders on empathy because every single one of us knows what it is to live every day with pain, especially those of us who have been in such high-strung relationships. It's in all this that the episode gains all of its points, in how it has a heart unparalleled by any episode of this season, and overwhelms the episode's weaknesses; you may not even catch them the first viewing.

    That Angel couldn't keep his heart is a true tragedy, as is the fact that this episode keeps itself from a perfect score, no matter its feats.moreless

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    Never have i seen an episode which involves such true happiness and such excruciating pain in one whole episode

    By Affy, Jul 23, 2013

    All of those who've watched this episode probably hated it and love it. There truly was moments of pure joy and moments of painful heartbreak.

    I watched Buffy as a kid and now i recently watched it again years learn to appreciate it more.

    Buffy and Angel are like Emilie Bronte's Heathcliff and Catherine from Wuthering Heights. And thas why i love it so much. After Angel left in season 3 i didnt really watch buffy fully only the episodes in which angel appeared in. To be honest i didnt even know that Angel and Buffy would interlink between episodes. And Joss Whedon does an exceptional job between the two series.

    This episode was so beautiful esp for Angel and Buffy fans as they finally get way through the episode i really thought it was too good to be true and thought it has to be a dream. The last few moments of I Will Remember You were heartbreaking to watch. I never felt so emotionaly it was terrible and the worst thing is that because it all happened in the last few mins of the episode the sadness sticks with felt so drained.

    I was so scared to watch the episode again. And at one stage i felt really pissed with Joss Whedon.. i mean everyone longs for these two to get together and then the second they finally make it they get ripped apart. Not fair.

    I think Joss needs to call up david boreanaz and sarah michelle gellar and ask to do a sequel to make it much clearly to the fans how Buffy loved Angel more than Spike.


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  • 9.5

    One of the best of season 1.

    By Friendsfan121, Oct 16, 2011

    This episode pissed me off so much. I loved it, don't get me wrong, but I was so angry at the end. Seeing Buffy and Angel together was perfect to watch. I loved seeing them again, and they were both so happy! Unfortunately, Angel gets his ass kicked and he makes the decision to turn back time, leading to the saddest minute of Bangel history. Now, I don't understand why he had to turn back time. I mean, Riley and the initiative, as much as I hate them, can still fight. And while it doesn't work out between Riley and Buffy (Thank god), it could have between Angel and Buffy because they are in love. I understand how if this had happened and it stayed the same, things would be drastically different, but it still isn't fair.moreless

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    Angel's immediate return from Sunnydale left fans with the question, Will Buffy come to LA? From Angel becoming a human to a reconciliation between the star crossed lovers. I will remember you leaves the viewer pleased with the on going events until its d

    By Slayer_03_05KID, Sep 07, 2011

    With Angel coming back from his predecessor's home town. The Slayer comes to LA with unanswered questions. With the premise of unfulfilled hope it leaves the show to have the potential that Buffy and Angel fans all over the world wanted reconciliation between the doomed lovers. But in this Whedonesque style the memory of it all would be limited to one hero. With a moving performance by David Boreanez and his co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar it leaves the fans wanting more but like there relationship all you will be left with is honorable irony to these characters.moreless

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    Buffy comes to LA...And offcourse things won't go like planned. Angels becomes human and the lovers now have a chance to be together. But the question is, does it last long?

    By ilonabredenhoff, Sep 07, 2011

    I adore this episode and after watching it a couple dozen times I could quote the final scenes. I think I actually cried during the "I'll never forget"-scene. This was just what the B/A fans needed. Especially since they never really get together after this. So, this was one of the best Angel-episodes of all the seasons.

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    The Time Isn't Now

    By maxpower03, Sep 07, 2011

    I was never a fan of the Buffy/Angel romance and when I first heard that Buffy will be crossing over for this episode, I immediately thought it was a mistake. This is Angel's show and having their relationship be thrust to the foreground so soon in the season isn't that great.

    Thankfully, the writers put a neat twist on their romance by having Angel becoming momentarily human, leaving Buffy and himself to have the perfect relationship together that they had always wanted to have.

