Season 5, Ep 17, Aired 4/14/04
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  • Episode Description
  • Hoping that Lindsey has information on the Senior Partners' ultimate plans, Angel, Spike and Gunn track him down in a bizarre and terrifying suburban hell. Meanwhile, a nearly invincible stranger sent by the Senior Partners, infiltrates Wolfram & Hart looking for Eve.

  • Cast & Crew
  • James Marsters


  • David Boreanaz


  • Mercedes McNab

    Harmony Kendall

  • J. August Richards

    Charles Gunn

  • Andy Hallett


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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (21)

    • Spike: I'm on fire!! (Looks at himself) Oh, never mind.

    • Lorne: Where's Gunn? ... Angel? Angel: He, uh... he stayed behind. Lorne: Stayed behind? But you never leave a - (off Angel's look) Oh, I guess we do. That's what we do now.

    • Lindsey: Not an apocalypse, the apocalypse. What'd you think, a gong was gonna sound? Time to jump on your horses and fight the big fight? Starting pistol went off a long time ago, boys. You're playing for the bad guys. Every day you sit behind your desk and you learn a little more how to accept the world the way it is. Well, here's the rub... heroes don't do that. Heroes don't accept the world the way it is. They fight it. Angel: You're saying everything we do... it's a keep us busy from looking under the surface. Lindsey: (snaps his fingers) Ding! We have a winner! The world keeps sliding towards entropy and degradation, and what do you do? You sit in your big chair, and you sign your checks, just like the Senior Partners planned. The war's here, Angel. And you're already two soldiers down.

    • Illyria: Tell me a joke.
      Wesley: Two men walk into a bar. The first man orders a scotch and soda. The second man remembers something he'd forgotten, and it doubles him over with pain. He falls to the floor shaking and then through the floor and into the Earth. He looks back up at the first man, but he doesn't call out to him. They're not that close.

    • (Gunn opens the car door, letting sunlight in) Spike and Angel: Ahhh! Gunn: Alternate dimension, remember? Sun's the non-frying variety. Spike: Figured that. Angel: Oh, right.

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    Notes (4)

    • The Wesley/Illyria scenes were all written by Joss.

    • When filming this episode, the cast and crew were notified by the WB that they had cancelled the series. Creator Joss Whedon had just six episodes to tie-in all the loose strings of the show.

    • This episode marks the final changes of the series to the main opening credits. Mercedes McNab (Harmony) is added to them and no longer listed as a guest star and Amy Acker's opening credit has been changed to show her mostly as Illyria now. The other stars also have some new scenes added to their credits.

    • Adam Baldwin was one of the stars of Joss Whedon's canceled series Firefly. Like several other actors from the show, Joss has brought him into the "Buffyverse."

    Trivia (6)

    • The design on the medallion that Lindsey is wearing changes in the closeup shot right before Angel rips it off of his neck.

    • In the basement Spike picks up a bleeding heart which supposedly belongs to Lindsey, but when he drops it his hand is clean of any blood.

    • Eve signs a contract, giving Hamilton her powers of Liaison. Oftentimes, important contracts from or having to do with Wolfram & Hart must be signed with the signer's blood. Angel signs in blood in "Power Play" (5x21), and Lilah has signed in blood before as well.

    • In the Wolfram & Hart mystical holding dimension, when Lindsey's hand reaches for the basement doorknob, the crew and the rest of the studio are reflected in the doorknob. You can even see the rails for the camera dolly on the floor.

    • In the wide shot where Lindsey is getting his newspaper, you can see the mailman walking past someone's driveway. But when the camera angle changes, the mailman is farther back than where he started from. In the next shot you can see the mailman already all the way up the next-door neighbor's driveway.

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    Allusions (6)

    • Lorne: Holy motor pool! This is an allusion to the character Robin in the 1960s TV series Batman who was known for exclaiming "holy..." and then a word or phrase that was a reference to (or pun on) whatever had startled him. For example "holy smoke!" when seeing a fire or "holy sardine!" when a shark is attacking Batman.

    • Spike: Cut the act, Ward, June's gone. Spike makes reference to the popular 1950s sitcom Leave It to Beaver in which the parents of the lead character were Ward and June Cleaver. The series became a pop culture icon referencing idealized, even homogenized suburban American life.

    • Illyria: ... and called me a smurf. The Smurfs are a fictional group of tiny blue creatures that lived in forests and enjoyed much popularity due to comic strips and several movie and tv adaptations.

    • Angel: Well, when you're through reading about important things like Trista and Ryan's big baby plans, maybe you can put some thought into it. The Bachelor is a show about men trying to find a woman to spend the rest of their life with. Trista was the first "Bachelorette" in a reverse role spin-off aptly dubbed The Bachelorette. After being dumped by one of the Bachelors, she got her own show to find the man of her dreams. She chose Ryan, and they got married. Their wedding was also televised.

    • Lorne: On a scale of one to Terminator? The Terminator is a movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a powerful and seemingly unstoppable robot from the future. This episode contains several visual references to the Terminator films, following Lorne's line. Adam Baldwin's slow walk brings to mind both the T-101 and the T-1000. Hamilton punching the security guard through the stomach is similar to the Terminator punching a punk in the beginning of the first movie. Lorne and Eve escaping in the elevator to the parking garage, then being followed there by the stalker is eerily similar to the sequence of the mental ward escape in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Spike being stitched up after being shot in the back is also similar to Linda Hamilton sewing up the Terminator in the second movie.

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