Angelic Layer

TV Tokyo (ended 2001)
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  • S 1 : Ep 26

    Angel Wings! Please Guide Me and Hikaru!

    Aired 9/23/01

  • S 1 : Ep 26

    Angels Wings - Pull Me and Hikaru Together


  • S 1 : Ep 25

    Reunion of Destiny. Angels Wet With Tears

    Aired 9/16/01

  • S 1 : Ep 25

    Fateful Reunion - An Angel Soaked with Tears


  • S 1 : Ep 24

    Reach Misaki! This Thought Goes Over the Rainbow

    Aired 9/9/01

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jessica Boone

    Misaki Suzuhara

  • Atsuko Enomoto

    Misaki Suzuhara

  • Andy McAvin

    Ichirou 'Icchan' Mihara

  • Masaya Onosaka

    Ichirou 'Icchan' Mihara

  • Sasha Paysinger

    Hatoko Kobayashi

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  • show Description
  • "The world is progressing day by day. Within it, the thing that continues to progress the most is electronic technology, and in that- its connection to toys. Now, the number one thing this is leading to is a 'World of Toys.' The first of these toys is the egg that came from a dream, 'Angel Egg.' If one with an egg shows wisdom, love, and courage, they can raise it into an 'angel.' That's Angelic Layer." - CLAMP Official Battle 1 Introduction Angelic Layer follows the adventures of a middle school student named Misaki Suzuhara. After discovering an interest in a battle game called Angelic Layer, Misaki purchases and creates her own doll, Hikaru, and with her, she is able to participate (and win) in Angelic Layer Tournaments. Along the way we meet the friends, rivals, and family of Misaki, some of whom have deep secrets. Angelic Layer comes from CLAMP, a group of women writers best known for relationship and shojo animes such as Magic Knight Rayearth, Card Captor Sakura, X/1999, and most recently Tsubasa Chronicle. Also known as: Battle Doll Angelic Layer, Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer, Mobile Angel Number of episodes: 26 Airdates: Spring-Summer 2001 in Japan. No airdates in the US, except maybe on pay-sites like ADV's The Anime Network. License Status: This series has been dubbed into English by AD Vision (ADV) in the year 2003. DVD's are now available for all episodes. Do not ask about fansubs! Manga/Graphic Novels: Only five graphic novels have been written in the English version. Opening Song: Be My Angel sung by Atsuko Enomoto. Closing Song: * the Starry sky * lyrics and singing by H"L. Spinoffs and Related Series Chobits - this futuristic series is set a few years after Angelic Layer in the same world. The characters Kaede and Icchan have important roles in Chobits and this is described in detail in the graphic novels (US volume 7 and 8), while the anime barely references it. Tsubasa Chronicle is Clamp's latest release that combines many of their characters in different roles. There's a good chance some of the characters from Angelic Layer might end up in some of the episodes!moreless

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  • Quotes (28)

    • Narrator: It's an egg filled with a dream. That dream's name is Angelic. You fill each egg with knowledge, love, and courage to create an angel.

    • Ogata: Welcome back, chief. Where on earth have you been? Icchan: The police station. Ogata: Police? D-did you finally do it at last, chief? (gasps) I always thought one day you'd do it! And now you-- Icchan: Huh? What are you talking about? Ogata: Of course! I always knew you--were--(coughs) a per--ahhh! Icchan (slaps assistant on head): Wrong as usual! So here's your penalty: ten minutes with a live octopus in your pants!! Ogata: AAHHHH!

    • Misaki (reading the instructions for how to activate her doll): Warning: Please note--the shock absorber is not edible. Please keep safely out of the reach of small children. Adult supervision is recommended. (thinks a moment) Since I'm in middle school now, I'm an adult. Well, kinda, anyway.

    • Shoko (just found out that Misaki got an angel of her own): I must in her blood.

    • Hostess: Okay, Number 15? Can you state your name? Misaki: Su..Su..Suzuhara Misakichi. Tamayo: Oh man...Misakichi, that's your nickname!

    • Kotaro: Don't always go disappearing off by yourself like that! Hatoko: Geez, you always treat me like a little kid. I can go to kindergarden by myself. Kotaro: You're still in preschool, aren't you?

    • Girl 1: When you're doing a move, if your timing is off, you'll never hit the opponent. In other words just practicing a move is meaningless. Girl 2: I see...dancing to the beat is one way to practice timing.

    • Icchan: First from the right... Misaki: Okay Icchan: (starts dancing) "Right, right, left, right, spin and clap," Okay!

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    Notes (24)

    • Manga Corollary: Volume 1, Chapter 1.

    • Mark Laskowski, who plays Ogata, is credited as Mark X. Laskowski for the entire series.

    • Audio Commentary English voice actors Jessica Boone (Misaki) and Andy McAvin (Icchan) provide audio commentary in this episode which can be found on the DVD Volume 1. This is Jessica Boone's first DVD audio commentary! Be forewarned though: near the end of the commentary, Jessica lays out a major series spoiler but if you've read the manga, you already know it.

