That Old Gang of Mine

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Quotes (19)

  • Angel: (About the Furies) Tell them to lift the spell, and I'll be able to fight back. Cordelia: Yes! They'll lift the spell and then you can fight... all 20 of them and still get killed. GREAT idea.

  • Angel: (to Gunn) Nice shot. Am I next?

  • Rondell: (about Angel) He ain't your friend. I am. And you gonna choose that over me? Gunn: Looks like. It's about the mission, bro. He's got it. You don't.

  • Gunn: No matter what else, I think I proved that you can trust me when I could have killed you and I didn't. Angel: No - you'll prove I can trust you when the day comes that you have to kill me - and you do.

  • Merl: Real friends don't need notes. Angel: We're not friends, Merl. We barely even know each other.

  • Cordelia: (While Fred is singing "Crazy" on stage) I swear, she picked out the song herself.

  • Wesley: This is madness. Angel has a soul. Gio: He's a vampire. Wesley: With a soul! Gio: Whatever. - You think that makes him the same as us? Wesley: No. Better. (To Gio) Better than you, anyway. When he did his pleasure killing he had no soul. You can make no such claim.

  • Wesley: (to Rondell) If you don't mind I'd prefer a clean kill. The last time I was merely wounded. It took months to heal. Wounded, if I recall, in an attempt to help you.

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Notes (4)

  • Music: Sung by Fred at Caritas -- "Crazy" by Patsy Cline Sung by Gio -- "Wind Beneath My Wings" by Larry J. Henley and Jeff Alan Silbar

  • This conversation showing Cordelia's difficulty in getting to know Fred was cut from the episode due to time constraints. Cordelia: You're exactly the sort of girl who would have hated me in high school. Fred: Oh, I'm sure that's not true. Cordelia: No, no it is. I pretty much saw to it. I was a cheerleader, had power, popularity. You didn't know me then. Fred: No I didn't. I knew you when you were a princess. Cordelia: Uh, right. Anyway...

  • This is the final on-screen appearance of Gunn's gang. They will later be mentioned in 'Double or Nothing' and 'Not Fade Away.'

  • This episode was intended to be aired as the second episode of the season but was switched and aired as the third instead.

Trivia (2)

  • In the scene at Caritas, where Fred is pointing the crossbow at Gio's throat, the distance between the bolt and his neck is different in each camera angle but she is not moving.

  • At the end of the episode as Angel and Gunn walk away, you can see Angel's reflection in the wet ground.