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Quotes (2)

  • Tony: I'm a total egg slut.

  • Tony: Do you see yourself as a part of a genre or a school or a group? Homaro Contu: I like to think of it as culinary terrorism. You just got to deal with it.

Notes (2)

  • Eric Ripert invited himself to dinner at L20. He paid for his own flight and hotel room because he likes the restaurant so much.

  • The parental discretion advisory begins with letters of the alphabet entering a meat grinder. They are chewed up and come out as the warning.

Allusions (1)

  • Tony: (while eating the 3 pigs sandwich) Suck on this, Paul McCartney! Paul McCartney is one of the founding members of the Beatles. He is also known as being a vegetarian who actively promotes animal rights.