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  • Jake: Hi. My name is Jake. I wanted to tell you, make this message because if anything happens to me or any of my friends, somebody needs to know what's going on. I can't tell you where I live or my last name. You just have to trust me that what I'm talking about is real. This is a real place, a real town. It may even be your town.

  • Elfangor: I am Elfangor, of the Andalite world. I've come... (groans) Cassie: Jake, give me your shirt. He's wounded. Elfangor: There's nothing you can do for me. Rachel: It's gonna be okay. Cassie knows a lot about animals. Marco: Way to insult the guy, Rach. Elfangor: The wound is fatal. I will die. But there will be others. Jake: Others? Elfangor: Unlike me, they have come to destroy you.

  • Jake: From now on, we just talk to each other. Trust no one... Principal Chapman's a controller.

  • Jake: It was so bizarre. I was trapped. I had no other choice and I remembered what the alien said, so I put my hand on Homer and I started concentrating. All of the sudden I started.. mutating.. I could hear my bones crunching and twisting. I watched my palms become paws. I became my dog.

  • Marco: You know...funniest thing happened to me last night. Some blue dude with four legs put me and a few other idiots in charge of saving the world.

  • Elfangor: The Yeerks are parasites. They must have a host to live in. On Earth their hosts are humans. They enter your brain and take over your thoughts and feelings. These hosts are called 'controllers'. They can be anyone, your family, your friends. Earth is their next target.

  • Rachel: Maybe we should try talking to it. Marco: Yeah. Just let me get out my Alien/English dictionary.

  • Jake: (to Homer) Stay. Marco: Oh sure. The dog gets to stay.

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  • The laws of the show differ somewhat from the books. In the books, the Animorphs could not morph clothing unless it was skin-tight, however, in the show (most likely for time and simplicity) the Animorphs can morph any kind of clothing.

  • Narrated by Jake, based on Book #1, The Invasion.

  • Narrated by Jake, based on Book #1, The Invasion.

  • Narrated by Marco, based on Book #1, The Invasion.

  • Narrated by Jake & Marco.

  • Narrated by Rachel, based on Book #2, The Visitor.

  • Narrated by Cassie, based on Book #4, The Message. This is the first episode in the series to keep the book title it was based off of.

  • The Dracon beams used in the TV series are revealed to actually be flashlights. They are fired by turning on the flashlight, as shown in many scenes.

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  • The Animorphs theme tune/opening sequence tune is: No turning back No backing down Nowhere to run No solid ground No place to hide No-one to trust No-one to help you when you're lost There's only us It's all in your hands Hold on Hold back the darkness Gotta take a stand It's all in your hands However this is not heard until the next episode.

  • If you look closely to the Dracon beams the Controllers are holding, its actually just flashlights, modified to look alienic.

  • By the books, Visser Three is only the rank of the Yeerk. His name is Esplin9466. The Andalite-Controller's name is Alloran Semitur Koras.

  • According to the first book, the monster that Visser 3 changed into is an Atrianian swamp monster that he found on a dying planet.

  • When Marco comes home, the monster movie his father is watching actually contains scenes from the Goosebumps episode 'The Werewolf of Fever Swamp', which is another TV series produced by Scholastic.

  • Red-Tailed Hawks are not native to the town the Animorphs are in, yet the hawk that follows the Animorphs home is not Tobias. Tobias acquired his morph from a injured hawk at Cassie's barn, how could this hawk be following them?

  • We find out that Tobias has a rougher life than the other Animorphs thought. He gets passed around between his uncle and aunt, and does not have any other family.

  • Marco acquires the DNA of a security guard but when he tries to morph, he fails. However, you do see his hand change briefly - and there's a watch on it. Watches are not part of human DNA.

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  • Beast Wars: In this episode, we can see the main characters actually playing a Beast Wars video game, which shares similarities with this series.

  • "If you don't like me when I'm angry, you're going to hate me when I'm bored." Visser Three's line may be a reference to the classic Bruce Banner line from the Incredible Hulk series: "You won't like me when I'm angry."

  • Superman "At least we know that oatmeal's a kryptonite for Yeerks." This alludes to the Kryptonite in the Superman tales, which can be used to kill Superman, who has no other weakness.

  • Jason McCole: So. You're the Crocodile Dundees, huh? Crocodile Dundee is a 1986 Australian film (followed by two sequels) centering around a man named Mick "Crocodile" Dundee who has survived a crocodile attack.

  • Marco: Houston, we have a problem. Originally, this line was used by astronauts to report life-threatening faults. It was also the tagline for the 1995 movie Apollo 13, a depiction of the moon flight on which this saying originated. It is now often used humorously to comment on any type of problem.

  • According to K.A. Applegate, the character Jason Jon McCole (named Jeremy Jason McCole in the book version) was a parody of the actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and The Larry and Linda Show (in the books The Barry and Cindy Sue Show) was modeled after the show Live with Regis and Kathy Lee.

  • Star Wars Marco: We were almost out for the count till Obi-wan here shows up and gives us a freebie. Obi-Wan Kenobi is the famous Jedi Master from the Star Wars movies. After he dies, his Force ghost looks very similar to how the Ellimist looks.

  • The X-Files "The truth is out there." This was the catchphrase from the TV show, The X-Files.

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