    Sarah Michelle Gellar gives a brilliant performance in this episode from her anger in the opening scenes as she yells at Angel for coming to Sunnydale to rescue her from the Chumash tribe to her immediate happiness when she discovers that Angel has become human.

    Although I Will Remember You is a decent episode, I actually think it's extremely overrated. The official Angel magazine rated it as the best ever episode and I have to disagree. The whole hour seems like its only purpose is to please Bangel fans that were extremely pissed when Joss separated both characters. There are way too many vomit-inducing scenes (ooh look Angel's all naked, ooh look Buffy's licking ice cream of Angel's bulging chest) and in the end, it turns into melodramatic soap-opera-lite garbage. Although, any viewer who doesn't even cry a tiny bit during the episode's closing moments is obviously made of stone. The pain on Buffy and Angel's faces when they realize they only have around 20 seconds left before time reverses back to normal is just heartbreaking...

    If you're a big fan of the Buffy and Angel romance, you'll regret missing it but if you like your Angel slayer-free, I wouldn't recommend...

    Director: David Grossman

    Writers: David Greenwalt, Jeannine Renshaw

    Rating: C+moreless

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    She only came to prove a point, but everything turned out different when Buffy's once undead boyfriend turns into everything she could ever wish for... Human.

    By BeBraveLive4Me, Sep 07, 2011

    Angel and Buffy struggled through so much love and hate in their relationship that never was it easy to be together. Buffy was risking it all as a slayer, and Angel was fighting for redemption as a vampire with a soul. They loved each other so much, and it was killing them.

    But what was even worse, was that it would kill others for them to be together. What felt so right to them was ultimately wrong for the world. It just shows that when you put yourself to be in the position of a champ or warrior, you can't think about yourself first. Angel and Buffy loved each other so much, that they couldn't risk the world the each other lived in.

    If you're a fan of the Buffy/Angel relationship, this is an absolutely beautiful episode. As you watch Angel and Buffy stare into each other's eyes bawling as their hearts are breaking, your heart breaks too. But with every good BtVS and Ats episode, it serves a good lesson that we too may learn from. Time is precious. As is being happy...moreless

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  • 4.5

    Buffy comes to town, yells at Angel and then he's human and they're happy. But this is Angel, so we know it cannot last. So then he's not human anymore, and everyone forgets, except for Angel and everyother poor soul who saw this episode.

    By Parae434, Sep 07, 2011

    What a schmaltz fest! I mean, really, what was the plot again? O, wait, there wasn't one, instead there was a plot device to bring in Buffy and then screw with Angel's head a little bit. And let's not forget the tiny little point that with Angel turning human easily and accidentally that it basically negates the last, oh, I don't know four seasons of the show. You know, when the driving force was Angel Trying To Become HUMAN! What was the point of him trying so damn hard when all he'd have to do is track down and bleed a demon? Granted the writers more than likely didn't know this at the time they wrote the episode, but still, it's such a glaring point that it's impossible to ignore.

    Yeah, besides that, too much Buffy and Angel being 'in love' and not enough Cordelia and Doyle who actually had some real chemistry going on.moreless

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    Time has not been kind to this episode.

    By tuworkzz, Sep 07, 2011

    I'm sorry, but as someone who wanted Angel to stand on its own two feet and who was sick of the B/A storyline at that point, I just could not bring myself to like that episode. You could literally take this entire show out of the series and it wouldn't effect the plot in any way. It was just another excuse to make Angel depressed and broody again and to portray B/A as the same old boring angst that was predominant during the second and third seasons of BTVS. I was glad when the focus was shifted to C/A on Angel(and B/S on BTVS), because the characters became much more interesting as a result.moreless

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    Why cant Angel be happy???

    By Katinkalu, Sep 07, 2011

    So Buffy comes to town, they fight a demon, and Angel becomes a real boy. Great, right?? No, because this is not a happy world that Angel is living in, therefore nothing can be good for him. Angel and Buffy have this one beutiful night together, eat ice cream in bed... They are happy, then it all has to go to the crapper, Angel finds out that if he stays human Buffy will die, so he decides to go back to being the tormented vampire he was and to make it so he is the only one who remembers what happened between him and Buffy. I would be lying if I said I didnt cry durring this episode... why cant Angel be happy???moreless

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