The Prodigal

Season 1, Ep 15, Aired 2/22/00
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  • Episode Description
  • Usually docile demons are flying into violent rages, and innocent humans are paying the price. The realization that Kate's father is somehow involved brings up a lot of painful memories about Angel's own father.

  • Cast & Crew
  • David Boreanaz


  • Charisma Carpenter

    Cordelia Chase

  • Alexis Denisof

    Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

  • Tim Minear

  • Bruce Seth Green

  • Fan Reviews (11)
  • Whedon's father

    By joxerlives, Jan 11, 2012

  • Overall, this episode is one of the better installments of the first season, focusing almost entirely upon Angel’s relationship with Kate. It’s something of a cliché for characters to have issues with a father figure, but in this case, it places characte

    By entil2001, Jul 13, 2005

  • 'Ever since she ran me through with a 2 x 4, things have been different.'

    By SleepTight, Sep 14, 2005

  • daddy issues

    By AngelRocks, Oct 16, 2006

  • Sins of the Father

    By mattsafreak, Dec 16, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (15)

    • Wesley: I think you'll find most people require some period of adjustment after being confronted with the dark forces which surround us. Women in particular-- (Cordelia is seen kneeling over the Kwaini demon with a hacksaw) Cordelia: Found it! (starts to saw into the demon) Wesley: ...struggle with it.

    • Liam: As you wish, father. Always, just as you wish. Liam’s father It’s a son I wished for, a man. Instead, God gave me you, a terrible disappointment. Liam: Disappointment? A more dutiful son you couldn’t have asked for. My whole life you told me in word, in glance what it is you’ve required of me and I’ve lived down to your every expectation now, haven’t I? Liam’s father: That’s madness! Liam: No, the madness is I couldn’t fail enough for you, but we’ll fix that now, won’t we? Liam’s father: I fear for you, lad. Liam: And is that the only thing you can find in your heart for me now, father? Liam’s father: Who’ll take you in, hm? No one. Liam: I’ll not lack for a place to sleep, I can tell you that. Out of my way. Liam’s father : (clearly in emotional pain) I was never in your way, boy.

    • Darla: Your victory over him took but moments. Angelus: Yes. Darla: But his defeat of you will last lifetimes. Angelus: What are you talking about? He can't defeat me now. Darla: Nor can he ever approve of you. In this world or any other. What we once were informs all that we have become. The same love will infect our hearts, even if they no longer beat. Simple death won't change that. Angelus: Love. Is this the work of love? Darla: Darling boy. So young. Still so very young.

    • Angelus: I could feel them above me. As I slept in the earth. Heartbeats. The blood coursing through their veins. Was it a dream? Darla: A dream for you. Soon their nightmare.

    • Angel: So, you're back. Cordelia: Very good, Mister I-can't-tail-the-suspect-during-the-day- because-I'll-burst-into-flames Private Eye.

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    Notes (8)

    • This episode scored a rating of 5.2/8 in the overnight Nielsen ratings, ranking 4th out of 15 WB shows for that week.

    • David Boreanaz does the "Previously on Angel" voiceover.

    • This is the first appearance of Darla (Julie Benz) on Angel. It's her first return to the Buffy/Angelverse since she was dusted in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Angel" (1x07) three seasons before. Darla was present briefly in Buffy's second season finale in a flashback of when she sired Angel.

    • This episode is unusually short clocking in at only 40 minutes rather than the usual 44 minutes.

    • Liam's tombstone reads: "1727-1753 Beloved Son." Angel was turned into a vampire at age 26.

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    Trivia (9)

    • When Angel kills "Head Demon Guy," he falls back with his head firmly attached. Then, the head suddenly rolls across the room.

    • When Cordelia and Wesley are attacked in their office, Cordelia pulls a bookshelf down onto one of the demons. In the next scene, however, the bookshelf is standing upright.

    • When Angel is speaking to Kate in his office, you can see his reflection in the desk.

    • When examining the body of the demon from the subway, Wesley says that he has performed a "vivisection." A vivisection can only be done on an animal that is alive when you begin the process. Since Angel killed the demon back in the subway, Wes actually performed a "disection."

    • You can actually hear Angel breathing heavily when he digs his way out of his grave in the flashback. This could be considered a goof, but it has also been shown that even though vampires do not need to breathe, they often continue to do so out of habit. This includes many examples of vampires seeming "out of breath" or otherwise breathing heavily in both this series and in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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    Allusions (2)

    • Trevor: What's wrong with him? Is he married? Kate: No. Trevor: West Hollywood? West Hollywood is an area of L.A. well known to have an extremely large gay population (roughly 41% as of the 2000 Census). Kate's father is asking if Angel is either married or gay.

    • The title of this epsiode refers to the Biblical parable of the prodigal son. That tale is about a son who leaves home, squanders all his wealth, and then returns home to a joyous welcome from his father. This fits thematically with the episode because it is largely about Kate's relationship with her father and (through flashbacks) about Angel's relationship with his human father.

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