Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

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Quotes (88)

  • Tony: I need a hot chocolate and a couple of fat chicks. (While standing on a cold Paris street corner)

  • Tony: Hi, I'm Rocco DiSpirito. Welcome to my new themed restaurant... Rats-a-Roni. Ratatouille... Rocco's Ratsarific Restaurant ... It's ratsalicious! (impersonating "celebrity chef" Rocco DiSpirito)

  • Tony: How do you say 'Your baguette is poking me in the genitals?' (Asking his French teacher)

  • Tony: And remember kids, when making your own travel show, insist on warm climates.

  • Tony: This is the single worst thing I put in my mouth. (Upon tasting the fermented shark)

  • Tony: (contemplating Hiram's hot dogs, burgers, fries and beer) Now, I've been a chef a long time, but I'm not a snob. Man can not live on foie gras alone.

  • Tony: I'm getting some whiskey made from the stomach of the bamboo eating deer mouse...shaken not stirred, if you will my good man.

  • Tony: Remember: trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, brave, clean, reverent...all words that describe me...I think.

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Notes (51)

  • Tony tries absinthe, which is a drink that is banned in the United States. Since it is so sweet and has such a high alcohol content, it was said to have led to insanity.

  • This episode contains the scene with Tony sliding on the ice that is featured in the opening credits of every episode of No Reservations.

  • Mario Batali and Tony have been close personal friends for years.

  • The article that Tony is working on in this episode is titled, "Two Views on the Las Vegas Restaurant Boom." It originally appeared in the September 2005 issue of Gourmet magazine and was co-written by Caroline Bates. A reprint (with additional material) of the article appears in Tony's book, The Nasty Bits.

  • Tony has said in interviews that he doesn't think the "suits" at the Travel Channel knew what he meant when he said, "fisting a Samoan" in this episode. He's convinced if they knew what that meant, they would have demanded that it was edited.

  • The music playing through the closing credits is the song, "La Bamba."

  • This episode was advertised as the first part of a two part India special.

  • This was the second episode in the two part India special.

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Trivia (21)

  • Closing Card: In strict adherence to Travel Channel guidelines no Celebrity Chefs were hurt, injured or whacked in the making of this film.

  • Tony reveals that the international airings of the show are 5 minutes longer than the U.S. version.

  • This episode gives the first mention of Anthony's dislike of karaoke.

  • Tony mentions for the second time about his dislike of karaoke when he tries to get out of going to a karaoke bar with Nari and then how he acts and talks about it at a karaoke bar.

  • The red-covered book Tony is reading as he lounges is Goodbye Darkness: A Memoir of the Pacific War by William Manchester.

  • After Tony accepts the shot of premium gin, he comments that he usually accompanies that drink with vermouth and olives. This is the standard recipe for a martini.

  • The hotel in Bandung where Tony has his own little bamboo bungalow on a lake, with breakfast delivered to him via boat, is the Kampung Sampireun, located in Ciparay Village.

  • The restaurant that Anthony and Jamie Aditya are eating the fried duck dish is known as Bebek Bengil, a restaurant in Ubud.

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Allusions (38)

  • Tony: (at the gym with the bodybuilders) It's gonna take a lot of soup. I'm planning on running for the Governor of California. Tony is referring to famous actor/former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger who is also the Governor of California.

  • Bruce Springsteen allusions: Madam Marie's Readings, Tarot Card and Crystal Ball building, was immortalized in the song "4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)." Tony: People have been pushing cliches and misconceptions about Jersey since long before my "Glory Days." This is an obvious reference to the hit song of the same name.

  • Tony: In the words of George Costanza, "The sea was angry that day, my friends, like an old man trying to return soup in a deli." George Costanza was a character played by Jason Alexander on the situation comedy, Seinfeld.

  • The poker scene is an allusion to the Steve McQueen film, "The Cincinnati Kid." Anthony pretends to be very cocky but is wiped out by the "old vegas" crowd. It is especially obvious when he loses by going all in on the sam hand from the movie, and his opponent beats him with the same hand from the movie as well...

  • Tony: I'm a loser baby so why don't you kill me. While Tony doesn't sing this line, he is quoting the 1993 Beck song "Loser."

  • The opening of this episode (and various times throughout) are direct allusions to one of Anthony's favorite authors, Hunter S. Thompson and his book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The novel follows the drug crazed protagonist as he chases the American dream through Las Vegas.

  • Tony: Martin specializes in foie gras, the fatty livers of force-fed ducks and geese, a now controversial practice. But, once you've actually eaten the stuff, enjoyed its soft, unctuous texture, its ethereally unique flavor; any concerns you might have had about Daffy or Donald eating too much, usually go right out the window. Daffy and Donald are famous cartoon ducks. Daffy is a famous black feathered rival of Warner Brothers' Bugs Bunny. While, Donald is a the white feathered friend of Disney's Mickey Mouse.

  • Tony: Iggy Pop, a hero of mine, has a line in a song that says "I wish life could be Swedish magazines." Tony is quoting the song "Five Foot One" from his album New Values in 1979.

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