    • Original title: "Hajimemashite! Watashidake no Angel" Translation: "Nice to meet you! Be my only angel"

    • Manga Corollary - Volume 1, Chapters 2-3. Excludes pages 3, 7, 14, and 16 from chapter 2. Pages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, and 11 from chapter 3. 1: Before Misaki left for school, her Aunt Shoko noticed her doll. 2; There wasn't any mention of "turning right at the flower shop." 3: When Kotaro and Misaki blushed it was because Hatoko told them that middle schoolers were having an entrance ceremony. 4: Before Misaki and Kotaro reached the school she showed him her angel doll. 5: When Misaki, Kotaro and Tamayo are shown again they are at the restaurant Duklyon's. 6: Icchan's fall from the tree caused him to break a back tooth. 7: Icchan mentions that the citizens accused him of being a pervert, because of what he wears. 8: When Misaki was making Hikaru's outfit, Icchan was sitting next to her. 9: When Misaki was finished making Hikaru's outfit it was already nighttime. 10: When Misaki is showed again she's in school. 11: Icchan was seen again playing the claw machine filled with doll's cloths. 12: When Icchan and Misaki were heading to the Training center some people were suspecting him of being a pervert. 13: Misaki was given an Angel Card for $4.00 dollars for 2 hours to room 6. 14: The hostess seemed to know Icchan. 15: When Misaki first used Hikaru it was in training mode. 16: Kotaro and Tamayo saw Misaki make her challenge on the wide screen tv outside. 17: Misaki's oppenent's name wasn't announced.

    • Original title: "Gambare Hikaru! Hajimete no fight!!" Translation: "Good luck Hikaru! First fight!"

    • Manga Corrollary - Volume 1, chapters 4 and 3. Excluding pages 2-3, 5-6, 8-17 from 4. Pages 1-8, and 11-17 from 3. 1: Misaki already had her angel card. 2: Before Misaki left, Shoko mentioned Angelic Layer. 3: Shoko was the one who informed Misaki of the tournament. 4: Misaki had failed the mattress exercise in gym class. 5: When Icchan reappeared it was from a bin of stuffed Dorry the sheep. 6: Strangers already suspect Icchan of being a pervert. 7: Ogata looks for Icchan at the tournament. 8: Icchan had said that he only wanted data on Hikaru. 9: Misaki battled against Hatoko already.

    • Original title: "Anata wa dare? Misaki no dokidoki lesson" Translation: "Who are you? Misaki's heart pounding lesson"

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    Trivia (27)

    • When Misaki starts to program Hikaru the computer screen says: welcome to angelic layer world that's a fantastic illusion on the (??) http://www.anjelic good luck to you! please click under the bottom

    • After Misaki bought all the necessary items for Angelic Layer he had 30 yen left over (about $0.25)

    • Icchan teases the cats in the tree with Tai yaki while Misaki makes Hikaru's new clothes. Tai yaki is a pancake like desert filled with sweet bean paste made in the shape of a fish.

    • Wizard is the first of the few male angels we see in the series.

    • In the Japanese version, after the players enter the angels, they say "Angel, fall in!" instead of "The angel descends".

    • Engrish: In the series, Piffle Princess is spelled Piffle Prinsess. In the series, Vasquez is spelled Vasqees.

    • Hikaru fought TJ, who had lost to Vasquez earlier, implying that this particular tournament is not a traditional single bracket (one loss and you're out) or a traditional double elimination bracket (one loss puts you in the loser's bracket, another loss and you're out).

    • Misaki is announced with an 8-0 record. Hatoko is also undefeated.

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    Allusions (6)

    • Misaki's Angel, Hikaru, is also the same name as CLAMP's little teenage hero Hikaru in the series Magic Knight Rayearth.

    • CLAMP crossovers Misaki, Kotaro, and Tamayo go to Eriol Academy middle school. Eriol is the name of one of the main characters in CLAMP's Cardcaptor Sakura series.

    • Catalina is inspired by figure skater Katarina Witt who won the gold medal at the 1984 Winter Olympics, and dominated the mid-to-late 1980’s as a world champion figure skater.

    • Nightingale is modeled after Florence Nightingale, a 19th century woman who's most famous for her great contributions to nursing. It's no surprise that the Angel has a nurse's cap.

    • References to the Street Fighter 2 fighting game series that was popular in the 90's. 1) Suzuka's lightning kicks resemble Chun Li's Lighting Leg move. 2) Suzuka's finishing move, Rolling Thunder, is a high-speed back flip kick that leaves a light arc trail. This resembles Guile's Somersault Kick move.

    • (English dub) Maria: Resistance is futile. This catchphrase was popularized by the Borg in Star Trek: The Next Generation although Maria does not follow up with the saying, "You will be assimilated".

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  • Another Clamp masterpiece which surpass cliche personalities and stereotypes

    By HtetAung1, Nov 21, 2012

  • kinda boring but i wish we had it in real life..

    By goldenalchemist, Jun 18, 2008

  • Angelic Layer is a manga series released by Clamp. The manga is published in Japan by Kadokawa Shoten.

    By firearrow92, Jul 18, 2007

  • Misaki Suzuhara, a young girl new to Tokyo, watches a program on a large TV at Tokyo Station depicting fighting dolls--Angelic Layer. With the help of a kooky scientist named Icchan, Misaki will learn to play Angelic Layer and maybe even find her mother.

    By FireNationChick, Mar 12, 2007

  • One of Clamp's best work yet

    By yuki_megami, Sep 01, 2006

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