Another World

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (2)

  • Pat Matthews: Stop saying Aunt Elizabeth. Everyone calls her Aunt Liz. Alice Matthews: But she doesn't like that.

  • Rachel: All's well that ends well. [final line of the series]

Notes (7)

  • Part of Season 1

  • Part of Season 4

  • This was the final ninety minute broadcast for the show.

  • The show returned to a sixty minute format after seventeen months of airing ninety minute episodes.

  • AW prempted on July 2-3, 1987 due to the Iran-Contra hearings.

  • This episode celebrated the 25th anniversary of Victoria Wyndham in the role of Rachel Cory.

  • The Cory mansion is decorated by framed photos of cast members past and present: -Front center: Ada, Clarice/Larry, Ada/Rachel/Jamie/Amanda/Matt, Felicia/Cass/Lila, Mac/Rachel/Sandy/Blaine, Rachel/Ada/Nancy -Front back: Carl/Rachel, Sandy/Blaine, Mac/Rachel, Iris/Russ, Nancy, Amanda, Ada/Ernie -Left: Mac, Ryan, Mitch/Rachel/Sam/Amanda -Right: Liz, Jamie, Cecile/Sandy, Wallingford, Quinn/Ed, Rachel and co., Ada/Rachel/Amanda, 1972 (Jim, John, Steve, Gerald, Ted, Lenore, Michael, Marianne, Jamie, Mary, Janice, Ada, Rachel, Alice